10 makeup products to use for your hair

10 Makeup Products To Use For Your Hair

Double The Use Of Your Makeup Go-To's to Slay Your Next Hairstyle

We all love products that can pull double duty. Hello, coconut oil!

When we have products in our cabinets that are multipurpose not only can we save money but also bring new life to our old ways. We can especially upgrade our hairstyle by using makeup and beauty products we have in our cosmetics drawer.

Take your hair game to new levels of slaying with these ten makeup products you probably already have handy in your home.


Easy Ways to Help You Slay

#1 Mascara For Flyaways

Have you ever succeeded in creating the perfect sleek style and then you have a ton of flyaways ruining your look?

You do not have to worry about flyaways with this hair hack. Only use a small amount of mascara to tame flyaways. For an array of different hair colors, you can also use brow gel for the same effect.

Mascara and brow gel are common tools almost every girl has available in her makeup bag. Now you have more than one reason to use your favorite shade.

For more edge in your hairstyle, you can experiment with fantasy colored mascara such as purples and blues.


#2 Makeup Brush Curling Wand

If you do not have an excellent curling wand but want those cascading curls, you can just use something you have on hand such as a makeup brush.

Ensure that the makeup brush you use is a metal one and not plastic to avoid damaging your hair or ruining your brush. Section hair in half and secure one half of your hair. With the other half, secure it with a clip and work in small sections.

Take a small section of hair and wrap it around your metal makeup brush. Using a flat iron, carefully press the plates for a few seconds against your hair around the makeup brush. Let your hair cool slightly and pull the makeup brush from your hair.

Repeat throughout your entire head of hair. You will be left with gorgeous curls for practically free by using a tool already in your kit. This hack is especially useful for when you travel or go on vacation.

You will have fewer items to pack and more room for souvenirs and clothes!


#3 Translucent Powder To Rid of Oil

Your favorite translucent powder does not just help you get rid of oils in your T-zone but can also aid in getting rid of oils in your hair!

The loose translucent powder in your makeup bag can act as a dry shampoo when you do not have access to one, or you do not have the time to wash your hair.

Just dust a small amount of translucent powder on your roots or on any section of your hair that is too oily. A little goes a long way. Rub in the powder to rid of any excess and viola!

Your hairstyle can last longer with this hair care hack. This hack can also take out the extra sheen of your hair extensions. Be careful not to use too much as to not contribute to buildup, but this hair care hack helps when you do not have time for a full-on wash day!


#4 Eyeshadow For No-Bleach Color

Add a little edge to your hair with some color. Maintain the health of your hair with this no-bleach hair color hack.

With the many varieties of eyeshadow types, you have options on how to color your hair whether you are going for an ombre look or desiring to add in highlights. With pressed powder eyeshadows, take the tin the eyeshadow is in and press it against a small section of your hair. You can smooth the color with your fingers.

Finish with some hairspray for your color to last all day or night. One hair wash in the shower, and your canvas is blank to try another color. You can even use the same technique with gel textured eyeshadows. For my raven-haired beauties, try using a small amount of eyeshadow primer on your tresses before applying the eyeshadow for vibrant color.

Again, seal with hairspray or makeup setting spray to ensure your new rocker look lasts. This hack is perfect for girl’s night, date night or just expressing yourself through hair color without the commitment.

Who doesn’t love that?!


#5 Concealer To Blend Wigs

A little concealer can go a long way from brightening up you're under eyes to concealing blemishes.

You can now add one more duty to this magical tool, and that is blending your skin with your wigs. The idea behind this hack is to make sure that the front portion of your wig matches flawlessly with your skin especially if you have a part.

Typically, the concealer you use matches to the color of your scalp. Taking a small makeup brush, dab a tiny amount of your favorite concealer on the area where your wig frontal meets the top of your head. Blend the line to give a more natural look.

You could also add a tiny amount of pressed powder to seal the concealer.

Now your parts look beautifully natural and ready to slay!


#6 Liner For Fuller Baby Hairs

Something about baby hairs can just pull a hairstyle together and make it look effortless.

If you have luscious baby hairs, then you can skip to the next hack. For those of us that could use a little umph to our hairs, this hack is perfect. Since you are probably already using a brow liner to snatch those Instagram-worthy brows, you can add one more use of your brow liner.

Style your hair as usual whether in an updo or with your favorite extensions and then style your baby hairs. You can use a small brush and gel to set your hairs in place. Once you have done that, take your brow liner (or any brown eyeliner will work as well) and make small “wisps” along the edge of your hairline.

The lighter the pressure you apply with the liner will create a more natural hair-like look. Fill in baby hairs as much as desired. Add a small amount of gel to seal the look or smooth out any hairs you may have missed.

Now your style is complete, and those baby hairs are popping!


#7 Highlighter Is Not Just For Cheeks

Yes! That is correct! Your highlighter that keeps those cheeks on fleek can also be used to add shimmer and shine to your tresses.

Let your hair shine with a highlighter that matches your skin and walk into any room feeling like the goddess that you are! Depending on the type of highlighter you own will determine the way you can apply it to your hair.

For pressed-powder or potted highlighters, you can use the same method as with the eyeshadow hack by pressing small sections of hair against the pot or palette. Do not forget to seal with hairspray or makeup setting spray. For liquid or cream highlighters, you can use your finger to apply your desired amount to small sections of your hair.

Transform your hair with tints of gold or illuminate every room with bold streaks of silver and rose gold! Shining is no longer only for the summer time!


#8 Lip Balm As Your On-The-Go Smoothing Cream

We all know the limitless ways you can use your lip balm. Here is one more way to get the most out of your go-to product.

Use your favorite lip balm as a smoothing cream for flyaways and updos. Nothing ruins an updo like a bun or pineapple than those rouge strands.

A few swipes of lip balm onto your strands will keep them in place all day long and warrant you a ton of compliments on your flawless style.

Smooth lips and smooth hair sound like a recipe for awesome if you ask me!


#9 Serums! Bring On Shine And Nutrients

Serums are wonderful to seal moisture to your face with a dewy finish.

The same nutrients and sheen can add luster to your strands. As you add your daily serum to your skin use the remainder on your hands and run it through your hair.

This hack is primarily for your natural hair instead of your extensions. The nutrients can penetrate your hair’s cuticles and improve the health of your hair.

A little shine helps your strands to show off their natural beauty.


#10 Hydrating Face Masks Give Life To Thirsty Strands

Self-care is essential to our busy lives, and nothing says wind down than with a relaxing hydrating facial mask. But you can also give some much-needed moisture to your hair as well with these masks.

Just like our skin, our hair experiences damage from the environment, manipulation and daily wear. All these factors can suck the moisture from our hair and leave us with thirsty strands.

Instead of searching for the perfect hair mask and facial mask, simply use a hydrating mask for both. The cuticle layer of our hair works similarly like our skin where moisture agents and nutrients can penetrate through and nourish them from the inside out.

Come into your work week with a fresh face and hydrated hair that can give you major girl boss vibes.


Lit Hacks for Effortless Styling

Now you will never look at your makeup bag as a place of one-job tools but as a plethora of endless spins on your style. Your mood and style change often and why not slay to match that mood while saving a ton of money. This minimalist thinking of your beauty products can change the game on how you use items already available in your home!

Are you up to trying one or more of these makeup product hacks for your hair? Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comment section! We would love to hear about your hacks that keep you looking bomb!

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