how to detangle weave

How To Detangle Weave: Quick Tips!

Detangle & Maintain Your Weave

While hair weave and wigs are quick ways to achieve new looks and go to protective styles, they still do require some maintenance.

Matted hair can be the ultimate culprit to weave frustration. It is important to remember proper care for your weave to avoid detangling. You should know how to untangle a wig, how to untangle matted hair, and how to get knots out of your hair. It's true that some people do not know the best ways or tools to use on how to detangle hair. If you find yourself with a tangled, matted mess or merely curly extensions that will not stop coiling, look no further for a few tips on the detangling weave.

First, let's determine what you will need.


Don't know to untangle hair? Use a comb! A wide-tooth comb is great for detangling all textures of extensions.

It is essential to use a wide-tooth comb for detangling matted hair; it enables one to get out knots or smooth out waves without the constant nagging that smaller combs often plague the user.

Wide-tooth combs usage can handle bigger knots, reduce shedding, and fall out because the larger diameter offers less friction than smaller combs.

A Goody Detangle Comb is a great tool, it has the wide teeth, a handle for sturdiness and is at Target for $2.49.

Another good comb pick is The Evolve Volumizing Comb it increases volume and detangles relaxed and natural hair, it works even better for the weave and is $2.29 at Target.



There are various types of weave brushes that will help in prolonging the life of your weave or wig to properly detangle them. Certain brushes will ensure you are not losing too much hair as some hair tools will pull hair out your strands causing much shedding. Use a weave brush that is like a wide-paddled brush that is best on wet or dry extensions.

However, it is best to use on dry hair extensions after detangling your hair with a comb to distribute oils and finish detangling those last few kinks and knots.

Paddle brushes are also perfect for smoothing hair out and in conjunction with a blow dryer. The brush should not be used for initial detangling because it will cause extensions to shed and split ends.

The Wet Brush Pro Select Condition Edition Paddle Brush - Punchy Pink - Brushes - No Color is a good brush to use for detangling.

The Wet Brush Pro is at Walmart for $11 and JCPenney for $9.

It comes in a few vibrant colors such a Fuschia, hot pink, and even polka dot!



Clips are needed to secure sections of your weave for later detangling.

Some clips that stylists swear by are duckbill clips are great for hair, they come in different sizes and colors.

DuckBill clips can be found at any beauty store and can be plastic or metal. They are great to use because they can be slept in and have ridges to lock hair into place.

Claw clips are good for slightly smaller sections, they clamp the weave down in place and are durable.


Products to Detangle Weave

The Mane Choice Detangling Hydration Conditioner - 8 oz bottle from Target $12.99.

This product is a hydrating conditioner that is paraben and sulfate-free; this is important because the ingredients ensure that hair will not be dry or hard after application. The Mane Choice smells great and does an even better job of softening hair for detangling. A little bit of this product goes a long way.

(I love this one the most, the entire line has strengthened both my natural hair and weave. It is ideal for finer hair textures, so straight weave or color-treated hair).

Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Detangling Collection - 8 fl oz bottle from Target $10.89.

Restores shine and bounce to hair. It can help with water for easier distribution.

Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Leave-In Conditioning Mist - 8 fl oz $6.10 on Jet.

If you do not have time to douse your hair in water and conditioner, then this route is for you.

This product already comes in a spray bottle and is perfect for the moisturizing and detangling matted weave.

Be sure however to spray 8-10 inches away from hair and to not use too much on each section so that hair will not take on a weighted-greasy look.


Tools to Detangle Weave

An empty spray bottle is at any hair store, Walmart or Target with a nozzle is great to distribute product evenly across the hair. The bottle will later is for the mixture of water and conditioner that will make it easier to detangle matted hair.

The bottle is for the mixture of water and conditioner that will make it easier to detangle hair.

How To Detangle Matted Hair

Detangling matted hair is a process; to maintain the integrity of the bundles, such as reduce shedding, keep pattern and texture, and have soft, bouncy, knot-free hair, one must follow these key steps:

Part Hair Into Sections

It is easier to detangle hair when you have a definite start and endpoint.

Depending on the density of your hair determine how many areas you will need to navigate those knots; A good place to start is separating hair into four sections parting hair vertically down the middle, and horizontally from ear to ear. The smaller the sections, the easier it will be.

One can also work from the bottom up while detangling extension. Part horizontally across the wefts to detangle from the bottom up; still going section by section.

Scrunchies, Duckbill clips, or can be used to keep the other sections out of the way while focusing on the first portion.

Employ your Spray Bottle

Fill your spray bottle with water and your choice of conditioner.

Spray section lightly and evenly and allow a moment for extensions to react to the products.

Comb from tip to root.

Use a wide-tooth comb for initial detangling; comb slowly from tip to root.

Use your fingers for stubborn knots; this will reduce shedding and stress to your install.

Brush Through Hair

Use a paddle brush to finish detangling knots and straighten out hair.

Maintenance To Keep Your Weave From Tangling

After detangling allow hair time to dry before styling entirely.

It will maintain your extensions and the ability to slide your hands effortlessly.


What You Will Need:

  • Silk Scarf - Silk scarves are perfect for keeping natural hair and extensions like new. Wrapping your hair with a scarf reduces friction while sleeping and absorbs excess oils.
  • Bonnet - A Bonnet is ideal for super puffy styles or a lazy night. Bonnets keep hair contained and protected.
  • Spray Bottle - To use before bed or a tight wave or kinky extensions
  • Bobby Pins - To secure hair after wrapping

Kinky Weave Tips

For a deep wave, extremely curly, or kinky weave styles be sure to tie your hair down at night.

Hair is prone to tangling because of its curly nature as well as friction and movement. A tip to minimize tangling is to spray hair with your water & conditioner mix at night, brush thoroughly and braid hair into sections.

Two braids suffice for loose wave patterns, more braids for tighter curl patterns.

Braiding allows hair to maintain texture and not become one jumbled matted mess in the morning!

Then tie down edges and perimeter of the head with a silk scarf. One can also braid hair and then throw a bonnet over it!

Whether you use a bonnet or a scarf, it does not matter, as long as the hair is not being pulled and twisted all night.


Straight Weave Tips

For straight weaves, one can just wrap your hair at night.

A wrap is achieved with a paddle brush, bobby pins, and a silk scarf.

For straight weaves, after prior detangled and drying, style hair as usual.

Start at the part of your style and brush in a clockwise motion to the right, secure the first section with a bobby pin directly over your right eye, then continue to brush hair until you reach the ear, secure with another bobby pin and continue until all your hair is wrapped around your head.

Use as many bobby pins as necessary, then place a silk scarf over the head.

Covering your weave like this at night will ensure a tangle-free head of extensions and will give have volume.

Another option with both straight and curly weave textures is to pull hair into a low ponytail at the base of your neck.

For curly hair braid, the end and secure with a hair tie, for straight hair leave free or wrap loose hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with pins.

Take Care of Your Weave!

Once you learn how to detangle matted hair your hair life will be much easier to manage. Knowing how to untangle hair is a great way to keep your look fresh.

There is nothing worse than spending a ton of money on a sew-in or quick weave only to have it tangle right away.

Take great care of your hair and help eliminate these hair issues.

Question: What are you some of your tips to detangle weave? Comment below...

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