looks of 2017 that set the internet on fire

Breaking the Web: Looks of 2017 That Set The Internet on Fire

The Internet Is Hot with Hair!

2017 was a hot year for hair!

Everyone from celebrities, influencers, and the girl down the block were all rocking hot hairstyles and showcasing them on the internet. The internet caught on fire with beautifully filtered selfies of girls rocking amazing hairstyles.

2017 was the year where mini hair videos became popular especially on Instagram. 60-second transformation of girls putting on their lace frontals had us all glued to our phone and computer screens.

Amongst all the hair heat here are some of the looks that set the internet on fire.



When it comes to hair trends, celebrities always set the standard.

This year many female artists went viral not only for their music but for their hair. From well-known celebrities like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj to new sensations like Cardi B. and Amara La Negra, let’s check out their hair looks along with some other fire styles.


Rihanna Paper Magazine Hair

Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna! 2017 was the year Rihanna took the beauty world by storm with her debut makeup line Fenty Beauty.

Rihanna also graced the March cover of Paper Magazine with an edgy fashion editorial. The artist rocked various girly grunge looks.

What made more of a statement was her hair. Rihanna rocked three very distinct and edgy looks. She rocked a deep emerald green long bob with a bang and a candy-like lilac colored synthetic ponytail. Her ponytail looked like cotton candy. She also rocked an orange rendition of the synthetic ponytail look.

The look that had everyone doing a double turn was her third hair look. The artist rocked green spiked hair that looked like cones on her head.

She has always been known to take risks with her looks especially when it comes to hair and fashion, Rihanna pushes borders. The editorial went viral with people commenting and creating memes of her hair.

Everyone loved it and admitted that only Rihanna could pull off such a look.





Cardi B’s Blonde Bob

2017 was Cardi B’s year, from her number one hit “Bodak Yellow” to her engagement with rapper Quavo, Cardi B was always trending on the internet and so was her hair.

The female rapper is known for switching up her hair frequently and rocks a variety of looks with confidence.


This year one look that stuck out was her blonde bob which she rocked at the 2017 BET Awards. You can get a similar look with our Russian blonde extensions and a closure.

What made the look even better was her outfit choice! Her red fitted pants suit took her to look to a whole other level! The contrast between her red outfit and blonde tresses made a statement on the red carpet. The images were seen all over fashion and hair publications, and her fans retweeted and reposted.

Cardi B wasn’t the only one rocking blonde bob at the BET Awards. Tamar, Blac Chyna, and Karrueche all rocked the blonde bob look making blonde the new black. This proves that blonde hair was such a fire look in 2017!

Many women with darker skin tones have been making bold statements with blonde hair which leads us to our next look...


Blonde Weave on Dark Skinned Women

Being dark skin has always been a controversial issue.

What has been even more controversial is dark skin women wearing bold and fun hair colors.

Having such styles has been seen as somewhat taboo for women of darker tones. Dark skin women all over the internet are proving that this notion is wrong, especially when it comes to blonde hair.


Dark skin influencers like Kehinde Smith (@kehinde_smith) and Dez (@dezaffilated) have gone viral making bold statements online with their blonde tresses.

The two dark skin beauties advocated that dark skin girls can wear any hair color and look amazing in it. They proved this by posting their beautiful selfies and photos with blonde tresses on their Instagram pages.

Dark skinned girls from all over the world connected with their message.

Their photos were reposted all over the world, and their social media followings grew significantly by the tens of thousands. Kehinde is referred to online as “Your Melanin Godmother” while Dez started a dark skin empowerment movement and clothing line “Too Dark For Who.”

Needless to say, both influencers are using their hair and their influence to make a change, and many are following them because of it.



Lemonade/ Fulani Braids

Hands down, Beyonce aka Queen Bey is the leader of this trend, yet even she got this look from somewhere else.

This look derives from the Fulani tribe of West Africa. The Fulani women are apart of a nomadic tribe that rocks their hair like this all the time, and now women in the U.S. are following suit.

There is no exact set way to achieve this look. The braids are usually small art like cornrows decorated with beads for a tribal look. This is the perfect summer look especially for those trying to get in touch with their roots.

To achieve this look, you can use your real hair or synthetic braiding hair. You can get this at your local beauty supply store for a reasonable price. Getting someone to braid your hair in this way may be hard because the braids are elaborate.

A great idea would be to look for women of West African descent in your local neighborhood and ask them if they may know how to achieve this look. Many women of West African descent learn the art of braiding at a very young age so they may be able to recreate this look for you.

If this is not an option for you, well, thank goodness for the internet! This hair look was so popular that many bloggers and YouTubers created how-to tutorials on this look. The look can be hard to achieve, so some created easier renditions of the look with pigtails and ponytails that required less braiding.



Nicki Minaj’s Pink Lemonade Braids

Nicki Minaj created a futuristic rendition of the Lemonade/ Fulani braids. She rocked almost floor-length pink braids in the “Motorsport” music video. Immediately the look went viral with fans everywhere gawking at the elaborate art like hair look.

Everyone was wondering if the look was a wig or braids attached to her scalp? I guess the world will never know.

The internet coined the hairstyle “Pink Lemonade Braids” because the look was a remix of Beyonce’s signature lemonade braids, they were longer and pink, so they were coined as pink lemonade.


Unicorn Hair

Nicki Minaj wasn’t the only one going viral for fun hair color. Girls all around the world were having fun not just rocking one hair color but up to three or four with their unicorn hair look.

Unicorns are everyone’s favorite mythical creature so much that Apple even created a unicorn emoji!

The mythical creature has recently been brought back to life through unicorn hair. The hair look consists of multiple pastel colors blended into each other creating fantasy like hair look.

The look has gone viral all over the internet especially Instagram and Tumblr, where many unicorn and hair lovers alike have reposted the image with unicorns in the caption.

A great way to recreate this look is with our Russian Blonde hair extensions. These extensions are perfect because they can easily be dyed multiple colors.

I highly recommend using extensions for this look so that you don’t damage your hair. Adding so many bold colors at once can be a lot for your hair to handle.


Super Long Weave

With celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. rocking long tresses, it seems like the whole internet followed suit.

The long hair trend took off as soon as Nicki Minaj posted a video rocking long almost ankle-length tresses while on her way to Prague.

Everyone has been going to extremes to get this look. The thing is that long quality bundles can be so hard to find, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

We offer extended bundle lengths up to 40 inches here at Private Label. Our raw Vietnamese extensions along with one of our frontals or closures will help you recreate this look with ease.

Due to these tresses being super long, make sure to purchase 4-5 bundles for a full look. You can check out some of our favorite long weave styles in our article “The 40’ inch Long Hair Craze Everyone is Loving” and get some more inspiration.




Lace Wigs

Girl, get you a frontal! The realistic look of lace wigs is what makes them go viral.

The before and after transformations are addicting especially the video tutorials on social media. If you’re like me, you love changing your look. These wigs are great for drastic hair changes.

I will never forget my first lace wig experience. My wig was from Private Label Extensions, and I loved it. I rocked it during my trip to New York Fashion Week and needless to say it was a hit!

Everyone thought my hair looked real! Little did they know, I was rocking a bald cut underneath. Talk about a transformation!


I’ve been rocking various colored lace wigs ever since.

These wigs are so addicting, and that's why they set the internet on fire. The look is so popular on the internet that there are even popular go-to captions for it.

Captions such as “What frontal!?” is often used to reemphasize the realistic look of lace wigs.

Social media goes crazy when it comes to a lace wig.

Not only are there numerous captions there are multiple hashtags for the style too. Hashtags such as #whatfrontal #frontalslay all-cause selfies of lace wigs to go viral, and people are always searching these hashtags so they can choose which lace wig style they will rock next!


Natural Hair

The natural hair used to be taboo especially in corporate America as well as the entertainment industry.

With celebrities like Issa Rae and Yara Shahidi stealing the spotlight on television with their natural tresses, many are following suit. They are proving that you no longer need a cookie-cutter hair look to make it as a Black woman on television.

More influencers are rocking their natural hair in between their sponsored weave videos, and their followers are also doing the same. Pictures of girls wearing their natural hair are getting attention especially the ones whose hair we don’t get to see often.

These photos embracing their natural hair are garnering almost more likes than the images of them with fake hair. Post a bomb natural hair photo with an empowering caption, and you’ve got viral potential.

Many influencers like Ronekraji (@Ronkeraji) and Monica (@Monicastylemuse) posted inspiring videos talking about the challenges they faced with their natural hair.

Many of their followers wrote them heartfelt comments and dm’s thanking them for their bravery and saying that they have helped them to embrace their natural hair.




Amara La Negra’s Fro

Last but not least when it comes to hair looks that set the internet on fire I cannot forget the internet’s latest it girl, Amara La Negra. From her bold personality to her bold hair, what is there not to love about this amazing Afro-Latina woman?

The singer recently gained fans when she stood up to her producer for trying to get her to change her fro to a more “commercial look.” She proved her point by saying that she can still rock her fro and make it in the music industry.

Well, she was right! Her statement has garnered her many fans worldwide, and her Instagram following has now surpassed a million.


The new year has just begun, and Amara is already switching it up for us by rocking a variety of new looks aside from her beloved afro. From pixie cuts, long black hair to short bob’s the songstress rocks a variety of styles beautifully proving that she has a versatile look.

Amara is using her platform to let women all over the world know that they can be beautiful with any look! The internet is always set on fire with every post she makes.



Which Fire Will You Choose?

It is easy to say that 2017 was a great year for hair, especially on the internet. With the rise of social media and the rise of influencers, hair was everywhere!

From natural hair to fake hair people were embracing it all. The internet became a safe place for intimate hair discussions. Many are breaking out the mold and now have the confidence to try out bolder hair looks.

We just went over so many fire looks, and I am curious to know which one is your favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Also, set the internet on fire with your hair looks this year and tag us @Privatelabelextensions!

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