Malaysian Hair: 2 Different Styles, 10 Different Hairstyles

Malaysian, The New Favorite

I have to admit; I was an avid wearer of Brazillian Hair, I hardly strayed away. When I discovered other hair textures, I was hesitant to try something new. I dabbled in Peruvian and Malaysian hair when I finally built up the courage to leave behind the all-time favorite Brazillian hair. While Peruvian is my reigning favorite because of its ability to blend with my natural, thin hair, Malaysian comes in a close second. I ended up trying Malaysian Hair for the first time about two years ago, and I fell in love! I had a wig unit made out of three bundles and a closure. I had a u-part unit made. I know I preached against leave out in favor of closures and full wig units, but regardless, they are so convenient, try not to judge me. U-parts were perfect for a quick fix! They are less money to construct and were my first test run in case I did not like the feel of the Malaysian hair.

What to Expect with Malaysian Hair

My experience with Malaysian was overall positive. Most Malaysian hair comes in a natural dark brown color. It is often a medium texture, resembling real hair closely; think 140 density. Malaysian hair is soft and does not shed easily. This hair type has a high volume and full look. Though it's in a straight style such as the Malaysian hair on the Private Label Extensions website, one can also purchase deep wave or body wave Malaysian Hair available on Private Label Extensions starting at $21.99 a bundle. For African American hair, it is the hair type that looks most natural or closer to unprocessed, natural hair textures. However, Malaysian hair tends to be a drier, coarser texture. One should avoid excessive oils and sprays when dealing with this hair type. If you need to restore moisture, add a leave-in conditioner to the hair and let sit. Because of its higher density, it can last longer without being washed or redone.

Fully Straight Hair

Malaysian Hair is sold straight. It is light brown to a dark natural brown. A beautiful middle part with silky straight hair is a perfect look when first trying out Malaysian hair. It highlights all of the significant aspects of Malaysian Hair.

Malaysian Deep Wave Hair

Malaysian Deep Wave Hair will give you a Kelly Rowland sort of look. This style is achievable with as little as two bundles.

Malaysian Body Wave

Malaysian Body Wave hair puts me in the mind of Brazillian Body Wave. Silky and filled with waves. If you are apprehensive about switching over to me, this should be your first stop. Wavy hair is a go-to style and slays no matter the hair type or texture.

Leave Out

Wearing Malaysian Hair with leave-out is basically like wearing your real hair! It blends so well with different textures, and the natural hair color makes it even better. Because of its high density, it requires less maintenance than other weave textures, and this makes it ideal for leave-out installations. That does not mean neglect your bundle's sis. It says that this hair will shed less, last longer and do better in regards to heat and styling. You will still need to wash the hair and seal the wefts for the best results.

Closure Unit (Middle Part) or small, 5x5

Closure units offer protection for your hair and using a broader closure like a 5x5 will allow more parting.

Frontal Unit (Middle Part/ Deep Side Part)

Get a frontal unit made! I love love love wigs! They are so convenient and versatile. Get a deep side part or middle part of your unit. Add spice with some Hollywood waves.

Low/High Ponytail

Malaysian Hair would be great for a low or high ponytail. Due to its higher density, only one bundle would need to be used to achieve a full looking ponytail.

Ponytail Hacks:

One thing I learned about obtaining a sleek ponytail at home is to use pomade instead of gel. Gels are mainly water based and will cause your hair to curl back up or wave instead of laying flat. A balm gives a sticker and sturdier hold. Another ponytail hack is to smooth hair down layer by layer so that your natural hair lays down flatter. And use a hair tie instead of a rubber band which can cause breakage and makes it harder to anchor the hair to your natural ponytail.

WandCurled/Flexi-rod Hair

Get a beautiful curly fro with a wand curler or using some hair rods to add volume and make sure that curls stick.

Tilt Bob

If you've read my other articles, you know I am crazy about waves and bobs! A cute tilt bob would be excellent on Malaysian hair. It's bouncy and full giving the dimension necessary for a good bob cut.

Colored Hairstyle

Since the hair is already a dusty brown, getting a lighter brown/ blondish tone will be easy. Try using Kaleidoscope Blue Bleach and 40 developers to lighten the hair. Some have found a few cons to Malaysian hair such as its straight texture struggles to hold a curl and that it may be lackluster; additionally, when a product is added it make take on a synthetic wig kind of shine. Although, there are quick and easy fixes to these minimal issues consumers have with Malaysian hair. As mentioned, add a leave-in conditioner to restore shine. One can also spray hair from a distance or wrap up at night to trap natural oils. To avoid the synthetic shine brush hair or wash; this will get rid of some of the excess product and shine. To ensure that the naturally straight hair holds a curl, use rods or curl formers to reinforce the spiral. Or use a light spritz at a distance to add some rigidity to the coils. Another tip would be to bend hair in smaller sections for more definition. Plus, there's always the option of purchasing the hair already curly in deep wave or body wave textures. With Malaysian hair, the more prolonged the wear, the more natural the texture looks. This quality adds to the popularity of the hair type; and what makes Malaysian hair one of my favorites.
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