Macro Benefits of Rocking Micro Link Hair Extensions

Here’s the Tea on This Trendy Extensions Method

All of my hair lovers out there, I know you enjoy switching up your style now and then! If you’re looking to enhance your tresses by adding some length and volume, consider taking a break from the usual methods of installing extensions. Give micro link hair extensions a try!

What Are Micro Link Extensions and How Are They Installed?

The term “micro link” may sound slightly odd at first, but trust me, you’ll find this method fascinating. This hair trend, otherwise known as loop hair extensions or the cold fusion method, has sparked the interest of many hair gurus because of its innovative look and application process. Micro links are small bead-like clamps that connect the extensions to your real hair. All of the hair pieces are small and are applied to your actual hair strand by strand with an application tool. This technique does not require you to have your hair braided down before installation, and it eliminates the hassle of dealing with glue or thread. This sounds pretty cool, right? I know you may still be on the fence about trying out this hair extensions method, so I’ll share a few benefits that should win you over.

The Hair May Be Fake, But Your Look Will Be Natural

The one thing we all try to avoid when trying out new hairstyles that require adding hair is looking like we’ve added hair. Compared to other types of hair extensions, micro links tend to appear the most natural since the hair comes in tiny strands that connect directly to your real strands of hair. The extensions lay flat and seamless which will make you feel as if you are growing the hair directly from your roots! You will find that this makes blending less of a hassle and gives you the freedom for your hair to move more naturally than with wefts, clip-ins, etc. One thing to consider is when choosing your hair for your micro link extensions to remember that your extensions can last up to 3-5 months. The duration of them mainly depends on how you care for the hair. If you choose the right kind of hair, of course, you can re-use it with many options to manipulate it color, cutting and/or styling. How much hair is needed is really up to you and based on where you'd like to add your length and thickness.

This Method Is A Healthier Option for Your Hair

No one wants to deal with the nightmare of having damaged hair after taking down a hairstyle. Micro link installation does not require glue, tape, heat (i.e., the hot fusion method) or any other harsh products; therefore, you are less likely to damage your real hair. Hair Tip: Visit a professional hair stylist who has experience with using micro link hair extensions rather than trying this method at home. Proper installation will guarantee that your hair follicles will not be damaged.

Micro Link Hair Extensions Are Perfect for Fine Hair

If your hair has a silky texture, have no worries. There is a coating on the inside of each micro link that attaches perfectly to each strand of hair. Additionally, the hair tool secures the micro links for extra grip. If you have fine or thin hair, these type of hair extensions are the best way to add thickness and length to your hair while again, looking very natural. Although the rings within the micro links are small, they are powerful! You can rock this style confidently knowing that your extensions will not slip out. So, go ahead and let the wind blow in your hair!

You Can Create Different Looks with This Method

Are you feeling a long, bone straight look? Do you want to spice it up with some short, sassy curls? You can create any style with micro link hair extensions! This method gives you the option to choose between different textures, lengths and even colors. If you’re only looking to give your natural hair body and a little more flair, there’s always the option of choosing micro links that mimic your real hair. The choice is yours!

The Installation Process Is Not as Time Consuming as You Would Think

When you read “strand by strand,” I know you immediately thought about how long the installation process would take. Surprisingly, installing micro link hair extensions takes an average of 2-3 hours, much like a regular sew-in, despite the intricacy of linking hair to each of your strands. It’s also important to take into consideration that once the micro links are secured, you will not have to reinstall them daily as you would with clip-ins.

This Style Will Last Awhile

The misconception about micro link hair extensions is that you’ll need to get the hair touched up frequently. Of course, as your real hair grows, your extensions will begin to slide down. However, you should only plan to get them retouched every 5-8 weeks (if you make sure to care for the hair correctly in between salon visits). Hair Tip: The actual extension within the micro links is long-lasting and is often reusable as long as you purchase high-quality hair.

No Sweat Maintenance

If you’re anything like me, then you want a hairstyle that you can keep refreshed with little to no stress. Maintaining micro link hair extensions is super easy! You can wash your hair as you usually would, just make sure that you are handling the hair gently to avoid tugging on the micro links. The key to proper washing is to use mild products that will help retain the hair’s moisture and shine. Taking this measure will also help you maintain the health of your real hair underneath the micro links which is always a win. If you’re unsure of the best products to use, the professionals know best! Don’t hesitate to reach out to your stylist for assistance. Also, don’t forget that you should brush or comb out your extensions daily to avoid tangling.

You Can Remove the Extensions with Ease

Removing extensions is no fun, especially if you have no help. Here’s some good news about micro link hair extensions: you can remove them with one step! Unfasten the micro link and slide it right off. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

So, Will You Try It?

Micro link hair extensions are not only trendy but also an excellent option for low-maintenance, high-quality beauty. This method is perfect if you’re interested in trying a new look with extensions that also allows your real hair to breathe. Have I convinced you that micro link hair extensions are bomb and worth a try? If so, comment below and let me know if you plan to try this method out!

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