Hydrating Treatments to Embrace this Winter

Baby, It's Cold Outside, But Your Hair Doesn't Have to Look That Way!

With the temperature outside slowly decreasing hair is in danger of losing its moisture quickly. 

Between the cold weather outside and the dry heat indoors, you will notice extreme dryness in your strands. Without proper upkeep, this can ultimately lead to split ends and breakage. You would think damage is something that would only occur during the summertime madness.

But wintertime is also the season where no matter the hair type or texture your tresses could be in danger and need to keep hydrated. Luckily, with the help of a few hairstylists, doctors, and Youtubers hydrating treatments are available to help lock moisture in your scalp for the cold months to come. Yes, you'll have to do some work, and yes you will need to stock up on some key products, but the results will all be worth it in the end.

If you want to maintain a healthy and fabulous mane through the winter months, check out these hydrating treatments to embrace this cold season.


Use Oil-based Products to Lock in Extra Moisture

I know that we all love our leave in conditioners, but are they doing enough to keep your hair retaining moisture.

Well, leave-in products are ideal for conquering static and frizz that one can obtain from the cooler temperatures. The only way to combat the dry cold weather affecting the strength of your strands is to make sure that your scalp is retaining as much moisture as possible.

The most common hair routine we have is to shampoo and then deep condition. But hairstylists suggest that using hydrating treatments heavier than usual oil-based moisturizers will last longer in your scalp cuticles and protect your hair through the nippy weather.

Oils you should stock up on for the season include; Jamaican Castrol oil, Tea tree oil, Peppermint oil, and Coconut oil. We are not saying to skip out on conditioning your strands altogether; we want you to deep-condition and use an oil-based moisturizer whenever possible. Think of it like this conditioner is for the actual hair and not the scalp.

So, you will notice dry strands immediately once you skip out on conditioning your locks. It's like not putting lotion on your skin after a hot shower; the cold air will make your skin dry and brittle.

If you love your body just as much as you love your hair, invest in some excellent oil-based products.

Stay Far Away from Heat Products

If your hair is already dry from the cold weather why make it worse by adding heat or heat damaging products to the mix.

Blow drying or flat ironing your tresses will only result in split ends and more breakage. If the natural curly look is not your style, and you feel as if you cannot step back from the hair straighteners there are a few alternatives you can try.

Heat protectant will be your best friend as well as leave-in conditioners. These products help prevent breakage from extreme temperatures. Your second choice is to use your heating tools at lower levels. Most flat irons can produce heat up to 450°; there is no way you want to be putting this high of temperature on your natural curls.

Try lowering your settings between 200 and 300 degrees and your curls shall remain in excellent condition. If restraining from heat is a little too much work try opting for a protective hairstyle this winter season.

We want to make sure that your mane stays in perfect condition all throughout the colder weather.


Don't Wash Your Hair as Much

It makes sense that during the warmer summer seasons we wash our hair a couple of times in one week.

Sweat is continually building up on your scalp from the sun, working out (Check out this article: working out with weave), and running a ton of errands. Thankfully during the wintertime, you're not engaging in strenuous activity so that you won't need the same strict wash routine.

Over washing your mane in the winter season is a huge no-no. After shampooing your hair, you are left with dry heat indoors if you mix that with the cold air outside you will notice your scalp will begin to feel drier. Another downside is that most shampoos have one common ingredient and that is a sulfate.

Sulfate is what causes your shampoo to create a nice lather, but that could also be what's causing your strands to dry out so quickly. So, if you're someone who can't go more than three days without washing your hair, you should invest in sulfate-free products.

Take some tips from hairstylist all around the globe, if you skip shampooing for an extra day or so your hair will thank you.


Stock Up on Silk or Satin Scarves

When the temperatures begin to decline the first thing we grab is our wool, cotton, fuzzy hats.

Coarse fabrics on your head can cause breakage and split ends. If you can, you should try to line your cotton and wool products with silk or satin fabric. You can head to your local fabric store or use some scrap material from clothing you don't wear anymore.

If you are someone with naturally curly hair, we suggest you add oil-based moisturizer before putting on a hat. Satin helps lock in all the moisture in your head and on top of that they can prolong any hairstyle. Hair companies are starting to get a little more creative by creating silk pillowcases.

Instead of wrapping your hair in silk scarves, you can fall asleep peacefully on your satin pillows or bed sheets. During the colder seasons, we must keep our mane protected from rough, dry winds so don't think you can walk outside without anything covering your tresses.

Before you step out into the frigid cold weather, you want to make sure you bundle your hair up with the right materials.

Create A Weekly Treatment routine

Remember to keep a healthy-looking head of hair you will have to put in the extra time to create a routine.

Locks begin to dry out in the wintertime for not having enough moisture in the indoor air. This season is the best time for you to try out tons of different hair care products. You should dedicate at least one day out of the week to pamper your hair and follicles.

Go for hot oil treatment, this is not only beneficial to your scalp but feels amazingly relaxing as if you were at a spa. Follow up your hot oil treatment with a deep conditioner, allow the product to penetrate the hair shaft for ultimate moisture. If your hair has color treatment on it, research products that will help seal in the shine instead of damaging the shade.

The more love that you show your curls, the better the overall outcome will be. If you can dedicate a whole week to binge-watching your favorite shows, I'm sure setting aside one day for pampering your strands won't be too difficult.

Invest in A Hair Mask

We are all familiar with using masks on our faces, but what about our hair?

That's right hair masks are all about moisture, and many of its ingredients are things that you can find in your household kitchen. These products are full of yogurt, honey, olive oil, mayonnaise, and other elements that are sure to lock in moisture throughout the cold winter season.

Unlike most conditioners we use, hair masks work its way inside of your hair follicles which will repair damage and dry strands without you feeling a thing. If you stick to this routine regularly, you will notice a more natural shine and softer texture within your mane.

The one catch to these products is that you must know your hair type to choose the right mask for you. For those of us with oily strands, we should invest in the products with more vitamins for strength. And for the people with dry hair, you want a mask full of natural enriching oils.

For the best results, it's best to use hair masks right after a wash day. For maximum moisture leave hair mask in for at least 30 mins to an hour. If you or someone with really damaged or dry hair try keeping the product overnight.

We promise you are sure to see impressive results when using this beauty in your hair routine.


Keep Up with Your Consistent Hair Trims

Yes, we all know how annoying it may be to have to trim your hair when you're trying your hardest to grow it out.

But making sure that you cut your dead ends every 4 to 6 weeks can help your hair retain length in the long run. Dry hair tends to be brittle which means it is more likely to break at the ends and work its way up.

Snipping the damaged ends of your hair will keep your overall tresses clean, healthy, and more susceptible to grow. Also, another plus is you won't have to deal with curly and tangled hair when you are getting a trim periodically. Take it from beauty and hair experts everywhere, most people who do not maintain their curls in the wintertime will have to endure a significant chop in the spring and summer seasons.

These trims may be the reason why blunt cuts are so popular in the wintertime. You see celebrities from the red carpet as well as models in Italian Vogue rocking these lavish blunt bob hairstyles.

We promise your hair will grow back but take the extra step in treating dry hair this season with a few snips here and there.


Stick to Your Natural Hair Color

Yes, we all know how much we love platinum blonde, fiery red, even turquoise blue colors.

But let's be honest does dying your hair and getting a touch up every three weeks sound beneficial to the moisture, and life of your strands? During the winter season, it may be best to dial down from all the wacky, wild colors and stick to your natural hue.

Any hair dye that requires the use of bleach will only be stripping and drying out your locks in the process. Hairstylist suggests leaving the roots a little darker or applying a semi-permanent shade on your locks until the weather begins to warm up. The most semi-permanent dye is not harmful and can wash out within a matter of seconds.

If these tips aren't enough of an incentive, you should also know that darker colors are in for the winter. So, not only will you be in style with the latest trends, but you will also be saving your hair from massive breakage and dead ends.

If you hate your natural hair color that much then opt for a protective hairstyle, be sure to keep your scalp well moisturize throughout the season.

Hydrating Treatment Products You Should Try

ORIBE Curl Gloss Hydration & Hold

This is an excellent product to use after you wash your hair. It restores any oil that may leave your hair after a wash and in the process doesn’t weigh down on your curls.

Pantene Expert Pro- V Intense Hydration Shampoo

Now, if you’re looking for a bottle of shampoo that will jam-pack all the oils and nutrients back into your hair, Pantene is the one you should get.

This product is also great for those of you with dyed or chemically processed hair. The conditioner is also very helpful with repairing split ends and locking in extra shine. Haircare lovers around the globe are raving about these products.

Moroccan-oil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

The Moroccan oil brand is one of their favorites when it comes down to taking care of their curls.

This hydrating shampoo is excellent for those who deal with frizzy or unmanageable curly hair. Wild hair textures like these tend to lose moisture a lot faster than those with straight or thin hair.

Moroccan oil products will leave your hair with a beautiful shine but also smooths down the ends while taming the frizziness.

OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water

Coconut water is lovely for your hair for many reasons.

One, it hydrates any dry strands, and two it will help strengthen and add elasticity to them. Unless you live in Hawaii, it’s pretty hard to retrieve coconut water from a young green coconut.

Thankfully OGX does all the work and gives us all the terrific calcium, and nutrients our hair needs from this one product. One bonus is that the coconut smell is fantastic. If you spray the product on your hair once or twice before or after styling, you are sure to see a spectacular change in the moisture your mane maintains.


How Do You Hydrate Your Hair in The Winter Time?

If you can not tell, winter is just a rough season all around.

Not only do you have to fight with brittle hair, but your skin and lips also begin to crack and dry due to the weather. All these factors alone will make you want to lock yourself in your room until the sun comes out again.

Thankfully, all these tips and methods while using hydrating treatments will have your hair full of life and moisture during the colder seasons. Remember a little effort goes a long way. If you're someone who likes to do the bare minimum we assure you your hair will suffer in the process. It's not all about buying the necessary products but choosing the right routines for your tresses. Skip a wash day now and then or take a break from the blow dryer and flat iron.

I guarantee you will start to see the changes right before your eyes. You have nothing to lose and trust me your curls will thank you. We hope that this blog post was helpful and gives you some much-needed insight on hydrating treatments and keeping moisture in your strands for the upcoming season.

How do you hydrate your hair during the wintertime? Leave your tips in the comment section down below.

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