a fast look inside private label extensions

A Fast Look Inside Private Label Extensions

Time-Lapse Video Fun!

Your hair team over at Private Label Extensions has had a BUSY month of March!

We really focused on what is most important, our clients. Yes, you!

With exponential growth does come some growing pains. The huge increase of client orders being packed/shipped in a day absolutely took over the space of our Atlanta showroom. Good problem to have right?

To solve the space crunch we have set up a new hair extension distribution warehouse. We wanted to remember where we started so shooting a time lapse of a portion of the day sounded like a great idea.

And don't worry, we will still ship our orders with care.

Check it out:

Visit Our Atlanta Showroom

Want to meet us in person? We would love for you to visit!

Our clients visit from all over the US. We are always pleasantly surprised when someone is visiting from out of state. Some people just want to meet the team that they want to do business with in person and we are here to accommodate.

Business relationships are everything and we would like to build one with you!

We work directly with all types of clients. Let's go over some of the most common client types we work with. If we missed your scenario don't fret, let us add you to our list!


Working With You!

Do you fall into one of these categories?

Our team works with all types of hair extension business owners to help become more successful in the hair industry.

Our 1-Stop-Shop offers everything you need to start and run your hair business or improve your current one. From branding to all types of bundles we are here for you!

Totally New to the Business

You thought of selling hair extensions and now you have decided to make the move. Great decision!

Is the market too saturated? Nope! As many people that are coming in the hair business are also leaving.


They don't have the right tools to be successful. We help with that!

Stylist Sick of Sending Clients to the Beauty Store

Is this you? Your client buys crappy hair for the beauty store. You do your best to work with it but it still doesn't look great.

The client blames you! We hear about it all the time.

Take control of the situation. Stop your clients to somewhere else to buy hair. You are basically giving away money!

Work directly with your clients and decide the right styles and lengths of hair extensions they will need.

You BUY at wholesale and SELL at retail to make some great profits. Oh, and your client's hair will look much better because you are using a top-quality product.

Win Win!

Salon Owner Wants more Revenue

Setting up a small hair display in your salon should be a top priority and more salon owners are realizing this.

Using our hair extension stands and a few bundles will get your display looking great in a snap.

With our lightning-fast shipping, you can keep hair inventory coming in quickly and not have to manage hundreds of bundles of hair.

We recommend giving your stylists an incentive bonus for helping sell the hair. It will motivate them to push more of your product and increase sales.

This will be great for everyone!

Celebrity Entrepreneur

Celebrities have realized they can greatly increase their income with an entrepreneurial spirit. Jay-Z is not going to be a Billionaire just from the music. He put the right teams in place to launch brands using his name or branding power.

Private Label Extensions is the hair team for celebrities looking to have their own hair brand.

We are very discreet with who we work with and our clients love this!

Our team will work directly with you to create the perfect hair extension branding and supply proven hair extensions that your clients will love.

Social Influencers

Getting promo deals with hair companies can be a great way to make a quick buck. But if you have a large social media following it makes much for the financial sense to have your own brand.

Creating a strong hair brand is a long-term decision that will take some work but the rewards could be great.

If you have 1.3 Million Followers on Instagram and the social network becomes less popular than you might be impacted greatly financially. Social Networks will come and go over the next decade.

We know the power of Social Media Influencers and love working with them!

inspecting hair extensions

Dropshipping for Your Brand

Our drop shipping program at Dropship Bundles has taken the online hair industry by storm!

It is a fantastic program for new hair business owners that don't have the funds to hold inventory and have the time to process orders.

We actually have seen a large increase in business owners that have been successful online and just don't want to pack orders anymore. More and more online store owners are joining us and letting us do all the inventory, packing orders, and handling inventory.

These established brands are seeing an increase in revenue because they can now solely focus on selling hair and not dealing with this time-consuming process.

Getting Started

There is never a "perfect time" to start any business or make changes in your current one.

Now is the time to make a move and get your business off the ground or improve your current one.

If you have any questions about how we can help just give us a call - 404.458.1220 - or Contact Us with your questions.

We look forward to doing great business with you soon!

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