best ways to style your next lob hairstyle

Best Ways to Style Your Next Lob Hairstyle!

Finding Styles for A Lob Can Be Difficult, Let Me Help!

Finding the right hairstyle for you can be hard. It can also be troublesome to choose a haircut that fits you! There are so many options to try, but don't be afraid! Be bold, be sexy, be different! So, you've made the bold decision to wear your hair in a long bob (lob for short). That's my girl! Now you're ready to style it! Whether you cut your hair or chose to wear a lob wig, congratulations! Here are some great ways to style a Lob haircut for maximum sheik-ness.

Bring Out The Straightener!

Pulling off a lob haircut shows precisely just how much confidence you have! One of the best ways to style your lob is by straightening it! Regardless of where you part your hair, a straight look is perfect for a casual day at home or busy day in the office. The great thing about straightening is that you can create different styles with it, too! Run the straightener through the hair from root to tip creating a super blunt and daring look. Or, when passing the straightener through the hair, take the ends and curve them towards the face. This gives the hair some volume and looks super cute and flirty. The curved ends are what most people will imagine when they hear about a Lob haircut!

You Guessed It! Curls

Curls are always a great way to style, well, pretty much any haircut. There are different styles of curls too. However, remember that curling your hair does make the hair appear to be sorter, so, for a lob grab a curling iron or wand that is about 1 to 2 inches in diameter. This size will give you full and sexy curls while not letting too much length disappear. That's a great feature of wearing a lob haircut. It's short, but not too short, so you still have some range to play with. Also, you can make it shorter if you want to! Use a curling iron or curling wand that is an inch or smaller in diameter. Use smaller sections of hair and fluff out those curls. This will create so much volume to have fun with and keep your lob styling to the maximum!

Braid It Up; Let It Down

Crimped hair is making its comeback in recent years! This 90's inspired style is perfect for your Lob journey! There are a few ways to accomplish the crimped look depending on what works best for you! The first way is to braid your hair before you go to sleep. You can control the size of the crimps depending on the size and quantity of braids you make. The smaller the braids, the smaller the crimp and the more volume. The thicker the braid, the less volume, and wavier the crimp will be. So, it really is up to your preference! When you wake up in the morning, remove the braids and add moose or hairspray to help the crimps hold all day long. This method is preferred because you don't have to use heat on your hair or purchase multiple different crimpers for different sizes! However, if one size crimp looks best on you, there are crimpers you can find in the hair tools aisle that do the job with heat! Much like a curling iron, you can separate the hair into parts and crimp your way to a fantastic sheik style! Bring on the crimps!

Bang, bang, BANGS!

One of the trendy looks, even amongst celebs, are swoop bangs with their Lob cut. The lob parted to the side with some bang additions can create a super cool refreshing look. It can be styled beachy, sexy, or sleek. With celebrities, the messy look is super prominent. They use a curling technique that requires a thicker curling iron (like I mentioned before). However, this time they do not take the curl all the way to the ends. They leave the end of the hair out of the curl to keep the length and establish a more relaxed vibe and keep it free-flowing. The bangs help this laid-back look. They are called swoop bangs because they, like the lob, are considered long bangs and blend in fairly nicely. These bangs are not meant to sit very much apart from your lob length, quite the contrary. They add volume when straight or curled, especially with this messy-curls vibe. I think it is definitely worth giving them a try!

Go, Bolder!

This next style fits into any of the other hairstyles that you've seen, and that's because we're talking color! You are already showing how bold you are by wearing your hair in a lob, but why stop there? Changing the color of your lob can be super fun and invigorating! Try a color that still fits your style and tone, but steps just a bit out of your comfort zone. It can make a big difference! A common lob color is a "Balayage" hair color. This is when they add a few highlights and low lights and blend it into your natural color giving you ultimate dimension. You can do this with natural colors, i.e., blonde, honey, chocolate, and black colors. However, fun colors can be incorporated too! Like pink, red, or blue. Don't be timid about colored hair! It might just be the best thing you ever did!

Don't Hesitate To Do Some Research!

I am so happy to give you options of styling your Lob! There are so many ways to style lobs, but these are essential styles that every Lob wearer should know! Before you purchase a lob wig or decide to cut your hair, you can find out if the Lob hairstyle is right for you on this blog! Or, maybe you are interested in other hairstyles or colors. If so, check out more articles on Private Label Extensions Blog. There you will find many other tips, tricks, and good reads on all things hair! Feel free to comment on any different styles that have worked for you or ask questions! Now strut that confidence! Happy Styling!
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