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15 Times Justine Skye Rocked her Purple Hair in Different Styles

The Purple Unicorn

The world knows her as Justine Skye, but the Internet knows her as The Purple Unicorn. Justine Skye is a singer/songwriter who is known for her fabulous purple hairdo. Ever since she made her appearance to the world in 2013, she never leaves the house without sporting her favorite color on top of her head. But have you ever wondered what the real reason behind this lovely lady's violet hairdo is? I'm here to tell you all the ins and outs of this queen's hair, and also show you the best purple looks that this singer has accomplished thus far.


How did this purple hair beauty come to be? Well, Justine says that when she was younger, she always wanted to dye her hair to a different color. Her mom, of course, like many moms wasn't entirely for it, but after late nights of groveling and begging, her mom said purple was probably the only color she would be okay with having her do. After that, the color just stuck, and Justine has been rocking it ever since she was 16. She says in an interview that it is a part of her now and that she can't even imagine herself without purple hair. It's funny because an average person wearing this color hairstyle would be wild and spontaneous but to her, it's entirely reasonable, and she doesn't want to change it for the world. She has stated that her hair will be purple forever, and let me be the first to say that we would not want it any other way.


Justine doesn't just rock her purple hair on way. She constantly switches up her hair looks while staying true to her signature purple look.

Natural Hair Curls

Yes, she is known to rock her natural hair a few times when she first started The Purple Unicorn Movement. Justine's natural hair curl pattern is impressive, although she says the curls are not quite the same after continually dying her hair purple, none the less she still loves wearing it in a messy bun letting her natural curls hang loose. If it's not in a bun, you can guarantee that it's in an afro being wild and free. Any way you put it natural hair looks flawless on Justine.

Box Braids

Box Braids is easily one of the best protective hairstyles for natural or processed hair. Individual braids shield your natural hair from heat damage and other harsh chemicals. Justine says she loves to do her box braids herself, and that if she starts in the morning, it should only take about 5 hours, that way she still has the rest of her day. Her box braids are the cutest when she does them all in purple, but there are also times where she will do ombre braids. If you're feeling creative try purchasing some ombré braiding hair and give this excellent look a try.


High Ponytails are so much fun to try. This look is one of my favorite hairstyles to pull off, one because it is so simple to accomplish, and two it can transform your whole hair. It's a high-end hairstyle that exposes more of your face and shows your real beauty. Who knew by adding a colorful hair extension that you could turn this simple hairstyle up one notch. Private label offers a variety of hair clip ins that can be dyed to accomplish this fantastic look that Ms. Skye is rocking.

Wavy Bob

The wavy bob has to be one of my favorites on Justine. It frames her face so well and also brings out her natural facial features. Long hair is more of Justine's thing she says, but we're all dying to see more of this hairstyle. If you're in love with this look, there is a way for you to try at home. Private Label offers the wavy hair and clip ins that you can buy. 12-inch hair or shorter would look perfect and can be cut to enhance the look further. This purple bob def deserves its spot on the top hairstyles Justine Skye has rocked.

Bone Straight

Bone straight is probably the most common hairstyle Justine likes to rock. She usually wears it in a middle part, with her edges slicked down effortlessly. Her hair stays laid, honey! Bone straight seems to be the simplest and go to look anyone can pull off. Try checking out Private Label's quality straight hair weave. For that super straight look make sure to flat iron hair as needed. Heat damage is a real thing Justine says. She misses her natural hair curl pattern. Skye states in an interview that it went away ever since she started straightening her hair a lot, she hopes to get it back by wearing more protective styles, and lace front wigs, without too much of her real hair left out. Whatever it takes miss Skye, because boy does straight hair look wonderful on you!

Finger Wave

We got to see a more elegant side of Justine with this beautiful finger wave hairstyle. What was so great about this look was that Justine didn't have to cut her natural hair to accomplish it! Her hair was just tamed and curled into beautiful side part waves; a fun swoop was added to set this look off. If you want to accomplish this look hair foam should be added for a longer lasting hairstyle, it also keeps the waves in place. The Purple in the finger wave is my favorite part about this hair. It's such a vibrant shade and still didn't overpower the overall hairstyle. I'm here for this look Justine, and we can't wait to see how you'll pull it off again!

Curly Sue

Straight hair isn't the only hairstyle that looks flawless on this Queen. Curly locs is also a look that Justine has been seen rocking lately. She will incorporate her purple hair in one of three ways, full of purple curls, a light ombré, or purple highlights spread evenly throughout the hair. The tight candy curls look amazing, but she also sports it loose and in various other curl patterns. Check out Private Label's Curly Extensions and slay this look just like Justine did!

Goddess Waves

Let's admit it long wavy hair looks amazing on pretty much everyone, but the way Justine Skye pulls it off makes you wish you were Rapunzel. It's a classy yet sexy look, and Justine showed us how to wear a fabulous goddess loose curl. This loose wave texture is also available at Private Label and in various lengths! Long waves is a must have hairstyle to rock this winter season.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids can be such a cute look! This hairstyle is perfect for when you are having a busy morning, and the last thing you want to think about is how you're going to wear your hair. Well, Justine has given us much motivation to accomplish this tricky, but beautiful fishtail look. What we love most about this hairstyle was how vibrant the purple color stands out in the braid. If you are afraid of the rumors of how hard it is to accomplish a fishtail braid don't be alarmed for there are many YouTube videos on how to recreate this hairstyle effortlessly. With such a simple look Justine has shown us that even on a casual day she can still slay with her purple hair! I will definitely be trying this look out soon.

Fierce Fuchsia

As you may know, there are many different variations of purple ranging from lavender, orchid, indigo and the list go on and on. Although Justine is known for rocking the purest form of the color purple she has blown us away with trying the shade of Fuchsia. A lot of her younger fans love experimenting with this color. It's fun and flirty how could you not love it! If you are thinking about dying your weave or extensions to this popping fuchsia color try checking out Private Label's blonde hair weaves, they are easy to dye, and the color comes out rich and vibrant! If you love it make sure you take a picture and thank Justine Skye for the awesome inspiration.

Bangin Bangs

Bangs is one trend that is making a strong comeback, and I for one am all here for it! I've even been rocking bangs this winter season as well, and it is a great look to get everyone's attention. Justine slayed this look with a full on a deep violet unit. With the help of Private Label Extensions, your hair can be banging too, check out our 16 inches and longer hair weaves with closures that you can cut into the perfect bang.

Bouncy Body Wave Curls

When it comes to curls the bigger, the better, Justine Skye has shown us that she is not afraid of big voluminous curls. This hairstyle is another one of her signature looks. She mainly wears this style when she leaves the house or when she's out at an event. Bouncy curls are perfect to complete a stylish look. You can recreate this hairstyle as well, Private Label Extensions offers various lengths of body wave hair, to make the curls bouncy and big try using hair rollers if you let them sit overnight curls will last longer. Also using hair rollers is a better alternative to putting heat on your hair. In any way, we are looking forward to seeing how Justine Skye pulls off and incorporates more curls in her future hairstyles.

Goddess Braids

The goddess braid hairstyle is more of a summer trend, but Justine has been seen strutting it this fall season. A goddess braid to me is any hair look that consists of one or more jumbo braids on your head. The most common style is having two sides of your hair braided back on your scalp into the big braids. Justine has done that and has also added a creative twist to this hairstyle; she's had her hair braided up into separate cornrows with one big braided ponytail at the end! It was flawless, and a great Coachella look she stated. If you want a bold, and daring protective hairstyle, I would definitely give this look a try.

Straight Bob

The straight bob has a little more of an edgier style; this can turn any look from drab to fab. Of course, Justine Skye makes it even more unique by adding her purple ombre color to it! What is also cute about how Justine's wears this look are the tints of purple and blue that she will sometimes add. Other than the straight bob she even wears it in a feathered style, this is super cute and looks like a fluffy purple cloud when she rocks it. Bobs are versatile; they can be long or short, blunt, or tapered. I highly suggest you give this look a try sometime this year, and if you are feeling extra adventurous add a bit of color as Justine Skye does!

Top Knot Bun

The last look to finish this list off is this straightforward top knot bun. It's less tedious than the other hairstyles she has worn, and can quickly be done with hair extensions as well. The trick to a high top bun is to make sure you lay your natural hair down correctly. So make sure to take the extra time to gel and brush up your hair neatly. I think this is a flawless finish to the end of this list, and Justine has won us over again with another great hairstyle.

Which Style Was Your Favorite?

It's clear to see that Justine Skye can pull off almost any hairstyle, but to do this while still incorporating her signature color is mind-blowing. We love that she knows who she is and does not plan on giving that up anytime soon. Her purple hair is her brand and ultimately who she is as a person! Whether it be lavender, fuchsia, or fiery violet, we are proud to say that Justine has earned her name as The Purple Unicorn. If you're in a Mood to be daring and figure out your signature color, I suggest you view these top hairstyles that Justine Skye has rocked by using just one pure color. We cannot wait to see future looks this beauty serves us with in the future! What was your favorite hairstyle? Let us know in the comments down below.
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