how to create an inspiring mood board for your hair brand

How To Create An Inspiring Mood Board For Your Hair Brand

Let's Set The Mood

Come on, and you know setting the mood can encourage how an event or night will play out. Filling the room with inspiring people, quality products, beautiful decorations and great snacks would ensure a fabulous grand opening if you were launching a storefront, so imagine what these things could do on a poster board or paper? Mood boards are ways to get your vision out on paper, and it isn't just a list similar to your grocery list. It is a physical and colorful collection of your ideas, goals, and inspiration rolled into one.

Mood Boards For Life

As mentioned, mood boards are fun collages that have specific themes, meanings or titles. Mood boards are life! Some people even use mood boarding to plan out their whole life, they have pictures of the kind of husband and house they want and use the mood board as a means of projecting that positive energy out into the world. Across Instagram and along every Pinterest are mood boards for room decor (college or otherwise), life goals, and businesses! So, why not create one for your hair brand?

Why Create A Mood Board

Creating a mood board can be as simple or as creative as you'd like. A mood board is like a more massive collage. One of the most exciting aspects of creating a mood board is that you are the sole visionary of the finished product, that is if you ever decide it's finished. Your mood board can have pictures from magazines, words, cloth, paint swatches, or pieces of your product like jewelry or a small hair sample. You think it, and you want it, you strap it to your mood board! It's a good idea to create a mood board because it is a safe, and creative place to lay out your thoughts and see the compilation of what you want for your hair brand. Seeing the textures, colors, and logos altogether along with inspiring quotes or people will help motivate you towards your goal, and give you a good sense of the direction you are taking your business.

How To Create A Mood Board For Your Hair Brand

Disclaimer: Girl, or Boy! I cannot tell you exactly what you will need to create your mood board because it's all a reflection of you! Your inspiration comes from a multitude of sources, and your idea of fun or beautiful depends on the kind of person you are. There is not a right or wrong way to create a board, so grab a dry erase board, poster board or a pinnable chart, it's for you by you.

1. Think Of What Vibes You Want Your Business To Have

Picture the vibe, or the environment, in which you want your business to flourish. Vibes vibrate through the atmosphere of your business, even if your hair business concentrated in selling hair out of your house and you do not have a website, trust me people are still feeling out the 'environment'; every business has a work environment even if you're the only employee! I'm sorry Cardi, but I'm a boss and a worker! The most important aspect of your mood board is honing in on what kind of image you want to project to motivate yourself, and the one you want to set for your hair brand. For instance, if you know that having excellent communication and people skills is essential to a hair brand (which it is!) include it on your board. On your mood board, you may want to have other companies logos that you would want to network with or a cute picture of a little phone. Whatever encourages you to remember that this is a trait you would like embedded into your brand.

2. Envision Your Website or Shop

I'm thinking pink because it's bright, wait no maybe I'm feeling green because it's the color of regrowth and money! Whatever color you're considering for your hair brand, in the logo or as the bundle bags, should be a significant part of your mood board! Colors set the tone for the "vibes" that your business will give off, so choose colors that reflect the idea you are trying to convey. Secondly, textures are enormous when it comes to creating a useful board for your hair brand. The fun part about a hair brand is that you can attach hair samples, silky bags or bonnets to your mood board to decide what direction you're going in and what look is the best to carry out. Attempt to build your website, shop look, or hair brand on the board to steer your brand in the right direction. I am not sure if you're one of these kinds of people, but for me, it's easy to end up with a finished product I had no idea I was going to create! I'm a person that chooses what she likes as I go, but sometimes that backfires. It's better when there are plans and restrictions in place so that your finished product is not too far from your targeted goal.

3. What Inspired You To Start Your Hair Business

Whatever or whoever it is, use it! If I were creating a board for a hair brand, I would be sure to add on the things and people that inspired me to get started. For instance, if you are on Instagram you've probably seen Amour Jayda's page or April Divah Styles, those are women who have successful hair companies and post with a purpose. It would be cool to include one of their photos or write their name in the corner. Adding their name or picture is a simple way to acknowledge the work they've done and push yourself to reach that level. Though your inspiration does not have to be famous, if you want to add a picture of yourself, your friends or your kids go right ahead! A mood board tells the story of your brand and the story of you. Additionally, you do not always have to include people. For example, if you love fabulous hairstyles go ahead and add a few, to make your board pop. Looking at what you like to do, or what you would love to contribute to with your hair business is another way to add fuel to the fire of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, I love grabbing ideas from social media to help build my board. Using Instagram and Pinterest helps flesh out how I might want my board to look or piggyback off of cute ideas. It's a great idea to search up 'mood boards for hair brands' or 'vision boards for hair companies' online to get your creative juices flowing.

4. What Kind Of Business Owner Do You Want To Be?

Thinking over your brand and your business, the vibes, the colors, and the reasons for starting, you have to also take into account what kind of boss you want to be. A great way to materialize those feelings is to put them on your board. Pictures or samples are not the only way to create a vision board. Being a writer, I am a big words person! So adding things like 'leader,' or 'honest' or 'girl boss' in pretty fonts to my words board would be my thing! I think words have a way of concisely pulling together concepts, and therefore would be a great addition to a mood board.

5. Let Your Personality Shine!

Overall, mood or vision boards are merely fun to create. The literal definition of a mood board is a type of collage consisting of images, text, and samples of objects in a composition. It can be based upon a set topic or can be any material chosen at random. The definition clarifies that the board can have any meaning, subject or additions you want! Allow your personality to shine through your board, and it'll shine in your business!

Why Are These Things Important To Include?

The imagery, text, and samples are essential. They are what makes the mood board what it is and each component serves it's own purpose in teaching, motivating and helping you execute your hair brand the way you want. The collage is meant to be inspiring so including all the nuances like your motivation for beginning, the brand you want to build, words that uplift your spirit and people who are on the level you are aspiring to will cur inspiration.

Move Over Mood Board!

Although mood boards are exciting to create and extremely helpful, it is still a good idea to write down your plans. A vision board can not replace a solid business plan, but it can be enhanced! Writing down your plans with logical and obtainable goals, along with ways to cross them off your list and a mission statement is apart of being a good business owner. However, your mood board can still be apart of the business planning process. A business plan will be your written way to obtain your goals, and a mood board will help you visually see your vision. A mood board is also an excellent way to look upon your goals and inspiration easily.

Get Mood Boarding!

Okay, you're all set! Grab your scissors, hair samples, magazines, and swatches and begin mood boarding! Mood boards are used as a planning and motivational tool and can be used to guide you on your journey to creating or reinventing your hair brand.
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