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Bath Bombs to Hair Care: Lush’s Cosmetics Endless Hair Treatment Line

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Bath Bombs to Hair Care: Lush’s Cosmetics Endless Hair Treatment Line

Treat yourself to More than Facial Products

If you’re tired of searching on the shelves for hair products that don’t seem to work with your hair, it’s time to invest in another brand. Not new to the beauty and healthcare scene, Lush Cosmetics offers hair products for all hair types to enjoy.

Lush Cosmetics has Something for Everyone

When it comes to beauty, your skin and hair are a top priority.

LUSH is becoming a one-stop shop for all things natural and cleansing, not just for your skin but also for your hair. The shelves of LUSH Cosmetics are known for being stocked with the latest skin care regimes and bath bombs. There’s a hidden gem with the beauty company, however, and it’s hair products that everyone can use.

Not just targeting one specific hair type, LUSH cosmetics has a product that works for any need or concern you have for your hair. Coining themselves as “The Haircare Bunch,” LUSH cosmetics releases products in confidence that it will restore, define, and keep your hair in top condition.


Lush Does Their Research

What makes Lush’s hair products different from the rest? Their Co-founder, Mark Constantine, is a qualified trichologist.

A trichologist is someone who studies the hair and scalp. This helps LUSH cosmetics to perfect their methods on what will work for hair. With products that help with boosting strength, volume, moisture, scalp irritations, as well as frizziness and dryness.

The Options are Endless

No matter the condition or state of your hair, Lush cosmetics has the solution for you.

With products ranging from shampoos, conditioners, shampoo bars, hair masks, and styling treatments, all your hair needs are in one place. Indulging in innovations like shampoo bars, these come in handy when you’re on the go and need to repair or cleanse your hair away from home.

Resembling the likes of a bar of soap, the shampoo bar is convenient in size and specialty.


Which Product is Right for your Hair Needs?

With an assortment of shampoo bars and conditioners, each product works for a specific need.

With years of studying the scalp as well as keeping up with the hair trends, Lush works to get it right. The shampoo bars were a way to help eliminate the use of preservatives and plastic bottles when washing your hair.

Some of the options for the shampoo and conditioner:

Shampoo Options

  • New works specifically on fine hair
  • Soak and Float works for dry and itchy scalps
  • Trichomania solid shampoo works to nourish and soften the hair

Conditioner Options

  • Big helps to boost the volume of the hair
  • Jungle helps to increase shine and softness of the hair


The Hair Doctor is Here to Help

Lush’s products match its scientific expertise and shows throughout each hair product they offer.

One main product the hairline offers is “The Hair Doctor.” This product works to revive damaged hair. One significant difference between Lush’s hair treatment and other brands is that it’s a fresh mask. The treatment needs to be stored in the refrigerator to stay fresh and allow all of the ingredients to work through your scalp and hair.

Made with natural elements like Irish moss, extra virgin coconut oil, and almond oil the mask soothes irritation and helps with new growth.

Lush loves Curly Hair

Keeping up with the latest trends, Lush offers “Big” and “Curly Wurly” shampoos that give your hair a fresh look.

Compared to a new beach day, the shampoos come with sea salt which works as a natural preservative. The shampoos work to add volume to every type of curly hair. The Curly Wurly shampoo has explicitly extra virgin coconut oil and desiccated coconut to keep curls bouncy and full of life.


There’s Something for Vegans

What doesn’t Lush offer? The company operates as an animal-friendly company; their hair products are no different.

For some people, it can be frustrating finding beauty alternatives that fit their animal-free lifestyle; Lush provides the solution. Offering both vegan shampoos and conditioners, the company has worked for years to perfect its methods and products.

Lush uses a seaweed alternative that provides a softening effect to the hair when the products are applied.

Styling Products are Vegan Too

The animal-friendly products don’t end with the shampoo and conditioner; Lush makes styling gels for the vegan lifestyle as well. The creators of the styling products perfected their methods and created two products for consumers:

Dirty Styling Cream -

This product helps give your hair a sleek hold when styling

Mr. Dandy’s Hair Candy -

This product is a lightweight styling cream that adds volume and helps to hold your hair in place without weighing your hair down.

If you’re looking for color, Lush also provides a henna solution that contains harmless die and essential oils, along with conditioning cocoa butter. This product doesn’t dry your hair out and leaves it full of volume and shine.

Nearly 85% of Lush’s hair products are vegan and can be located in-store or online with the “V” symbol.

Additional Hair Products by Lush to Check Out

Check out a few additional products from Lush to add to your wishlist:

R&B Hot oil treatment:

If you have dry and frizzy hair, this Lush product will help control the frizz and flyaways. With ingredients like organic avocado butter, oatmeal, and olive oil it helps to soften the hair. The treatments come in multiple scents and work best on ethnic and curly hair.

Avocado Cowash:

Keep your hair and scalp clean with one product. With fresh avocado, cocoa butter, and shine-enhancing cider vinegar helps to revive curls and tame frizz. This product is an excellent balance of hydrating and cleansing.

Seaspray spritz for Body and Hold:

Add the finishing touch to your hair routine with Lush’s lightweight hold spray. It’s a vegan-friendly product and infused with orange flower and rosewood for a great smell and light hold.


Good Hair Days Are on The Way

Lush is solving hair problems and catering to hair needs one product at a time.

There’s something for every person to choose from no matter their hair type or hair concern. Continually adding to their all-star line up of products, Lush takes the interests of every person that walks into their “Hair Lab” and formulates the perfect ingredients to provide a great hair experience.

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