how to lose a hair client in 60 seconds

Things to Avoid: How to Lose a Hair Client in 60 seconds

What Are First Impressions Anyway?

First impression - first consideration or judgment. We all form an opinion about someone almost immediately after meeting them, right? Research shows potential clients form their views within the first minute of meeting you or your brand. So, as a stylist, how can you ensure your brand is taken care of in all areas for the best first impression you ask? Be sure that you are not practicing any of these habits listed below in your business. If so you will be sure to lose a client in 60 seconds or less!

Self Perception is the Best Perception

How are you presenting yourself?

Although we do not want to admit it, if someone's appearance is not up to par we do not take them seriously. Is it right? Not necessarily, but it happens, so you must be sure that your appearance is together when meeting your clients. Being in the beauty industry, you are a walking build board for your business and brand.

Attitude much?

Never underestimate the vibes you are giving off as you are speaking to potential clients. Your attitude is just as important as your practical skill, appearance, and your knowledge. A friendly smile, a caring environment, and a positive approach will create a welcoming space. Never allowing personal issues to play a factor in your attitude toward your clients or you'll lose a client. Keep it polite, peaceful, and professional. The overall experience of speaking with you before any bookings or purchases will determine rather you will losing a client in 60 seconds or gaining one!

On the Outside Looking In

Your Marketing is inconsistent

First impressions aren't just about your appearance and attitude; it's also about logos, business cards, and websites, it's about the interaction with your brand. Customers interact with your company numerous times without stepping foot into your place of business, creating a professional image for your brand and consistently reinforcing the image across all marketing channels helps to ensure these impressions have a positive impact.

Not having Business Cards, yes they’re still important!

The more businesses become digital; the fewer business cards are seen to be as a source of communication. They can offer a lot and still are essential for your business. Business cards provide tangible information for others. Should someone want to hire you at a later date after meeting you in person, a business card will help ensure they have your information on hand. Be sure to include your business name, location, contact number, and logo on your business cards. When designing your card, ensure the colors, font, etc. are cohesive with your other marketing material.

Not having a Website

Living in the digital world, we are in today; it is essential for your business rather big or small to have an online presence. Having a website can help accomplish different marketing strategies that will help your business grow. The web has proven to have far more reach than word of mouth. Sites are also known for giving a business “credibility.” By building a website, you a providing a platform to put your business's best foot forward while having testimonials and facts back up the information provided. Be sure that you are focusing on your SEO and cohesiveness to your brand! Your online presence is seen first, not having a cohesive look and tone can confuse your potential clients.

You Need a Brand, Not Just A Logo

Your brand is the emotion behind what someone feels or sees when they interact with your company on any level. It's is an emotional experience, at the core. Your logo is your business identification in the simplest form, a recognizable mark or symbol. You must understand how to market your companies perception with your company’s goals, leading to making informed branding decisions that will endure and remain timeless. You must create a positive perception through, concise, clear, consistent communication throughout all marketing material. Without the ability to create this experience for your clients, you will more than likely be sure to lose prospective clients in 60 seconds.

Communication is Always The Key

Hello, is anyone there? Communication, please!

Not keeping in touch with your client consistently is a viable way of losing your client in 60 seconds. Inform your clients of progress or contact them when there's an issue going on! When your clients don't hear from you, they think you have forgotten about them or their orders, products, appointment. The No. 1 complaint clients have with business owners is they don't keep in touch. They fail to regularly inform clients of progress or contact them when there's a problem. Be sure to call or email your clients throughout the entire process. Also, answer your clients' questions or concerns promptly no matter how small or insignificant you may think it is.

Time Is Money and Money Is Time!

Time is valuable for everyone, we all know things happen, but be sure to have back up plans set in place for unforeseen circumstances. If you are backed up on orders, be sure to inform your client, being kept in the dark about those things will cause more issues. Overbooked and running late, tell your client, offer a discount, and try to reschedule for another date and time. If your client does not feel that their time is valuable, they are more than likely to find a competitor who does.

How much did you say that cost?

Being vague about your cost of prices and services can deter a potential client from working with you. Have a clear, concise, pricing menu including everything regarding your services and products. Do not hesitate to ask your potential client to be specific about what they are looking for in your initial conversation.

Pricing yourself out of the market

Understanding your ideal client (target market) and brand is the roadmap to understanding the right price point for your products and services. You don’t want to over or underprice yourself ever. You will have to put in the work in finding out how much your target market is willing to spend and how much of a profit margin you will desire! For an example of how to do this, check out our blog post on properly running a home salon.

The Bottom Line

As a professional in the beauty industry, you’re in a unique line of business. You make your clients look and feel fabulous with the products and services you provide. They are trusting you to make them look good, and they deserve your full attention and talents. Maintaining a positive experience for each client will reward both you and your clients, personally and professionally. Ensuring you aren't doing the things listed above will help you not to lose a client in 60 seconds! If you have any other situations, I may have missed. Please comment below! If you have been a customer who has been on the receiving end of bad customer service, tell us about your experience! May your best hair days be ahead of you!
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