long bob or pixie how to find your best hair look

Long, Bob or Pixie: How To Find Your Best Hair Look (Once And For All)

Finding The Perfect Hairstyle

Hair plays a significant role in the lives of many. We are all in search of the perfect hairstyle. Although this may seem like an easy feat with thousands of hairstyle options, it can be hard choosing the best one for you. There are so many hairstyles to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to three popular looks. Long hair, bobs, and pixie cuts are some of the most popular hairstyles out there. Let us take a look at these hairstyles and find out which one is best for you!

Things To Consider

Now before we go into detail about each style lets go over some things that you may want to consider when deciding on which hair look is best for you. It is very important that you consider these factors because it will make it easier for you to decide which look to go for. Many people don’t take into account the various factors that may come into play when choosing a new hairstyle, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!


Where are you going girl? Different hairstyles work well for various occasions. The type of hair a bride may wear at her wedding may be different than the go-to hair look of someone going to a concert. Always make sure that your hair look is appropriate for the occasion in which you are attending. The good thing about these three hair looks is they all can be dressed up or dressed down by adding accessories and playing with color.


Speaking of timing let’s take a look at why you should consider the seasons when finding your best hairstyle. You may have tried long hair in the summer or a pixie cut in the winter and vowed that the style wasn’t for you. Well to be honest the summer may have been too hot for long hair, you’re bound to be sweaty with all that hair especially if you are wearing your hair down. In the winter a short hair look may have your head freezing. However, I don’t believe that short hair is only for the summer and long hair is just for winter. You can wear a cute beanie hat in the winter to keep your head warm when outside. For the summer heat put your long hair in a cute ponytail or top knot bun. Braided styles are also a great way to tame and manage your long hair during the summer

Hair Type

Some may think that their hair type may restrict them from trying one of these hairstyles. On the contrary that is not true. Each of these hairstyles can be done on hair of various textures. If you have curly textured hair, you can straighten your hair to get a straight long, bob or pixie look. Don’t want to say bye to your curls? You don’t have to. You can wear all of these styles with curls as well. Also, let us not forget that weave and wigs even allow anyone to get any of these desired looks in any texture or color they would like.

Face Shape

Now, this is a game changer! Did you know that your face shape can make or break a hair look? Oftentimes we see someone else rocking a style, and we immediately fall in love and want to try the style as well. Unfortunately, if you have a different face shape, you may not fall in love at all. What may look good on them may look odd on you. Here is a visual breakdown of the various face shapes. Following this guide will help you figure out which hairstyles look best with your face shape.


Long hair don’t care! The long hair look allows you to look like a fairytale princess. Long hair looks are flirty, fun and very feminine. If you don’t mind combing and brushing and want your hair to blow in the wind, then the long hair look is perfect for you. This look is very versatile so if you are someone who likes to play with your hair and has the patience to do so then long hair is calling your name!


Like with all of these hair looks. The long hair look is the best when it comes to achieving curls. Due to the length, you can achieve so many various types of curls. Here are some curl looks you can achieve with long hair:
  • Hollywood Curls
  • Water Waves
  • Big Bouncy Curls


Not only can you curl this look but long hair is perfect for braids. Just like curls braids can be fun because there are so many braid styles to try. Here are some braid styles that you can achieve with long hair:

Extreme Lengths

Lately, the long hair look has been taken to the next level by those in the limelight. We see women all over social media rocking extremely long bundles, and these hair looks are to die for. Although Nicki and Cardi are known for rocking extreme long lengths, they aren’t the only celebrities rocking long hair. Let us take a look at some celebrities known for rocking the long hair trend in various ways.

Celebrities Who Rock This Look

Now Let us be honest almost every celebrity has rocked this hair look, but for some, the long hair look is their signature.


Long hair is Beyoncé’s signature hairstyle. Her long blonde tresses are always moving as the queen puts on a performance for many to watch. Queen Bey has been rocking long tresses for as long as I can remember. Even back in her days with Destiny’s Child. While other members of the girl group such as Kelly Rowland were known for rocking shorter tresses, Beyonce always rocked her long blonde golden tresses. Who says women of color can’t wear blonde? Beyonce has challenged this notion for years now and has proven it to be wrong.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is one of the most consistent when it comes to rocking long hair. She has been rocking the look for decades. A long black weave with a middle part is Campbell’s signature look. The model and her look have both become iconic. If you say, you want your hair done like Naomi Campbell everyone who knows her knows exactly what look you’re going for. It is very rare that you see Naomi Campbell not rocking the long hair look.


Cher is the pioneer when it comes to long hair. In almost every photo you google of Cher back in the 70s the singer was wearing long black hair in a middle part. Cher’s hair look has served as the inspiration for many. Even Kim Kardashian has confessed that she looks up to and mimics the fashion and hairstyle of Cher. Let’s take a look at Kim’s version of the look.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has always rocked long hair, but lately, she has been getting bold with the colors and lengths she tries. The celebrity says she is inspired by Cher and has been rocking a very long hair look with a middle part. Cher had jet-black hair while Kim has opted for more of a deep brown and switches up the color from time to time.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is like your favorite girl next door. She rocks classic long tresses sometimes straight and other times curly. Her look is ideal for those that want a lovely long hair look without the risk of extreme lengths or bold colors.

Get The Look

Now you know we had to tell you how to get this look. Girl, we’ve always got you covered! The type of hair you will purchase will depend on the texture you’d like to achieve. For those ladies daring enough to try extreme lengths we have the perfect hair extensions for you! Our Vietnamese extensions come in lengths up to 40 inches! Now that is bold! Extensions like this are very hard to find and can be very pricey. Our wholesale rates allow our 40-inch bundles to be one of the most affordable on the market. For extreme lengths like this, you will need anywhere from 4-6 bundles depending on how thick you want your hair to be and whether or not you are using a closure or frontal.


Bobs work well for both work and play. They are a classic and timeless style with plenty of remixes. Let us take a look at some of the ways you can switch your bob up.


A bold bang will leave you with a bang! Bangs are a great way to switch up your bob. They give you that Cleopatra look and have you feeling like a queen.

Bold Color

Of course, you can switch your bob up by adding a bold color. The same goes for any of these looks. Color is a great way to switch up any hair look but when it comes to bobs people are usually more willing to take more risks when it comes to coloring this look. The simplicity of the bob look balances well with bold color.


Want to add some edge to your bob look? Make it asymmetrical. An asymmetrical cut is a fresh and affordable way to add some edge to your bob look. Get bold with your cut styles. You can rock a bob with extreme length in the front and a shaved back.

Celebrities Who Rock This Look

From Rihanna, Nicki Minaj to Victoria Beckham, almost every celebrity has rocked the bob hairstyle at some point in their career. Let’s take a look at how some of your favorite celebrities have rocked the bob look and made it a classic style.


We’ve seen celebrity music and hair icons Rihanna and Nicki Minaj both rock the look. Rihanna rocked an asymmetrical bob during her Good Girl Gone Bad era. Her daring short black bob with a long side bang was the look that marked her transition from a good girl to a bad chick. Later on, Rihanna decided to dye her bob a bold, fiery red color and everyone still loved it!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj took symmetry to new lengths with her over the top and beautifully dramatic bob. The bob was short in the back but extremely long in the front. Nicki Minaj has also rocked a classic black bob with bangs and has played with color by coloring her bob blonde with green highlights. Needless to say the rappers hair switch up game is nice.

Victoria Beckham

For those wanting to try a classic bob look, Victoria Beckham is who you should be watching. The artist and designer rocks a classic short and posh bob that screams class. Her bob is a nice brown with light blonde highlights. Victoria Beckham always looks like she means business with this hair look.

Get The Look

Almost any of our hair extensions will help you achieve this look. The extensions in which you purchase all depend on your color and texture preference. For a classic bob, any of our straight hair extensions will work. For this look, I recommend lengths ranging from 10-14inches. You can play around with longer lengths in the front and shorter in the back. If you want to have some fun, try going blonde with our Russian Blonde tresses or an all gray bob with our Brazilian Gray Body Wave. If you want a curly version of this look try our Brazilain Kinky Curly extensions. You can even wear this look wet for a nice wet bob look. If you already have a bob haircut but would like to add some volume to it try adding in our clip in or tape in extensions.


Pixie cuts give off a fun and playful vibe and bring out the beauty of your face. They are a great look to play with color and require minimal styling as well.

Celebrities Who Rock This Look

When many celebrities do the big chop, they go for this look. The look is edgy and short yet still very feminine. Let's take a look at some celebrities who have rocked the look.


Once again Rihanna is on the list for celebrities rocking these hair looks. The Bajan Queen takes bold leaps not only when it comes to fashion but when it comes to hair as well. I always have my eyes on her. The world loves watching her because you never know what to expect and that is why I admire her as well. Rihanna first showed the world her new daring pixie cut back in 2012 at the MTV Music Video awards. She showed up with a beautiful white gown, a bold red lip, and a classic black pixie cut look. Needless to say, the look went viral. The pixie cut hair look showed us the beauty of her face. I loved the look so much that I showed it to my cousin who was a hairstylist and recreated the look. Later on, Rihanna started playing with the colors and bangs of her pixie look. Here are a few of our favorite pixie cut styles on Rihanna.


Don’t sleep on Zendaya! Zendaya is another celebrity who is not afraid of switching up hair looks, and she looks so gorgeous doing so. She has rocked the look in both brown and blonde and has added some highlights to spice it up. She rocks the pixie look so effortlessly. Here are some of her best pixie cut moments.

Halle Berry

Just like how I cannot talk about long hair without mentioning Cher, I cannot talk about the pixie cut without mentioning Halle Berry. Halle Berry is the one who made this hairstyle famous. Like Cher and Naomi, Halle has been rocking the same look for decades, and it remains timeless. Her pixie cut is perfect for those who want a natural and simple looking haircut. I believe this look allowed the world to fall in love with her beauty. Let's take a look at how Halle has consistently rocked variations of this look over the years.

Get The Look

The pixie cut look can be achieved by trimming your tresses very low and styling them. I highly recommend that you get a professional to do this because this is one of those styles that you don't want to mess up. Now you may be afraid of going for this look because you don't want to cut your hair at all. The truth is you do not need to cut your hair to have a pixie cut look; I know this from experience. A quick weave or a wig can easily be used to get this look. What I love about pixie cut quick weaves and wigs is that they are very affordable. When I recreated this look with a quick weave, the hair only cost me $10! I was even able to get a student discount on top of that. The type of hair that you will need is a 27-piece. This type of weave works best with short hair weave looks. When I wore this look with a wig, the wig was about $20! Now those are some good deals. What I love most is that the beauty supply store offers so many different colors of pixie cut weave and wig styles. I have tried everything from pink, blue, purple, red, gray, auburn and of course classic black. The pixie cut options in the beauty supply store come in almost every single color you can imagine. They even offer a rainbow rendition of the hair look! I have also rocked the pixie look all three ways from wigs to quick weaves to cutting my natural hair, and they all work well, it all depends on you!

Can’t Choose? Join The Wig Life!

Now although I love and have tried all of these styles I know for some of you it still may be hard to choose. Can’t choose? Don’t worry; you don’t have to if you choose to join the wig life. Like we previously mentioned wigs are a great way to switch up your look. Check out our various quality virgin hair wigs. You can get the long hair or bob look with one of our frontal wigs. Our wigs come in lengths so there will surely be a length for you.

Maintenance & Functionality

If you’re someone who has a very active and workout hairstyle, then you may want to choose a hairstyle or a version of one of these styles that is low maintenance. One easy way to always have a low maintenance and functional style even when you workout often is to sport a wig. Wigs allow you access to your scalp which means you have access to your scalp and can remove sweat and odors that may linger after working out. Save money on numerous installs by getting a wig. Wigs last long and don’t require a salon visit or re-install. If you want to save some coins, then you can make a wig yourself using hair from our bundle deals selection.

Long, Bob or Pixie?

So now that we’ve gone over these three popular hairstyles which one will it be? Will you go for the long hair don’t care look? Are you the type to join the bob life or will you be daring and go for a pixie cut? How will you rock the look, will you go with your natural tresses, opt for a weave or join the wig life? Are you daring and bold enough to play with color like some of the celebrities mentioned? We want to know which look you’ll be rocking. Let us know in the comments!
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