keyshia ka'oir's 3 mane looks

Keyshia Ka'oir's 3 Mane Looks

Keyshia Ka'oir's Hair

Keyshia Ka’oir is a beast when it comes to her style. I have to give her props because she doesn’t mind taking chances with her fashion nor her hair. It’s clear when Mrs. Davis enters the room everybody breaks their neck to see what she’s rocking.

You can’t help but love the hairstyles she wears, and she switches her style up nicely. I decided to take a closer look at my favorite hairstyles of hers and share with you how you can re-create the looks for yourself.

If you have no clue what style you, want to try next, I got you, girl! Let's get into the style vault of Mrs. Keyshia Ka’oir Davis.

The Keyshia Ka'oir Mohawk


  • 14” or longer extensions
  • Gel
  • Weaving Net
  • Thread
  • Sewing Needle

One of my favorites is her mohawk. She rocked this look flawlessly, and I love it. Here’s how you can re-create it:

The mohawk is a fly style that, in my opinion, looks good with anything when worn right. This hairstyle is cute if you have shaved sides.

After you shampoo, condition, and blow-dry your hair braid it going from left to right. You want to create rows because you will sew your extensions onto the braids straight across. Add oil to your scalp once you’re done braiding your hair to keep it moisturized and to reduce itching. You can apply a weaving net if you choose to. I definitely would because weaving nets create a better foundation for your sew-in which means it will last longer.

Sew your tracks in as I stated above from back to front until you get to the crown of your head. I love this part because you can get creative by adding color to the front. Start sewing your extensions in from the front braid towards the crown.

As you are sewing in the hair, it will hang in front of your face to create your bang and add height to the crown area. Continue the process until you meet the first extensions you just finished sewing in. At this point, you can cut or trim and style your mohawk in any way you want.

Ceo keyshia kaoir jamaica green lipstick

The Keyshia Ka'oir Jumbo Braid

Another style favorite of mine is her jumbo braid she has worn on numerous occasions. I love it because it’s so simple but cute! Here’s how you can get her braided ponytail:

Prep your hair by shampooing and conditioning your hair. I like to put my hair up in a ponytail while it’s still wet to get a smooth look. When I’m in a time crunch, I can create this look on dry hair as well.


  • three bundles of 16-inch hair or longer
  • Bobby pins
  • Elastics (I don’t recommend rubber bands because they pull on your hair)
  • Edge control
  • Eco-Style Gel
  • Comb
  • Brush

I decided to stop using styling mousse on my hair because a lot of them have alcohol in them and dry my hair out. Instead I apply a small amount of oil (Jamaica Castor Oil) to my hair and rub it through to add moisture, and it smells good. I grab up my favorite product, Eco-style Hair Gel, and apply it all around the perimeter of my hairline.

Since this ponytail is meant to sit high on the head, I comb my hair as if I’m going to create a high ponytail. To accomplish this, I brush all my hair up in the back and sides and smooth it out, so my hair lays smooth. I add an off-center part and smooth the hair into my ponytail. The ponytail, once I have it secured with an elastic, will be off-center and in the crown of my head. It needs to be slightly off-center because it needs to drape right.

Attach your extensions to your natural hair ponytail by pinning in place with bobby pins. At this point, you will braid the hair all the way to the end. If you don’t want any of your hair peeking out from the braid, tuck your natural hair ponytail before you apply the extensions for the ponytail.

Use a pack of braiding hair or remaining extensions to create your final braid. Take the hair to attach it to the base of the braid using the rubber band that is already on it. Go ahead and braid the hair all the way to the end. Now, you are going to wrap this braid around your jumbo braid, pinning it as you go.

Go ahead and tie your smoothed edges and hair down with a silk scarf or wrapping paper. Once you’re ready to show up and steal the scene remove your scarf or paper and you are prepared to go!

Kaoir jumbo braid

Keyshia Ka'oir Wigs

Half up/Half Down with a wig

Curly Wig

Eco-Style Gel



This look is the half up/half down look with a wig. YES! I’m creating this look with a wig! Let me help you do the same.

You know we always have to shampoo, condition, and blow-dry our hair! Then, part your hair from ear to ear. Go ahead and pull the top portion of your hair up just to keep it out of the way. Braid the back portion of your hair into cornrows.

Don’t worry about being super neat because no one will see them. Use one of your elastic to attach them and tuck the ends. Grab your gel and smooth it around the hairline to get your edges and hair smooth. You’re looking cute!!!!

Grab your hair and put it into a ponytail using one of your elastics. Now, you can braid the ponytail and leave it out.

Grab your curly wig and instead of applying it to the whole head you are going to apply it right at the part making sure you can still see your part. This essentially makes it a half wig and the combs inside the wig help to anchor it easily. If you’re like me use some bobby pins for that extra security to make sure it doesn’t move while you’re wearing it.

Keyshia Kaoir half up half down

Now take some of the hair from the wig (right behind your ponytail) to help you create your bun at the top. Pull it over the ponytail and combine them both with an elastic.

Using your natural hair ponytail wrap the end of it around the base of your natural hair ponytail to create your bun. Now take the portion of your wig you pulled out, loosely two-strand braid it and wrap it around the bun to cover it. Now use your bobby pins to pin it into place.

I am so excited to share with you this last look! I found this style, and it’s so easy that I have to let you know about it!

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