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Influencer Spotlight: Nyane Lebajoa Hair Looks

Nyane’s Social Media Story

In the growing world of social media influencers, Nyane Lebajoa stands out.

Nyane Lebajoa is a social media influencer who has been in the game for a minute. Although the idea of influencers may be new, social media has been around for a while.

Nyane started off on Tumblr where she and her twin sister Mpho, shared their grungy and cute fashion looks with the world. As the two grew older, their style began to change, and they began to develop different tastes from each other. Although Tumblr was still popping, Instagram had started gaining clout, and the two decided to create separate Instagram accounts.

Frost Hair

Nyane made sure she was just as consistent on Instagram as she was on Tumblr. She started posting anywhere from one to three or even four times a day on average. Even up until now Nyane still posts very consistently on Instagram and receives incredible engagement. Over the years the fashion icon has amassed an Instagram following of over 844,000! That is almost a million!

She is known for her unique fashion sense and bold hair & makeup looks, Nyane’s style sets her apart from the rest making her the perfect candidate for our influencer spotlight.

Let us take a look at some of Nyane Lebajoa’s hair looks over the span of her social media career and of course, we will be giving you tips on how you can achieve these looks as well with Private Label Extensions hair.

Long Black Hair

Throwback Hair

We can’t talk about Nyane’s hair without taking it way back to her Tumblr days.

Before she grew her Instagram, Nyane had a large following on Tumblr. She came right into the scene with a grungy punk outfit, makeup, and hair look.

Photos of Nyane and her twin sister rocking bold hair looks we’re reposted all over Tumblr causing their following and influence to grow. Needless to say at the time Nyane was a social media influencer even before the term existed.

One of her first signature styles as a social media influencer was bold and bleached hair extensions with a shaved sidecut. The look was similar to Kelis’s famous hair look, but Nyane rocked hers with a twist.

Nyane rocked a shaved side head with orange hair, bleach blonde hair, and even black and white braids all of which complimented her style which was grungy at the time. Her roots would sometimes be dark, and the ends of her hair would be colored.

Without a doubt, one can say that all of Nyane’s looks were edgy! You can get a similar look by using some of our ombre special order extensions.

We have various ombre colored looks such as honey blonde, raspberry, and even dark root gray.

nyane long gray poetic braids





Signature Silver

As Nyane’s taste in fashion changed, so did her hair color. Nyane transitioned from wearing grungy punk looks to classy modern outfits.

Her hair transitioned in a silverish white long hair look that she would rock in a variety of ways. Nyane wore her silver locks straight, curled, middle part, side part, and even with bangs.

This look became her signature look, and she still wears it every so often. She recently rocked her signature silver hair look in a bob. I love how she always switches up her hair looks it gives us all something to look forward to.

You can get the look with ease with our Brazilian Gray Body Wave hair.

If you would like to rock this look with a frontal or closure, then try dyeing one of our blonde body wave frontals or closures.

Frost Hair

nyane long gray hair hat

Playing With Color

I think one reason why Nyane has amassed such a large following is that she is not afraid to take risks when it comes to her hair and fashion looks. Social media goes crazy for hair color, and Nyane is not afraid to play with color.

She has rocked everything from pink, blue, purple, teal, red, ombre and so much more. She posts beautiful headshots of her rocking various hair looks on social media and even started giving us video tutorials as well.

Her followers love her photo collages where she posts multiple different hair looks and asks them to choose their favorite.

Although many may be shy when it comes to playing with hair color Nyane is not. Some may think it is hard to get a bold colored look, but it is not that hard to achieve. You can achieve almost any hair color you want with our Russian blonde bundles. Our Russian blonde hair takes color very well.

You can achieve various colored hair looks from highlights, ombre, and even pastels with these bundles.

nyane pink hair

Nyane Blue Hair

nayne blue hair updo bun

Classic Black

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Nyane switched it upon us again!

Lately, Nyane has been rocking sleek long black hair. The hair look is classy and reminds me of almost an Egyptian like hair look. Although we have seen Nyane rock her short natural black hair in the past, her new long hair gives a more dramatic look.

With celebrities like Cardi B, Kim Kardashian Nicki Minaj, and more sporting inches, we all know that long hair is in! Many are going to the new extreme long hair look and taking their hair to extreme lengths...literally.

Nyane rocks her long black tresses with tresses going up to 28 inches! These bundles almost go past her waist. She rocks the wig in both a natural style with a lower density and a full glam look with a higher density.

Here at Private Label, you already know we are a fan of the long hair trend! We offer bundles up to 40 inches with our Vietnamese raw hair. Keep in mind that for a look like this you’ll need anywhere from 4-6 bundles to make sure that your hair doesn’t look thin.

nyane long black hair

nayne space buns

Starting Her Hair Brand

What I love about Nyane is she did not just sit on her influence in hair and fashion, but she leveraged it to the max! She recently started her hair company, where she offers her the most popular hair looks for her followers to buy.

Her hair company is doing amazing, and it just keeps growing and growing. Girls from all over the world are rocking her various wigs.

For years many have wanted her hair looks. Nyane gave her followers exactly what they were asking for. Her followers were always asking her about her hair and where she got the look, so she started providing the looks for them.

Entrepreneurship is all about developing a solution to a pain-point, problem, or need. Nyane is smart; she already influenced by hair and people were asking for it. There was a high demand, so she created a supply.

She is taking the hair business to a whole other level by incorporating the wigs from her company in her hair and fashion shoots which she markets in front of almost 1 million followers.

All of this shows the power of social media especially when an influencer knows how to leverage their influence when they have a platform.

nayne pink hair line shoot

The Power Of Social Media

I again want to emphasize the power of social media. We see from Nyane's story that social media can be such a powerful tool when it comes to business.

What I love about Nyane is she did not just immediately come out with a product. For years she posted her hair looks before offering to sell them. This is a great strategic move for all business owners especially those that have a personal brand that they want to connect with their business. Build your influence and trust with your audience first before asking them for their coin.

Nyane was consistent for years, so she had built a lot of trust with her followers. She had also worked with numerous brands successfully promoting their products so when it was time to promote her own she already had experience in social media marketing.

Nyane built her influence and following for years so when she launched her company sales and marketing were not a problem because she had already grown a large following.

She started with a fashion business and then expanded by launching a hair brand. Her followers were following her for the exact products she was selling, fashion, and hair.

nyane long gray hair

Expand Your Influence!

Nowadays we see a lot of influencers expanding their influence into the business.

And I must say Nyane has become one of the most successful at doing so without having to partner with a large brand. Being that Nyane herself is already a large brand she leveraged off of her influence, and that is powerful.

What do you think about Nyane's story? Have you spotted her on social media before? Let us know which look is your favorite and what you think about this article by leaving a comment below.

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