Our Favorite Insecure Season 3 Hairstyles!

New Hairstyles for A New Season Insecure has shown diversity in their taste in hair throughout their previous two seasons. We have seen the main character Issa, played by Issa Rae, with curly and braided natural styles, while her best friend Molly played by Yvonne Orji rocked weaved styles. Not to mention the plethora of supporting characters that have had honey blonde styles and a fluffy natural afro. And let's not ignore the men with low cuts, afros and side parts etched into their fades. Let's be honest, and this show has some looks. Issa Rae has rarely disappointed us when it comes to her eccentric hairstyles, quirky attitude, and catchy rhymes. And now she and her castmates (except for our man Lawrence) are back with Season 3 of Insecure with even more hairstyles that have us wanting to try them out in the mirror.

Issa's New Looks

Although I love this show, I must admit that I'm a little jealous of Issa. All of these fabulous hairstyles she hardly spends any time struggling to braid or detangle her hair. She can switch up her hair faster than I can flip the channel on a commercial. The changeup is too real. Anyway, Issa Rae is back with more looks that are easy for naturals or perms to pull off. One of Issa's first styles was a braided ponytail with her natural hair. The front side had three braids and one that came up the back of her head ending in a ponytail. This style showcased Issa's hair growth throughout the seasons and also an obtainable hairstyle for naturals or those with weaves. For naturals, a few braids, some edge control and a sturdy ponytail holder to pull the look together. To obtain this style with weave, one could use braided hair to get smaller cornrows around their head upwards and at the end use crotcheted hair on the ends for a fluffy ponytail. Another version of Issa's braided style is the braided ponytail coined the "Nicki Braids" that's created with braiding hair with small cornrows placed firmly together and a few wrapped around the base of the ponytail to create a 'genie' effect. Issa also dawns a mohawk for the Season 3 Premier of Insecure. In the show, her sides are braided backward, while the middle is allowed to be free-flowing dripping into her face. The best part about Issa's hairstyles on Insecure is their convenience and cuteness. Most of Issa's styles are a combination of braids, or flat twists and her curls. So grab a braider and your favorite curl defining products and get to work.

Molly's Bringing Braids Back

Molly (Yvonne Orji) has been the Queen of Wigs and weaves from the other seasons. Molly wore an above shoulder length wavy bob that could easily recreate with twelve or fourteen-inch wavy extensions and a matching closure. Then she switched up her look and rocked a black bang style one longer weave and a matching shorter one. At one point Molly asked wore highlights to offset the darker color in her bob. I was happy to see that Molly's hair was able to change up from the weaves and the wigs we were used to seeing her in, although they were fierce! I was screaming 'YAS" when I saw that she and I had matching styles #Telepathy! Season 3 brings a new Molly with jumbo straight backs or feed-ins. Molly kept her feed-ins simple going straight back, black and without jewelry. However later in the episode, she did switch it up and place it in a side bun that added some professionality to the style. Feed-ins take many forms and although they are corn-rows allow for space for one's personality and creativity to shine through. Feed-ins can have jumbo braids with smaller feed-ins, the style can be half up half down, straight back like Molly or sideways like Beyonce's infamous lemonade braids or up into a ponytail. To include more accessories string like gold or silver can be wrapped around the chunky ends of the twists or shells placed throughout the style. With the comeback of cornrows, it was refreshing to see Molly rock her straight backs like so few women have done on public television over the years except for our girl Tracee Ellis Ross. We love seeing Molly in her braids and hope that she pulls out more of the braided looks.

How Background Characters Love To Pop Out

I hate to spoil the episode for our die-hard Insecure fans. But as a Private Label Extensions writer, it is essential that I give you all the tea on the latest episodes hairstyles. In a few of the scenes, there have been background characters that stole the show with their styles. One of the styles featured on the show included a fabulous rendition of the tribal braids. Tribal braids are two layered braids that have cornrows in the front coupled with cornrows or individuals braids along the second layer. Some people do this style with a bun in the back or a thicker braid to make the style more accessible to manage. For added flair braids can be brought forward with beads on the endings of the frontward braids. An honorable mention for the guys was Dro's hair. He had a traditional fade with a spin, the top of his hair is slicked and slightly straightened, one side of the head is longer than the other.

There's Nothing Insecure About The Shows Hair

While the show may be labeled Insecure, there is nothing unsure or insecure about each character unique hairstyle choices on the show. Insecure is making a statement for the hair styling choices of women on mainstream television. With the inclusion of different forms of braids, Issa's evergrowing 4C curls and the integration of different textures, Insecure has set the bar for diversifying hair. Each season filled with re-creatable looks that make us wish we could do that with our hair. The good news is we can, and we will have a lot of room for inspiration when the rest of Insecure unfolds.
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