top 11 iconic wigs that still have us shook

Top 11 Iconic Wigs That Still Have Us Shook!

Celebrities Who Slayed Their Wigs

I cannot explain how excited I am to have you join me as I go down memory lane with ten of the most iconic wigs in pop culture. I am excited because I get to reminisce about some of the most significant times in pop culture as well because the hairstyle symbolizes, for me, a specific time in my life. Wigs have made it so easy to switch up your style. You all know I love a quick and easy wig switch-up! The evolution of wigs has kept up with the demand from us for more realistic and flexible styling. I know you’re going to love these looks! Comment below with your favorite one.


Beyonce burst onto the scene with her group Destiny’s Child and as we all know they had us asking fellas “Can you pay my bills”? The ladies of Destiny’s Child rocked some amazing looks, but my all-time faves are two looks Beyonce rocked as a solo artist. Baby, in 2006 Beyonce showed up, showed out, and took her man with her while rocking this fierce “who gone check me boo” wig! All I can say is she worked the heck out of that wig, and when you look at her whole look it is just flawless! When she’s holding onto his belt bending back, I think she has her wig secured honey!

How To Keep Your Wig On

Here are some tips on how to secure your wig the right way because I do not want to see another wig fall off! Check out the following tips: 1. One of the most straightforward methods is to sew your wig down to your foundation braids. You can either sew it down the entire perimeter of your braids or to the corners of your braids. Use nylon thread and a sewing needle to secure your wig in this fashion. You may want to think twice before using this method if your hair is thin, breaking, or you have any scalp conditions. 2. Roller pins are an excellent substitute for sewing on your wig. Roller pins are longer bobby pins you use to secure rollers to your hair. These type of pins can be found at your local beauty supply store as well. You secure the wig to your foundation braids. 3. Wig clips are an easy way to secure your wig as well. You can purchase wig clips from your local beauty supply store. All you have to do is sew the clips to each corner of your wig. This option is good for short hair. 4. A spandex wig cap will help keep your wig on your head. This method is pretty easy to understand. 5. An elastic band can give you an extra sense of security. Measure your band from temple to temple and cut your elastic band to the measurement. Remove about 3-5 inches of an elastic band by cutting it. Mark the original measurement on the wig with a white pencil. 6. Sew your elastic band onto your wig. Through this process, you are sewing the shortened band to get the stretch you need to get the security you want when wearing your wig.

Beyonce's Lemonade Braids

My second favorite look and I am sure yours as well is when she snatched all of our edges with this braided look created by the hair guru Kim Kimble. Bey has chicks going in salons asking for the lemonade braids and then heading to Red Lobster. The ingenious move was when Kim Kimble made the iconic braids into a wig. Nicki Minaj slayed her pink braids in the Motorsport video, and I believe this took the lemonade braids to another stratosphere!

Lil Kim

“Lil Kim Queen Bee so you best take heed. Shall I proceed? Yes indeed”! Lil Kim hit us with the blue wig in the “Crush On You” video with Lil Cease. Although she switched wigs up during the shooting of the video to match each set, to me, it’s the blue wig which has become synonymous with her style back in the day! You can purchase a pre-colored wig or color your wig this vibrant blue color. Check out how you can do it at home by following these tips below: SUPPLIES
  • 16” of Russian Blonde Private Label Extensions
  • Plastic Mixing Bowl
  • Applicator Brush
  • Adore #112 (Indigo Blue)
  • Adore #117 (Aqua Marine)
  • Trash Bag
  • Gloves
  • Organix Shampoo
  • Organix Conditioner

Let's get started!

Disclaimer: Do not add the aqua marine color if you want your extensions to be true blue
  1. Lay the trash bag out onto a flat surface
  2. Lay your extensions out flat on top of the trash bag
  3. Pour a bottle of the indigo blue color into your mixing bowl
  4. If you want a little extra pizzaz to your extensions, add in about a ¼ of the aqua marine color
  5. Mix the colors together
  6. Begin coloring your extension weft and root area first
  7. Flip the extensions over and color the same way
  8. Mix ½ bottle of indigo blue color and ½ bottle of aqua marine color in your mixing bowl
  9. Slightly overlap this color with the previous color you applied to the weft and root area
  10. Color the entire length of the extensions with the color
  11. Cover the hair and allow it to sit for at least three hours
  12. Rinse the hair until the water is clear
  13. Condition the hair
  14. Air dry or blow dry your extensions
  15. Style as desired


Sia has to be one of the unique musicians to show up in a while. There’s this odd ambiguity about her that draws attention, and then you are hooked. Her signature wig is a white abstract wig. She has also been seen rocking the black and white wig as well.


Cher does what she wants, and I am not mad at her! Her signature look was what made Sonny and Cher such a huge success. However, she straight kills it on her own! She has had so many noteworthy moments that it was hard to pick just one. The woman stills breaks barriers and has a killer body at 70 years old! The spiked look she wore in the photo above was a signature look of hers for a short period.

Tina Turner

I just start singing “what’s love got to do with it” as I think of Tina Turner’s iconic look for the music video of the same title. I mean I just feel fierce and free when I watch her rock her wig. The wig is spiked and full with a gorgeous mix of brown and blonde highlights. I appreciate her ability to be fearless in redefining her style and look. Now, I don’t suggest rocking this look on relaxed hair. Can you imagine the damage the heat and products will cause? I do, recommend you use her hair as inspiration and either purchase a wig similar (if it’s your style) or wear your hair big and free using natural extensions. Check out Mo Knows Hair for inspiration because I am in love with her natural curls.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is just fabulous! I can’t even choose one wig for her but had to! She seems to be able to shock us and keep us waiting for her next look. The wig I chose is the platinum blonde one she wore for promotional pictures. The blunt bangs and color give the wig a unique look. Can you imagine this style using pastel colors? If you have been dying for bangs but are too afraid to cut your hair use a wig to test the look first My second wig favorite is this platinum blonde wig she wore as art. I mean I have to say this wig is perfection! It’s teased just right, and it’s as if she is allowing the wig to be the centerpiece and she’s the supporting cast! Gorgeous!!!

Patti LaBelle

Before Patti’s sweet potato pies starting causing a shortage at local Walmart’s, she sent us into a frenzy with all of her wild hairstyles. I don’t know what they did to get her hair to stick out like that, but it had to involve an iron! Her vocals and performance already have us on the edge of our seats, but when you add the hair, it’s a total experience. Honestly, there is no reason to try even to attempt to re-create this hairstyle. Just enjoy looking at it!

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell did not sing a word in Michael Jackson’s “In the Closet” video, but her presence slays throughout it. Her hair gives us immediate need to get our 40” extensions to channel our inner sexy! Who says a wig has to be complicated to be iconic? Naomi has done this look a couple of times, over the years, and it’s never a miss!

Create your Iconic Look

I love the way these wigs have stood the test of time. Whether it's Bey's full wig or Lady Gaga's platinum wig we've been able to remix these looks and make them our own! What's your favorite wig? Would you re-create it? Let your girl know below! Also, follow us on Instagram and tag us!
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