take a look inside your favorite wholesale hair company

Take a Look Inside Your Favorite Wholesale Hair Company!

We Love the Hair Extension Business!

Hello, 2017! It has been a busy few weeks inside the Private Label Extensions office. The hair team is always up to something good. Our goal is to continue to offer the best pricing and quality wholesale hair extensions in Atlanta and the United States. We feel it is important that our customers can get an inside look at our growing hair company. Let's take a look at what has been going on this year.


Your Wholesale Hair Extension Team!

The team is always in training. Learning is a huge part of what we feel makes us successful in the hair industry. Our technology is always getting better which really helps improve efficiency and customer service.

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Stylists are always bringing their latest custom made wigs to show us their new color or style techniques. We really appreciate the creativity involved in wig making.


Local stylists will often stop by to sew together some wigs for their clients. How beautiful do those Russian Blonde Hair Extensions look? Yasss!


Mikey and the team are in it to win it! The phones are ringing off the hook with questions and we have the answers. Give us a call so we can work together in the hair business!


In the last few years, we have learned a lot about the hair business. True entrepreneurs love to share their information to help make others better. We are creating the first hair business podcast to help others be more successful in the hair business.


The hair team does spend a lot of time packing hair extension orders. Did you know we manage over 200 online stores with our hair extension dropshipping program? It is really the easiest way to get your brand launched cost effectively.


This has to be the most photographed hair display ever! Customers love to come in and take photos of the beautiful hair perfectly displayed with our top quality hair extension stands.


More training! We are really serious about the entire team being very well educated in all aspects of the hair business. It is so important to have a knowledgeable staff with the ability to help our wholesale clients grow their business.


We are always looking at new products! There are so many different types of styles, lengths, and colors but what are really great products? It is crucial that all the hair passes our hair extension testing procedures.


Checking it twice! Yes, we double check and photograph every single order that leaves our showroom. If you or a customer have a question about an order we can always go back and see if there was an error. This helps alleviate customer service issues with the best shipping procedures.


Private Label Extensions is dedicated to setting the bar as a great wholesale hair supplier. Our team is always looking to improve our business as well as the business of our clients. There are many benefits of working with a USA based hair extension supplier. If you are just starting out or maybe have been in the hair business for years, we feel we can find a way to work together and do great business.


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