20 Instagram Post Ideas to Boost your Feed

Spice Things Up

Everyone knows that social media platforms have been the raving outlets to help elevate a business.

If you don’t know this, then it’s important that you learn in order to utilize the right social media platforms for the marketing of your business. Instagram is great for growing your hair business as it gives the target audience visuals of your brand, products, and services.

Any and everyone loves to see if they can’t touch. And you can be providing a huge benefit for your potential customers by having an epic social media feed.

However, sometimes this can be easier said than done. Why? Because some people just don’t know what to post on their Instagram page. Or they do consistently post, but the content is either dull, non-intriguing, or completely irrelevant to the brand. Here at Private Label Extensions, we totally get it! That’s why we want to share with you various ideas for posting on your Instagram that will most definitely boost your feed.

These ideas are designed to benefit your brand by having a goal and being intentional. While you can be very creative with the ideas that we’re sharing, you want to keep the main focus.

Which is to first, connect with your target audience, engage with them, and drive them to invest in your hair business brand.


Determine The Mix of Content

So, how do you know that you’re posting all the right things? By the mix of content you offer and post!

Before we dive deeper into how you can determine your mix of content, you should know how Instagram works in order for you to have successful results. It’s no secret that Instagram determines what others can see. Think about it. Just because you post five photos within one day does not mean every one of your followers will see all or any of them. It’s all about their algorithm which is simply a fancy way of saying “their process.”

Good content always comes first on Instagram. But how do you know if your content is good? It’s all about action! A great way to find this out is by utilizing the Insights feature within your Instastories and Instagram posts.

The Insights feature gives you specific details on analytics from how many people clicked the link you provided or your website. Even to how many people you actually reached, how many people visited your profile and so much more. Just think of good content as anything that catches the eye of the target audience. And makes them what to double tap or click for more. These content posts will be of high quality, great colors, animated or appealing in a way that the target audience may be inspired.

Now that you have an understanding as to how Instagram works based on good content and what is considered good content, it’s time to determine your mix of content. Because Instagram is used as a platform to build relationships with your target audience to convert them into customers, it’s important that your mix of content be a variety.

This could include inspirational quotes, product tags, and, what is very effective, behind the scenes footage of your brand. When using Instagram for your business, your forefront should always be “how can this post contribute to engagement, a sale and more?”


Idea Post #1 Show and Tell with Products

Photos and, even better, videos of your product will surely drive up the engagement of your feed and, most importantly, your sales. This idea is simply the easiest to do considering you would want to do more than just tell about your product and services, but show the world.

With these photos, they can be featured with a focus solely on the actual product or service or by including them with a realistic lifestyle post. Whatever you decide, the great thing about this post idea is that you have the room to be creative and tailor it according to your target audience based on what they’d find interesting.

Use this post idea as an opportunity to pitch more about the product or service including details on the features and benefits highlighting what makes it so great.

Idea Post #2 Use Product Tags

A great feature Instagram has added is the product tags! Why? Because they call for direct action to be taken.

Product tags easily enable Instagram users to make a quick click to directly purchase a product or service being offered in the post. By clicking these tags, they can make a purchase while gaining more information and details.

Product tags make things easier and convenient for those who want to purchase instantly on their phones, which increases the likelihood that they will follow through to actually make the purchase. It’s a great idea to consider product tags especially when you’re offering a discount, or a sale is going on.

Along with product tags, you also have product stickers available to you through your Instagram stores. This was recently released and allows the same action just like tags but through your story. This could possibly be more effective considering Instastories gain more traction and are more likely to be seen by your followers than something on your feed which can only be seen by a select few.

Show off your product or service to non-followers by using hashtags within your Instastories as well!


Idea Post #3 Go BTS with Followers

Followers love behind-the-scenes content because it allows a level of transparency that makes your followers feel like they’re getting to know the you behind the brand. This builds a level of trust, which is necessary to the success of your hair business.

Another great bonus with posting behind-the-scenes content is the lack of perfection. There’s no need to be as polished as some of your other posts. Because of this, it could be best to use this post idea as content just for your Instastories.

Idea Post #4 Do A Live!

Live videos are another type of post that can help build customer relationships quickly.

To them, it can feel authentic, and your followers can have a sense of direct interaction with you in real time. Plus, it’s a bonus when they’re notified when you start your live to avoid missing the chance to join.

During a live video, you have the chance to answer questions, shown BTS content, show off new products and services, and get personal with your team.

For the best results, you should:

  • Announce you’re doing a live video in advance so that followers know to tune in
  • Have a plan and practice before you actually go live
  • Give your audience time to join, at least one minute
  • Go live in a well-lit area and no noisy background


Idea Post #5 Repost The Good “UGC”

User-generated content is pretty much the most persuasive content to use, and your followers love seeing it on your feed. It shows that you’re engaged with your community, which can earn you good will and more user-generated content at the same time.

The key is that it has the potential to be easily shared to promote your brand in an eased yet highly effective way. Encourage user-generated content by letting Instagram users know what you want to see and give them a hashtag that can be attached to their image.

Be sure to search this hashtag and ask to share the most relevant posts on your profile.

Idea Post #6 Show Off your Team

We talked about this a bit in the ten content marketing ideas blog post. Content that focuses on people a part of your team is a great post option for Instagram. It’s another way to show users who stand behind your brand and whose committed. This can build an emotional connection to you and bring in that trust.


Idea Post #7 Announce Something New

A super simple but effective post is announcing new products, services or new business updates on Instagram with a great visual.

This gives you more content to share and also encourages Instagram users to follow you because everyone wants to be in the know about a brand that they love. Another great way to do this is by sharing milestones, such as making your 100th order or the hair business anniversary.

Idea Post #8 Do A Contest or Giveaway

A sure way to gain a lot of fast engagement and create excitement around your hair brand is by having a contest or giveaway!

We’ve talked about how everyone loves the chance to win something on top of actually winning. This type of Instagram post will get people discussing your brand which helps user-generated content. It all comes full circle!

For the best effective results, offer the chance to win something that is most relevant to your target audience. It’s all about what they’d want.

Idea Post #9 Get Seasonal with The Seasons

Everyone loves getting into the holiday spirit regardless of the holiday. Take advantage of this! You can do so by creating seasonal posts that are timely and immediately relevant according to that holiday.

When it comes to seasonal posts, one of the most important components to them is hashtags. The biggest advantages of this type of post are that the hashtags are directly relevant meaning more Instagram users will be more likely to seek them out. Include specific details for your post description with plenty of hashtags for the best results.

A great example of this is for the Thanksgiving holiday where you can use hashtags for this holiday’s posts like #thanksgiving, #turkeyday, #fall #autumnweather and so much more.

Idea Post #10 Tag-A-Friend

A “tag a friend” post is great for more engagement and even the chance to boost your following. It can generate comments from Instagram users by tagging others who they believe would truly like the product or service you offer and even relate to the post subject.

This strategy can bring new users to your brand. Therefore, you want to use this moderately to avoid the risk of looking like a spammer to your followers. Make an effort to think of creative ways to encourage your followers to tag their friends.


Idea Post #11 Be Inspirational

Inspire your followers and other Instagram users by using inspirational quotes within your posts. Doing so can create positive associations between your followers and your brand, which is always a plus.

When creating inspiration quote posts, keep in mind that they should be very appealing visually by using vibrant colors and nice layouts. A great tool to use for this is Canva which offers many different features to help you create a great post.

Idea Post #12 Share Cool Videos

Most brands disregard the use of videos for their brands on different social media outlets, including Instagram.

But besides pictures, videos are extremely effective to a business’ feed. Why? Because videos help tell a story and are efficient in grabbing your target audiences attention versus photo posts which can easily be scrolled over.

Videos for your hair brand’s feed will always help you stand out. You could have a video showing the styling of a client or a sell you’re making featuring your latest bundles or quick fact about your brand and so much more!


Idea Post #13 Get Involved

Showing your involvement within your community either locally or within the hair industry is a great way to establish trust, loyalty and a good reputation with your target audience.

Creating content posts that show you’re invested in a community can also give your audience more insight about your company and what you have to offer.

The great thing about this type of post idea is it allows your followers and other Instagram users to have a good feeling in supporting your brand.

Idea Post #14 Event Coverage

Showing off your involvement in a local or national hair event is great for your Instagram feed.

It shows your target audience that you are active in what you do. You can also gain by being recognized by those hosting the event and build connections. Be sure to post content before, during and after to help create more hype. You can either be a host or be invited to attend.

Idea Post #15 Collaborate with Influencers

To help your brand gain some credibility and more attention, collaborating with an influencer is an effective strategy.

Influencers are great for helping you gain more traffic especially with an audience they are heavily engaged with. You may think that it’s better to work with influencers of much stature with thousands of followers, but that’s not necessary. In fact, the collaboration with an influencer can be more successful when working with micro-influencers.

These type of influencers may only have two thousand to eight thousand followers, but they’ll be trusted by their audience considering that the level of engagement is actually there.

A micro-influencer has easier access with a smaller audience. Think about it!


Idea Post #16 Work with Other Brands

Cross-promoting with other merchants can be intentional and well-planned, or can just be a quick shout out or feature. This is a great way to establish a partnership with other brands where each party can mutually benefit and add value to both businesses. It’s also a great way to provide your target audience with options to meet their needs.

Idea Post #17 Get Engaged with Questions

Answering questions from your followers is a great way to add value to them. Q&A’s are great posts when you want to show them that what they have to say matters and you care to hear it. It reminds them that they’re important and valued. This type of content post can encourage others to follow you as they see your level of engagement.


Idea Post #18 Call to Action to Share

We’ve previously discussed how effective and efficient user-generated content can be. Now let’s see exactly how to encourage it.

Creating a content post that motivates your audience to actually share is the best way to gain more user-generated content on Instagram. It can be focused all on leading by example and opening the floor by sharing, encouraging the audience to do the same. Or you can easily post a question and ask for the answers as a comment.

Whichever way you decide to do it, make sure to have Instagram users post a photo and use your brand’s hashtag for easy sharing and quick ways to find you. It helps when you offer the chance for someone to be featured as an incentive.

Idea Post #19 Swipe Away with Carousel Posts

Carousel posts allow Instagram users, brands too, to upload multiple various images and/or videos in a single post. It allows your target audience to scroll through different media content and get a look at everything all at once.

Great things you can use the carousel option for is:

  • Different ways to use one product
  • Different related products with product tags for each
  • Event pictures in a certain order from before to during to after
  • A tutorial providing steps on a product

Idea Post #20 Give Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are great for drawing immediate attention from your target audience, providing much value and creating a call to action.

Within thirty seconds to a minute, you have the opportunity to show different things for different products or services. Everyone wants to learn how to do something, especially with hair. You can provide a tutorial on how to color a certain texture of hair or how to style it.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to video tutorials. Your target audience will appreciate this type of content with the chance to show them how beneficial a product or service is. This will definitely help drive sales!


Get your Instagram Feeding On and Popping

When diversifying your Instagram posts, you will be able to maintain a well-rounded profile, which Instagram users can respond to more.

We totally understand how keeping track of all of this information provided can be overwhelming and a bit difficult. Therefore, we encourage you to create a social media calendar for your content to help you stay organized. This can also help you avoid repetition and redundancy in your content. There are various software and apps that can help you with this. Keep in mind that you want to schedule posts in advance for automatic posting and upload and organize your content to maintain a backlog of what is being posted.

Always remember that the best Instagram profiles are those that can to mix up their content and provide different posts from various angles. This keeps your profile feeling authentic, organic, and well cared for instead of very sales focused, boring and overly promotional.

The goal is to have your brand consistent on the Instagram platform with a bit of variety in your content to keep your followers interested, engaged and ready to invest. What are some content post ideas you are looking to start using today for your feed?

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