kardashian family inspired hairstyles and how to achieve them

Kardashian Family Inspired Hairstyles & How to Achieve Them!

Whether it is Kim, Kylie, or Kourtney, each Kardashian hones a signature hairstyle. We have compiled signatures hairstyles--long, mid-length, and short that will keep you inspired while thinking about your next hairdo with the help of Private Label top quality hair and products.

Kim Kardashian West’s Inspired Look

From the many hairstyles that Kim Kardashian West has worn, her signature bone straight-- middle part--jet black hair steals the number one spot no matter the length. The hair covers her sides of her jawline and helps to define the front of her face. Anything that Kim wears, her shiny, thick, and smooth hair hairstyle completes the bold yet standout overall look that is attainable for casual and classy events. You can achieve this look with Private Label Extensions’ Malaysian Straight Hair Extensions with your desired length along with the Malaysian Straight Frontal. Dying the hair jet-black and flat ironing all sections of the hair will create this inspired look. Of course, the frontal will have to include a middle part. The Private Label Extensions Brazilian Silky Straight Front Lace Wig is also perfect to achieve this look. 

Kourtney Kardashian Inspired Look

Kourtney Kardashian can easily slay a light body wave jet-black hairstyle. She usually goes for the “simple hair to the side” look that shows off her defined bone structure. We can tell that Kourtney is a chic Jane. She loves the simple, timeless look that will last in photos forever. Kourtney’s hair is styled in a luscious body wave look that can be achieved by Private Label Extensions’ Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions with a length of least 20 inches along with the Brazilian Body Wave Lace Frontal at least 16 inches. Kourtney has always achieved her classy signature look of a jet-black hairstyle that anyone can do. The secret to simple styles is the hair products. They keep the hair looking luscious and brand new.

Kendall Jenner’s Inspired Look

Kendall Jenner always rocks the short bob look everywhere no matter how she styles it. These cuts are a statement to themselves that represent “something new” or a “new beginning” especially when if it’s someone known to wear long hair in the past. Many have commented that Kendall looks just like her mother (Kris Jenner) in her younger years. Short bob cuts or semi-bob cuts are Kendall’s inspired styles that create an elegant, carefree style and she owns it. Kendall has modeled with this hairstyle countless times, and we will never get tired of it. With a "body wave" feel, this style can is created easily with Private Label Extensions’ Wavy Virgin Indian Hair. Style this hair in any way and still look flawless. The Wavy Virgin Indian Hair is hair that is not too straight and not too curly--just right for any look.

Kris Jenner’s Inspired Look

Kris Jenner is a favorite example of a woman with a short haircut that should inspire anyone. We forget that very short hairstyles are as good as longer hairstyles. She has proved that short hair lasts for decades and is a hot style for older women. Kris Jenner can hone the side part, the messy cut, and a cut with bangs all with her hair length. No wonder we haven't gotten tired of her with these styles. She makes it timeless. Achieve this inspired style with Private Label Extensions Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extensions. 10-inch length hair is best for trimming. After applying the hair, cut the hair to any length you desire and style it. A curling iron or pin curled roller styles are both ways that will leave the hair a simple semi-curled style that’s ready to be worn.

Khloe Kardashian’s Inspired Look

The only Kardashian that is known for her different blonde looks is Khloe. Not only is it blonde, but it’s a cute, messy blonde. Whether short or long, she achieves it and Khloe’s transition to blonde has encouraged people to be bold and courageous. Her messy touch to adds a thick, diva-ish style that’s very attractive and keeps a young and fun look. We can tell that her favorite part of her hairstyles is the famous middle part that all her sisters go for. Private Label Extensions’ Russian Blonde Brazilian Body Wave is perfect to achieve this look of a messy or wavy blonde cut. Curling irons and hair crimpers can be used to style the hair after application to fully achieve this Kardashian inspired style. Other hair that can make this look happen is the Platinum Blonde Clip-In Extensions and the Blonde Body Wave Lace Frontal. If you notice, Khloe's ends are a dark color--"blackish" or "brownish." If wanted, it is possible to bleach all of Private Label Extensions’ products to achieve the dirty blonde look. Remember not to lighten the roots.

Kylie Jenner’s Inspired Look

Kylie is known for her constant hair color, and wig changes. Whether it is blue or orange, Kylie continues to show her youthful and fun side that shows through her different hairstyles. Although colored, Kylie’s hairstyles are always frizz-free and flowing. “I started wigs and now everyone is wearing wigs,” stated Kylie. Although there was much controversy with her statement, Kylie has stayed consistent, rocking short, long bobs even to match her outfits. Kylie has to keep being different, so her fans don’t get bored. Wigs are a way to do that. Kylie always switches it up and perhaps has many wigs now, and this shows how easy and breezy wigs are. The perfect hair to achieve any hair color you desire is Private Label Extensions’ Russian Blonde Brazilian Body Wave or the Brazilian 360 Russian Blonde Body Wave Lace Frontal because the Russian Blonde colors perfectly with any color dye you desire. If you notice, her roots are always a darker color than her overall hair color. Check out this video tutorial on our Youtube channel showing you similar wigs to Kylie's that we created with our own hair!

Get the Kardashian Look

Private Label Extensions has the perfect quality hair that can achieve your Kardashian inspired hairstyles. Providing top quality 360 wigs, frontals, clip-ins, bundles, and more! Private Label Extensions is your one-stop shop for all your hair needs. Which Kardashian look do you like the most? Let us know by leaving a comment.
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