layered purple wig with vietnamese hair extensions

Layered Purple Wig Perfection with Vietnamese Extensions

We teamed up with Dallas Christopher to create a beautifully layered purple wig that has complex colors and a style that you just want to reach out and touch. Dallas used Paul Mitchell colors on our Vietnamese Hair Extensions to create this jaw-dropping beauty.

After the wig was sewn to perfection it was lightened heavily and then colored with multiple layers of purple. You can see how well our Vietnamese Hair color and of course styles. The Vietnamese hair is very thick and can easily take heat and color.

Purple Wig Getting Styled

We have to give special thanks to Dallas Christopher for creating this beautiful purple wig. Dallas is a National Paul Mitchell educator who has been working for us for the past few years. The Vietnamese Hair Extensions are RAW hair and free of any chemicals or processing.

When planning on creating a wig or even hairstyle with complex colors and layers it is crucial that you are using top quality hair extensions. Not all hair will color well because of some of the processing techniques that are used to limit tangling. When you use RAW hair like our Vietnamese collection you can do almost anything you can imagine in the way of color and style.

Layered Purple Wig

Purple Wig Getting Styled

Take a closer look at the detailed colors in the photo above that you might have missed in the video. Dallas used a color melting technique with Midnight POP/XG as the base melting into the Purple POP/XG with free form painting of pastel Pink POP/XG. This was on a triangular graduated, ace metrical haircut. This type of technique is generally only used by master colorists to be able to create a purple wig with these types of layers.

A purple wig is probably not something that is worn to a corporate office but sure would be great for the weekend or a girl's night out.

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