The Benefits of Selling More Than Just Hair Extensions

So Many Products to Benefit From

If you’re in the business of hair extensions and clip-ins, then you’ve seen the incorporation of adding products to your business. When your customers aren’t purchasing hair extensions, you should be stocking inventory with other items. Think about some things that may influence the longevity of the hair you sell or increase the sales of your business.

The Hair Industry Is Booming

There is no such thing as the beauty and hair industry becoming oversaturated these days. There is a need for every hair entrepreneur to fill with their clients whether it’s extensions, clip ins, or accessories. Entrepreneurs are getting more creative and adding more products to their business lines. Products like bonnets, edge control, headbands, even hair clips are making an appearance in different hairlines.

Why Is It Essential to Start Selling Accessories

Diversity is always crucial when going into business for yourself, no matter the industry. The hair industry is no different, and entrepreneurs are getting hip to that. It is easier to address multiple needs with your client and expansion in products is the answer. Many hair entrepreneurs can solve the numerous demands and want of their customers without having to outsource. By offering accessories to customers, you’re able to bring on new customers as well. Some customers may be attracted solely to the products that you’re suggesting. Many people have their sole hair extensions provider but may need someone to cater to other needs.

Ideal Accessories to Start Selling

While every accessory won’t fit your brand or appease your existing customers, there are a few products to consider. Always keep in mind the hair extension and services that you are offering and how you can elaborate on them. Be sure that you are addressing all the needs of your customers with the accessories and additional products. Here are a few products that are good to start with:


Silk bonnets are on the rise for hair entrepreneurs and loved by customers. They ensure that all styles stay in excellent condition overnight or while showering.


Silk scarves, similar to bonnets, can help to protect the hair extensions. The scarves can help maintain your customer’s edges or their overall hairstyle. Cotton scarves are also a favorite item. The cotton scarves can be used to tame your hair or accessorize your outfit.

Edge control:

While it isn’t an accessory, it is a necessary hair product. Many hair entrepreneurs and stylists are adding edge control to their product line. You know your customer’s hair best, create the perfect formula and enhance your brand.


Bring back a feeling of nostalgia and give your customer’s hair a bit of flair with a headband. Whether it’s a bad hair day or you want to coordinate with your outfit, adding this accessory would do wonders for your business.


Bobby pins always come in handy but give your customer’s a few fashionable options. Pearl pins or diamond-like pins are great to add to your accessory line. Hold your hair extensions in place while making a subtle fashion statement with fashion hairpins.

The Benefits to Selling Products

Hair accessories area way to give customer’s hair a boost and make extensions stand out from time to time. Your hair business can benefit in various ways by incorporating hair accessories and products to sell. There are a few ways you and your business can benefit:

Increase in revenue:

By adding more things to sell, your business can begin to see more money and sales

More customers:

While many women and men may already have a primary source that provides their hair needs, you offer hair accessories. Attract new customers by offering things that other hair businesses currently don’t have.

Retaining customers:

When you incorporate hair accessories, you begin to serve more than one purpose to customers. Your existing customers now have a one-stop shop with you and don’t have to look elsewhere for products.

How to Avoid Confusion With Too Much Product

The best way to not overwhelm or confuse your customers by implementing too much product is to know exactly what they need. Pay attention to the buying patterns of your customers and see what would match best with their purchases. For example, if the majority of your customers purchase weave extensions, that would be a match for bonnets. A product like silk scarves to ensure the hair stays in good shape overnight is also great. If you have personal relationships with your customers, take the time to survey them and ask what other products they would be interested in purchasing. Don’t feel the need to include everything that other hair companies are selling if it doesn’t align with your brand.

Sometimes Less Is More

When it comes to incorporating new products, start with your customer’s basic needs and wants. Don’t overwhelm yourself or your customers by selling too many products at one time. Focus on the basics and what would be more accessible to you as a first-time product seller. Find an accessory niche and keep your products narrow when starting out.

Accessories Are The Way To Go

Expansion is always ideal for a business and hair businesses are no different. Stay ahead of the curve and anticipate customer needs. Satisfy your customers when you incorporate accessories into your business. Hair accessories can help keep your brand and business circulating and build up a stronger reputation. By offering more than hair extensions and incorporating accessories, it soon opens up more opportunities. Once you receive feedback from customers, both new and existing, you can begin to add more inventory.

Get Motivated and Sell Accessories

Start simple and find accessories that will address customer needs and will continue to push your brand and business forward. Think about some things that you use in your daily routines or even think about something that’s missing from your hair regime. If adding more revenue and customers to your business sounds ideal, then don’t waste any more time.
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