4 ways to make your curls last

4 Ways To Make Your Curls Last

In the past few years, I have noticed more people just simply not having time to do a lot of things. Especially, when it comes to hair. Some people stopped making time. Most were looking for styles that a low maintenance. In result of that, the world started to see an increase in weaves, women with super short hair and dreadlocks returned. But even our natural sisters who rock the curly fro are looking to cut down their hair time without cutting their hair. They want the style but not the time that goes into it! Some think having natural hair requires a lot of time to maintain, but it doesn’t. Here are four ways to preserve your curls, longer. You can be sure your hair routine is about to get a lot easier and faster with the guarantee of long lasting curls.

1. A Pineapple

Doing a pineapple is my favorite method. This technique is more geared towards women who have longer hair. The way to achieve this is by flipping your head downward so that all your hair can fall forward. Then, you would either want to tie your hair up using a loose ponytail holder or place a scarf around your head, so it keeps your hair up. It may be best to lean towards the scarf method so that you don’t end up with any indents from the ponytail holder. Doing a pineapple is super simple because when it comes time for you to take your hair down, just release the scarf or holder, shake your head a few times and boom, you’re off to start the day! Also, this method is great when preserving a flexi rod style! Because who wants to go another night while wearing flexi rods, or even perm rods! This way, you only have to set your hair one night, and then for the duration of the style, just pineapple it up!

2. Twist Out

Styling your hair in a twist out will never get old. It may be one of the few styles you can do, where it can be turned into so many different looks! Talk about a super versatile look for literally any occasion! Normally, when doing a regular twist out, it’s done on wet hair and twisted in small to medium sizes. Once taken down, the first-day hair normally produces a tight twist. Now, to preserve the twist, just re-twist but do much larger sections. The great thing about this method is that each day you unravel the twist; they will give you more volume. More volume means bigger fro’ ladies! Even twisting small will sort of give the same effect but once again, you lose time. Because the hair is already curly, the larger twist protects it. Also, there’s no need to add any more product to your twist unless your hair is dry. So, if you’re all moisturized and twisted up, throw a bonnet on and call it a night! In the morning, unravel, pick and go!

3. Pin Curls

Pin curls have to be one of the oldest hairstyles ever or maybe after sponge rollers. But it’s a style that you really can’t go wrong with! Pin curls always produce such a nice soft curl. There are many times when women get their hair curled at the salon then go home and realized they don’t know how to preserve it going forward. Well, pin curls would for sure be your go-to method to help keep the curls just as they are. You would want to section the hair in medium parts, grab the tip of the hair and begin to roll the hair in a circular motion going up towards the scalp. Once at the scalp, you would lay the circled curl flat down and then secure with a bobby pin. Some people prefer to use a bonnet to cover their hair, but I suggest a regular satin scarf, so the curls stay in place. Once you’re ready to take down, just slip the bobby pin out, and your beautiful curls will bounce back in place! No more going to the hair salon every Friday or putting unnecessary heat on your hair. If you're still stuck on how to get the perfect pin curls, there are loads of tutorials available.

4. Wash n’ Go

Wash n’ go literally means just that! You wash your hair and GO! Of course, adding some hair product and a couple passes with your comb. To preserve these special curls, I would recommend two methods.

The Banding Method

The first one is “banding.” The banding method will allow your hair to be super stretched without losing the curl pattern. To achieve this, you would grab a bunch of hair bands, I suggest using the fabric bands that are used on children because they are soft and will also protect the curl without indents. You’re simply going to make medium sections, wrap a band around the hair like a ponytail, and continue that process on that same section. So, each section should have at least two hair bands, depending on the length of hair. Once you’re ready to take your hair down, just fluff and go.

Use A Bonnet

The second method I recommend would be to just simply throw a large bonnet over your hair! When you’re ready to take down, the curls should look slightly matted, since wash n’ go curls are super tight. You will then just lightly spritz water throughout your hair. Lastly, pick for fluffiness and shake your head a little bit and you’re done! We all know that time management is important and we’re all looking for ways to simplify most of the things we’re doing. I like to use the phrase “work smarter, not harder.” That statement can literally be applied to anything, even down to how you style your hair. Most times we’re doing way more than we need to because we don’t know any other way. Hair is beautiful, but it also can be time-consuming, if you let it. So, with these 4 steps on preserving your hairstyles longer, you should be able to incorporate them into your hair routine. You can now continue to be beautiful, in half the time!
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