how to host and teach a successful hair seminar

How to Host and Teach a Successful Hair Seminar

Seminars for Success

No matter what type of hair business you own, hosting and teaching hair seminar can help your company’s revenue in the long run. I mean we can talk about being pretty and having snatched edges all day long, but ultimately I think any hair company plans to strive financially. Conducting a hair seminar would be so beneficial, and today I am going to explain how to do so and why you should. You may not be the best event planner, but I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to host a phenomenal event. Before you start ordering decorations, make sure you write down a plan of all the items you will need for your seminar. I’m merely throwing out suggestions; you can choose which exact ideas you want to steal for your upcoming hair seminar.

Alluring Invites

Let’s start with invitations for the hair seminar. Use your company colors and logo to create the most flattering invites to personal guests you would like to attend. Social media is an excellent platform to use, especially when creating these events. You can efficiently invite the masses to this event at one time. The social media method of invitations is excellent for people who need to promote the development publicly and in short notice or timely fashion. Creating a Facebook event group is helpful. You can inform your audience about any updates on the event fast with one post. Another inventive method for your hair seminar would be to invite potential guests with actual old fashion paper invitations personally. Oh my goodness, I know, it sounds unorthodox in this day and age only because we are so used to social media invitations such as flyers. I advise you to look into the personal in hand invitations though. I say that because you may want to connect with local people that can benefit you. Local people that can potentially help you when joining in a more intimate space. The invite should include the date, time and location. Allow your guests to rsvp online. There are many platforms such as Eventbrite where you can set up your company's hair seminar and allow your future guests to rsvp online and potentially pay a cover charge for your event. RSVP is an excellent way to calculate how many people will be attending your hair seminar. I will charge a small cover charge if you are providing materials for clients and guests to work. It puts the money back into in your pockets you invested for materials and your guests are paying for tools they can take with them for their personal hands-on experience. Hopefully, this portion may have given you a bit of insight on how you want to invite your future guests.

Particular Planning

Like any classroom environment, you want to set up space where your company can learn amongst each other and feel comfortable doing so. The venue you chose for your event is crucial for spacing. The guests need to have room in case they want to take notes and so forth. Also be aware of your tables and chairs at this specific venue for they can allow you to see visually the spacing your guests will have. Be sure to accommodate bathroom demands. Look into someone to do the catering, I mean who doesn’t love to snack on light refreshments and sip punch. Remember cake is not only for birthday parties, customize a cake for your company event. If you are not good at hosting events, hire a host. Someone who is successful in the hair industry. If you aren’t feeling very crafty yourself, hire a designer. The cheaper less inexpensive route would be to go crazy in Michaels and other art supply stores and get a bit crafty with elegance for your event. Look up DIY tricks on how to create some alluring centerpieces and unorthodox tablecloths.

Brand Awareness

We spoke briefly about your company logos and slogans. Take this time to incorporate it into almost everything at the event. Many times in modern day society, when we step out, we usually document it in some form or fashion by taking pictures and videos. The more things you have with your company’s name on it is bound to wind up in nearly every film they make. A few ideas on some things you can get customized would be invitations, napkins, balloons, banners, backdrops, etc. Backdrops are very resourceful, your guest will arrive, and you can have a photographer on hand to snap pictures to post for your company’s social media accounts. All of these are significant tools for marketing. Many people use Snapchat. Snapchat allows you to create filters for your personal use. Take this opportunity to build your brand’s event filter. Spreading awareness of your company is so vital for brand exposure and expansion.

The Setting

Next to be sure to check if your venue has an area for a projector. Again like a classroom setting, you want to grab your audience’s attention by creating an in-depth power point. Like I stated before these are some ideas to reflect on. Power points give your guest a focal point about you and your brand and initially what you want the audience to take from the seminar. If your conducting a workshop based on doing hair, have manikin heads, groups can work on and teach different braiding techniques or coloring. The same goes for demonstrating hair products on manikins or live models. Teach the masses about selling hair, show them honest platforms on how to get started. Use the hair you’re selling and hire models to demonstrate. These models can walk around allowing the guests to feel the hair you have to offer. Create a panel, get in-depth with potential colleagues. At this point, you may want to invite experienced guest speakers. Whether you are selling hair or doing hair, or selling hair products, think of ideas and topics you want to cover at your seminar. Open discussion is always healthy for networking, which brings me to my next topic of discussion.

Vendors Vary

If you want to go big or go home, allowing hair vendors to pay you and set up shop would be a great look for your event. Not just vendors that sell hair but vendors that sell hair products, lashes and anything to do with beauty. Vendors make such a significant impact by returning money into your pockets while benefiting themselves from selling products. Another win-win scenario, especially when they are giving out those free samples!

Network to Build the Net Worth

Have you ever considered how you can indeed make a profound amount of money off of hair? Just like any concentration you chose in life, there is always a substantial amount of money you can profit from investing in your brand. Hair seminars are so important for networking with people in the same industry as you. Putting people in one room that can all benefit from each other in one way, shape, form or fashion is another avenue you create for yourself and your brand to expand. Brand development for everyone, literally. It’s a win-win situation. Stay connected and send your guests home with complimentary gifts for your brand exposure. For example, if your company’s name is “Everyday Beauty,” send your guests back with everyday beauty gift bags. In the containers, including pens, notepads, coffee mugs, plastic cups, bumper stickers, buttons, refrigerator magnets…the list goes on. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to be repetitive with spreading your name across all possible platforms. Trust me consistency is critical in the long run. Another way to network is getting to know your guests. Have them provide social media and email contacts to keep future lines of communication available amongst everyone.

Go Getter Guests

Don’t be afraid to take your time to this event to ensure quality. You wanted to be remembered and asked again “when are you throwing your next seminar?” Don’t be afraid to be detailed in every aspect of your event. Your guests will notice and see that you take pride in your events and may offer future work opportunities where you all can coexist. The main things you want your guests to take home with them is a lesson after attending one of your seminars. Remembering you and what your company stands for. You want these people to spread the word after they attend this seminar. Spread it so much; the clientele is flooding in! You want people to walk out knowing something they didn’t know before they came. Bring up conversations you feel that you need to talk about in the industry of hair. Create an environment for your guests where everybody feels rewarded. Whether you are charging for your seminar or not. Your guests should feel like they are taking knowledge from you and they are providing you with theory. We want to make seminars beneficial to all of us in the hair industry to build each other’s worth and brands. In so many words people, it’s time to “network to build the net worth!” It starts with us!
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