10 industries you can work with crazy hair

10 Industries You Can Work In with Crazy Hair

Crazy Hair At Work? Yeah Right!

Although work skills, experience, and recommendations are highly considered by employers when finding a job so is your image.

Many employers view your image as such a high factor that they may choose to interview you or not because of it. One of the main components of our image that employers look at when it comes to hiring selections is hair.

How does your hair look? Is it neat? Does it look clean? Is it distracting? Or is it too crazy for their work environment?

Many times for job interviews we are told to dim down our hair color or get our hair straightened so that we can make a “good” impression.

In the past, it was believed that if you had crazy hair you couldn’t get a good job, but times have changed. Now many industries are open to various types of hair colors and textures.

As someone who wears extravagant hair, this has always been a huge factor for me when it comes to job selection. I have always desired a place where I could really express myself through my hair. Luckily I have been really blessed to work in places that embrace my hair such as the digital media, hair and even surprisingly hospitality… well sometimes.

In this blog post, I’ll show you 10 places that you can work with crazy over the top hair. These industries pay well too! Let’s get into the list!

Corporate Hair


I did a number of jobs at restaurants. My first ever job was as a hostess, and I had numerous waitressing jobs in the past.

Needless to say at some of the jobs I was able to wear bold hair and others I was told not to. Some restaurants cared about the hair getting into the food, so my hair had to be pulled back, but they didn’t care about the color. Others did not want you to wear bold hair colors.

The reason why many times you can get away with crazy hair here is because the issue doesn’t really have much to do with your hair color, but more so they don’t want your hair to get into the food so if you can handle that you should be fine. Many waitresses wear their hair in a neat bun or ponytail to keep their hair away from the food. If you’re working in the back as a chef etc. color shouldn’t matter at all. But you may have to wear a hair net since you are working so closely next to the food.

It all depends on your employer and the ambiance of the restaurant.

One trick I would do to allow me to wear crazy hair was to wear wigs. I have worn wigs to transition from ordinary to crazy hairstyles while working at restaurants. What I love about wigs is the versatility and how quickly you can transform your look. You can do this trick not just at restaurants, but you can wear wigs for any of these industries mentioned throughout the article.

One day I came in on my off day with pink hair and my boss begged me to wear it to work. He explained that our work culture and brand allowed it.

This goes back to my previous statement, it all depends on the ambiance of the restaurant, so if you don’t know ask.

Jobs In This Field

  • Cook
  • Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Hostess



Nightclubs are known for having a fun and festive environment, and with that being said you’re usually free to do whatever you want with your hair. Crazy hair might actually be encouraged.

The scene at nightclubs can get crazy so trust me crazy hair is not the craziest thing they’ve seen.

Jobs In This Field

  • Waitress
  • Bartender
  • Bottle Girl



Jobs in the retail industry tend to go for someone who doesn’t just have a great personality but also a great look. The retail world is used to seeing colorful and crazy fashion styles so your colorful or crazy hair shouldn’t be a problem.

Jobs In This Field

    • Sales Associate
    • Stylist
    • Manager
    • Clothing Buyer
    • Visual Merchandiser
    • Creative Director

...and so much more!


Fashion Industry

Contrary to popular belief there are way more jobs in fashion than just retail. The fashion industry offers a plethora of jobs that combine both administrative and creative skills, allowing you to express yourself freely and to the max.

In this industry self-expression and style is a big deal, so crazy hair is very welcome by those in the fashion world. Hair plays a significant role when one is developing their own style. Different outfit looks call for different hair looks so if you're someone who has a bold and unique style crazy hair may be your go-to and you can get away with it in this industry.

Jobs In This Field

  • Designer
  • Stylist
  • Creative Director
  • Makeup artist
  • Model

...and so much more!


Music Industry

Just like in the fashion industry, in the music industry expression is very important.

Hair is seen as a form of expression. Whether you work in front of the scenes as an artist or behind the scenes as a producer crazy hair is very welcome in the music industry, in fact, it is quite the norm.

If you are an upcoming artist, your hair could give you some exposure. Labels now want the whole package and image is very important; your hair is apart of that.

Take a look at new stars like Amara La Negra and Cardi B; people love them not only because of their music but because of their hair. Many veteran stars such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and even the legendary Diana Ross are all known for working in the music industry and rocking crazy hairstyles.

Believe it or not, hair plays a huge role in the music industry so if you work in this field, you’ll be able to get away with crazy hair.

Jobs In This Field

  • Singer
  • Songwriter
  • Producer
  • Dancer

...and so much more!


Art World

Another creative place you can work with crazy hair is the art world!

The art world is all about color and creating crazy things so why wouldn’t they embrace crazy colors and cuts? To many in this field, crazy hair can be viewed as art.

There is more to do in this industry than just being an art teacher; the art world has a plethora of amazing careers that allow you to work with crazy hair. Check them out below!

Jobs In This Field

  • Art Teacher
  • Museum Curator
  • Painter
  • Photographer
  • Potter
  • Art Director

...and so much more!


Advertising / Marketing

The advertising and marketing world is all about getting things seen and being seen. They are always looking for innovative, creative and forward thinkers.

Those in the advertising industry understand that people are attracted to what they see when it comes to advertising and marketing. They don’t mind hiring individuals whose appearance embodies that very sentiment.

Jobs In This Field

  • Copywriter
  • Marketing Director
  • Advertising Director
  • Communications Specialist
  • Promotions & Sales
  • Public Relations Specialist

...and so much more!


Silicon Valley “The Tech World”

Welcome to the tech world of Silicon Valley.

The tech world is all about innovation, so it makes it no surprise that they are open to crazy hair. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Uber are all companies that you’ll find here that pay their employees very well paying even up to six figures for entry-level jobs.

Companies like these pride themselves in fostering a non-traditional work environment, so they have no problem hiring candidates with non-traditional hair.

Jobs In This Field

  • Consultant
  • IT
  • App Developer
  • Engineer
  • Data Scientist

...and so much more!

Tech World

Social Media

The world of social media is constantly on the rise, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Although this industry is quite new compared to the others mentioned on this list, the number of positions available are vast. New job titles and positions are always being created under this industry.

It is also an industry where there is a lot of potential to create your own career and work for yourself. Millennials are onto this, and many of them are using social media to create thriving and profitable brands that can sustain their lifestyles and be their careers. Due to this factor, you can technically wear any hairstyle you want.

Many bloggers, YouTubers, influencers and content creators have created their own brands through the usage of social media and by cultivating their own authentic voice online. They create content such as blog posts, videos and social media content that cover an array of topics from fashion, makeup, and even hair.

Getting away with crazy hair in this industry is pretty easy, but if you really want to get away with crazy hair try becoming a hair blogger. Lately, hair tutorials showing influencers transforming their hair into bold colors such as yellow, pastel and even unicorn hair are all going viral!

Even if you are not working from the creator side of this industry, social media managers and consultants can usually work from home. If they work in an office, they usually work in an office with a very casual work environment that allows you to wear almost anything you’d like.

When looking at the industry of social media and how new it is this is one of the places where you can really see what jobs will look like in the future. Everything will be pretty much done remotely as long as you have a computer and wifi.

Such work will allow you to work anywhere with crazy hair.

Jobs In This Field

  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Publicist
  • Brand Consultant
  • Content Creator
  • Blogger
  • Youtuber
  • Influencer
  • Instagrammer

...and so much more!


Hair Industry

Last but not least, if there is any place that you can work with crazy hair it has to be the hair industry.

The hair industry is home of the crazy hair looks and bold colors, so why would they not encourage their employees to do the same? As the industry of social media, this is also an industry where you can work on your terms. If you are a salon owner or an online hair business owner you set the rules for what kind of hair you want to wear for work. The same goes for hairstylists and many others in this field.

To be quite honest nowadays to stand out in this industry crazy hair is a must. If you are rocking crazy hair in public and on your day to day, you are bound to get questions. Crazy hair such as yellow hair, mohawks and more are always the topic of conversation.

In those conversations, you can bring up your hair brand. Whether you have a salon, online hair business, blog, youtube, etc., this is a great way to do word of mouth marketing for your hair business.

People believe what they see, so if they see you slaying your crazy hair they will believe in your brand, and you’ll end up with a new client, sale or subscriber.

Jobs In This Field

  • Hairstylist
  • Salon Owner
  • Hair Blogger
  • Youtuber
  • Online Hair Business Owner
  • Wig Maker


Is There A Job for Me?

Many individuals who are extremely expressive and creative with their hair used to be limited when it came to jobs. Employers would deny them without even giving them a chance all because their hair looked crazy.

Back in the day, a girl with neon yellow hair wouldn't get hired, but now she sits in the boardroom of tech companies making six figures at Google. She also has the option to sit at home working for herself making thousands of dollars for filming a hair tutorial.

At the end of the day don’t think your crazy hair will hold you back from getting a job. In this modern day and open-minded era, you can get a job with crazy hair, a good and high paying one at that.

It’s a new era, jobs are more open to bolder looks, and you can still have a job without having to sacrifice your love for crazy hair by wearing a wig to work.

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