overcoming humidity with your natural hairstyles this summer

Overcoming Humidity with your Natural Hairstyles This Summer

Keeping Your Natural Hair Frizz-Free of Despite the Weather

My natural queens, are you ready to let the warm winds blow in your hair as you strut down the street this summer?! Wait, you’re not? Oh, you’re worried about the humidity too?! Same here, girl! However, I am determined not to let that ruin my slay this summer, and you should say “no” to humidity also. I know you’re probably thinking that it is impossible to rock your natural styles without dealing with the frizz and puffiness that outside moisture brings. I have news for you – it’s possible!

Winning the Dreaded Fight Against Humidity

It’s hard being a naturalista during the summer months because of the unpredictable weather and the mugginess that annoys us all. Whether you want to wear your hair in a natural style or even straight, it can be a struggle when the moist air causes your strands to “draw up” or become puffy. According to the Smithsonian Magazine, naturally curly hair is prone to becoming curlier or frizzier due to water molecules that are absorbed and become combined into hydrogen bonds, which are connections formed between adjacent keratin proteins. Our hair’s chemical structure is prone to texture changes depending on the amount of hydrogen that is in the air. So, enough of all the science talk – let’s get to the bottom of this hair crisis and figure out how we can avoid the risk of our hair going against the styles we spend time creating. I have a few tips for preventing frizz with your natural hair even on a humid day!

Protect Your Hair with Heat Protectants and Anti-Frizz Products

Since we’re going to fight the humid air, we’ll need some protection! If you’re planning to straighten or blow out your natural hair, you can coat your hair with a heat protectant before you begin to style it. Whether you’re planning to expose your hair to heat or not, you should apply any anti-frizz serum or spray that will hold your desired texture in place. There are plenty of great products available that will do the trick!

Don’t Go Overboard with the Products

Now that you’ve found some products that you may want to try out don’t go too crazy when applying them to your hair. A lot of times we feel that the more hair products we use, the fewer problems we’ll have. When fighting humidity, you may find that distributing products lightly and evenly within your strands will give you better results. As long as your hair is hydrated and protected against frizz with the right amount of product, you’ll be fine! So, do not use half of your bottles on one wash and style!

Don’t Just Condition, Deep Condition

When it’s hot and humid, your hair needs all of the love it can get. Make sure you deep condition your hair often for moisture retention. That will prevent your hair from becoming dry and frizzy. Think about it this way: when you moisturize your hair at home, it won’t need extra moisture from outside!

Opt for Curly Styles

When planning your next natural hairstyle, consider going for a curly look! You can achieve beautiful curls by eliminating heat and doing a roller/rod set, Bantu knots or even teasing your natural curls. These styles are great options for those extra humid days that you are not entirely prepared for because even a little frizz won't ruin your style. Since your hair will already be curly, your coils will appear a lot fuller.

Be Careful During the Take-Down Process

Okay, so your roller or rod set is all dry, and you’re ready to take those curls down. Before you get ahead of yourself, please follow this tip to ensure that your style stays right and tight all day even if the weather isn’t the best. Do not separate your curls too much when taking them down. If you do, your hair will most likely look as if you’ve already stepped outside in the humid air. That would defeat the entire purpose of fighting the frizz!

Wash It Then Go, Girl!

One of the best things you can do to embrace your natural while avoiding the frizz is to use the “wash-and-go” method. Your texture is beautiful and unique, so why not show it off?! When using this method, make sure that your after-wash routine is on point with quality leave-in products and the perfect hair gel for styling. Keep those coils bouncy and juicy!

Show Off Your Buns

Who doesn’t love a pretty bun style? It’s classy, yet trendy! The best part about wearing a bun(s) is the ability to rock a cool natural style while still tucking your hair away from the harsh weather conditions. You can try a high bun or even a low bun, but I encourage you to switch it a little to add some flair. Create a look with two buns or more, but only if you dare!

Check the Humidity Levels Daily

Here’s a simple tip that is super easy to follow: avoid very humid days. I know, I know – you want to show off your natural styles every day, but let’s be real, every day is not the best day to allow your hair to do its own thing. Check your mobile apps for weather daily to find out how humid it is outside and determine if the humidity levels are bearable or not. You may find that it’s not the best day to wear your natural styles. Sorry sis, it’s the price we pay to keep our hair intact!

Conceal Your Natural Hair Altogether

Still not feeling the natural life with all of this summer humidity? I don't blame you! Let's try a simple solution that will save you time and effort while avoiding humidity: protective styling. Toss some box braids or cornrows in your hair and call it a day! If you're feeling fancy (and don't mind the extra heat), purchase a cute wig with beach waves or summer curls. You may even want to create a stylish look with a scarf, headband or wrap. The possibilities are endless! The key is making sure you’re keeping your hair moisturized and hydrated underneath the protective style and I promise your hair will thank you for keeping it away from the humid weather!

Embrace Whatever Comes

Here’s the thing, we won’t always win the fight against humidity especially if we don’t take the time to follow through with our hair care routine. There will be lazy hair days, and that’s completely okay! Being flexible and prepared on a humid day is essential. If you’re wearing your natural hair in curls or straightened, always carry a hair scrunchie or tie with you just in case frizz wins that day. You can toss your hair in a puffy pony or a full bun – either way, you’ll still look good. You're not defeated, it's just a minor setback for a stylish comeback!

No Frizz, No Worries

As you can see, fighting humidity isn’t as hard as it seems. It just takes a few extra steps and a lot of care for your hair. Slaying in the summertime just got easier!
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