why local marketing is crucial for your hair salon

Why Local Marketing is Crucial for your Salon!

Sell More Hair Extensions, Use Marketing!

Local Marketing is vital for small businesses to survive the competitive world we live in. Hair salons need to attract local customers as they will be the loyal clients who will revisit time and again. No matter how much advertising you do or how much you spend on it, if your local market is not aware of your salon’s existence, you may not survive the first year of business.

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The world as we know it shrinks day by day. With the degree of separation decreasing gradually, that we use the power of the internet to find local even though we’re connected globally. That is the power of the Information age that we live in right now. If you’re wondering how this is relevant to you in regards to Local Marketing, read on.

As of January 2014, over 55% of internet usage was done through mobile devices. With this increase users are searching for information that is location specific to them. That means there are more local searches being done day by day – and this can only help you with your salon.

As the mobile local search volume will overtake searches made through PCs, it is important that local businesses become connected to people on the go. If the information is found in local businesses, there is a higher probability that the consumers will shop locally. With more local searches done as this trend continues, it means that your salon has a great opportunity to take advantage of local marketing possibilities to turn this trend to your favor.

What trends are underlining the importance of Local Marketing?

  • 80% of consumers use search engines to find out relevant information locally
  • 54% of consumers use mobile phones to know the business hours for local businesses . Over 53% of internet users search for the route to the store. Half of all users search for the addresses of the stores and 45% of tablet users search for particular products a store may be stocking.
  • Half of all consumers who searched for something local on their device visited the store on the same day
  • Over 18% of all local searches done result in purchases made within the span of a day as compared to 7% of non-local searches
  • Most consumers (over 80%) want to see ads customized to their location, zip code, area code, city or surroundings.

It’s clear that consumers are searching for more subjects every day locally and are willing to shop locally provided the information is given. But recent surveys reveal that only 6% of US businesses that range from small-medium have a website that is optimized for mobile devices and over 45% don’t even have a website at all! By not having a mobile-optimized website, you could be losing up to $60,000 a year!

And with everything, time plays a huge factor in the success of these websites. If it is not optimized or takes too long to load, the user will leave the website and the shop would have potentially lost a customer.

Google My Business

Get the most from these Local Marketing tips for your Salon

  • Use Google My Business:

    One of the first things you should do for your business is to make it location specific on your website. This enables Google to find you on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google+. It also makes sure that all relevant data is up to date. Your contact information, address, phone numbers etc all need to be relevant so that whoever searches for your salon can get all the data in one search. Even the route to your salon. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?
  • Get your business listed on Yahoo LocalWorks:

    When you get signed up with Yahoo LocalWorks, your salon gets listed in over 40 sites and local directories like MapQuest, Bing, Yelp and more. Many searches are directed to these sites which hold information on local businesses like yours.
  • MOZ Local:

    Optimize your website: Make it easy for locals to find you online. You don’t need a top of the line designed website; you just need to have your contact information clearly stated so that it is easier to find where your salon is. Ensure that your business name, working hours and phone number are clearly visible on your website. Use simple and easy to read fonts so that when someone searches for you, all the required information is readily available. They can get your address and call you if they’re lost.
  • Update your website and mobile optimize it:

    You’re losing out big time if you do not have a website or if it is not compatible with mobile phones. Invest in getting that done because mobile phone local searches will account for a sizeable chunk of your business which you otherwise may lose out on. You don’t have to spend a fortune fortunately with this, there are websites that make it really easy for you as well as those who don’t charge the Earth to get it mobile optimized.

These simple technology changes will make a huge difference in driving the popularity of local marketing. Keep connecting with your community to find local customers and to keep people to stay ‘local’ for all their purchases and services.

Social Media Salon Marketing

Promoting Your Salon With These Salon Marketing Tips

Build a website

In case you don’t have one – this should be on the top of your priority list. Websites are fairly affordable. There are so many readymade templates to choose from so there’s not really much that you need to do yourself. Include all relevant contact information and other data that you feel would be needed to get people to your salon. If you don't have the time or technology background you can always check out some our hair extension websites.

Use Social Media

Social media is not just for fun or to pass time. It is a valuable marketing tool for your business that you can really utilize to make your business grow. It will connect you to an untapped reserve of potential customers that you didn’t know existed. Start off with Facebook and Twitter and before moving on to other sites like Pinterest etc. If you are printing flyers and are handing them out, add your URL, QR Code on them or on business cards. This will make your customers know you have an online presence.

Find local businesses that complement yours

You’re a hair salon – team up with the hair accessories store down the road or the fashion shop. Keep your flyers in those stores as people who go shopping for clothing and hair accessories would be the most likely candidates to get their hair done. Return the favor for their businesses to benefit from the exchange program.

Using a call-to-action to attract customers

When you are handing out flyers and placing them in strategic locations, don’t forget to add a call-to-action on them. Examples include from free consultations to discounts on their visit or even a small coupon that would offer a deal on particular services t your salon. These small offers are a great way to separate yourself from your competition and also ensure that you convert potential customers into actual paying ones. You can even offer a friend and family discount to the patrons who visit your salon.

Run promotional Events

This includes running a local competition or contest where the final prize would be something offered in your salon. This way hype is created and your customer base is widened. To really make the most of this, collect email addresses so that they can be used for emailing the users promotional offers directly.

Utilize word of mouth:

This is one of the most powerful salon marketing tools. Let your customers promote your salon for you instead of you paying exorbitant fees to get your salon noticed.

Marketing Your Hair Business

Salon marketing tools should be used to attract new potential customers but also to retain older ones. The best ways to do this is to employ the following:

Email Marketing

Send out those emails to your subscribers, patrons and other interested parties who shared their email addresses with you. This has a direct reach and is the most effective way of advertising.

Get connected via Social Media

Get to know your customers! Connect with them for feedback, suggestions or simply for them to show the love.

SMS Marketing

This is a very effective way of reaching out to people that may forget to check their emails. Everyone is never far from their phone, they can get attractive offers and special promotions as SMS’s.

Go Blogging

Write about related topics that can be connected to your salon. You can write about hair and beauty tips. Keep the posts fun and engaging by adding interesting hair stories. You can even blog about new services you offer or even testimonials. Share those posts to make it viral and increase publicity for your company.
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