I started my hair business 6 months ago and still no sales

I Started My Hair Business 6 Months Ago and Still No Sales

Taking The Leap

Congrats you’ve taken the plunge and have started your hair business! You have quality hair extensions that you bought wholesale, your logo is popping, the website is running, and all your social media is flawless. You’ve done everything right; you've advertised, spread the word and posted pictures mercilessly and months later, boom, nothing! You still haven’t made a sale, your spending is outnumbering your profits, and you don’t even know what a customer is. You are on the verge of closing up shop. That’s it; the hair biz isn’t for you, well, you’re wrong! Though you may not have made a million sales or even one, there is still hope, and they are in the jewels I’m dropping below!

Starting a Business

Starting a business requires many things such as patience, drive, quality, advertising, and money! Honest, flexibility and realistic expectations are also essential for running a hair business. The most important thing it requires is flexibility. A good business owner assesses their business and knows when it is time for a change. Whether it is in their tactics, product or image, a company needs to have grown every month to fuel the owners and get the buzz around the business. For your business to grow, you must be honest with yourself regarding marketability, profit and the success of your business. You must also be willing to change.

Time to Reassess!

I get it, you may be attached to the look of your business as well as your vendors, but if six months, half a year, goes by without any progress in sales or visibility, you have to go back to the basics. So pull out your drawing board, and get ready.

How Does Your Brand Look?

Do not overlook the benefit of patience. While six months is not a long time for your business to stall, you should be seeing some improvement over time. It may not be necessary to change your entire image but some cosmetic changes here, and there can be helpful to boost the popularity of your brand. I know that we have been hashtagging #StayInYaLane for awhile now, but sometimes you need to peep in your mirrors and see what your competition is doing right now. What do other successful hair businesses look like to you? Does their business pop with colors and fun images? Your business name is the first line of defense when it comes to your image. Your hair business name should say something positive about your product or at least have a positive connotation. People should immediately know what your selling or their interest should be piqued. Which name grabs your attention more Private Label or Private Label Extensions? The Flow or The Flow, Beauty Bar? Be specific and intentional when naming or renaming your hair business to see a sale. Next, look at your logo, it is representative of your product? Your logo should be eye-catching and informative. A logo should be attention-grabbing no matter what industry it is for should be a system of the business and easy to recognize. For instance, the Dominos logo combines words and symbols, is bright and is on all of their things. For a hair company, a logo can include the name, an image of bundles or wigs. It should also have a signature color. If you aren’t selling maybe your company logo is turning other off, is the writing legible and clear? Is the picture understandable? These are all things to consider when rethinking your branding.

Promotion is Devotion!

Business Cards

Have business cards or keepsakes to hand out at events to promote your business. There’s nothing worse than not having physical representation for your business; while it may seem surprising since the internet has taken over, it is still imperative to have real tangible things.

Give out samples

Provide one or two of your friends or associates with hair in return for a review, photographs, and word of mouth! Giving out samples will boost the number of people talking about your hair and will entice others to buy from someone they trust. Additionally, it will allow you an opportunity to learn first hand some of the things that may be turning off potential customers.

Wear your hair!

Do not be shy when it comes to your hair business; you are your biggest cheerleader, critic, and ambassador! Hit the ground running, wear your product as a means of advertising. This way people will see you and be intrigued if your hair is of good quality! Imagine this, you’re wearing three bundles and a flawless closure from your hair brand “Beauty Luxe Hair” supplied by your wholesaler Private Label Extensions, and people are asking, where do you get your hair? Having an explicit name is a perfect opportunity to plug your company, allowing them to see how soft, bouncy and beautiful the hair is first hand, as well as spam the owner with questions regarding lengths, textures, prices, and shipping. Be your advocate!

Get an ambassador

If you want to go the extra mile, shop around for your favorite beauty influencer that seems aligned with what you are doing. Look for youtube stars, those with large Instagram followings, local celebrities and other blog sites to endorse your hair. Beauty Influencers will get your hair business noticed on a larger scale. Obtaining an ambassador often a cheap way of advertising and can be shared or viewed a thousand times.

Post with Purpose

Post more quality things instead of bombarding your followers with meaningless or repetitive posts! You know uploads on Instagram that you skip over and don’t bother to skim? Or the profile that posts so much that you ultimately end up unfollowing? Don’t be that business! Be the kind of company that displays things that are relevant and eye-capturing. Maintain posts about sales, lengths and even do Q&A’s. You want people to be able to find information on your posts quickly. You also want people to look forward to them. Posting cute things that relate to hair, like funny posts, quotes, tips, and videos will grab your followers attention. Post things that link back to your other social media or your website. Be sure to include your contact information and post about sales.

Ways to Pay

You might not be sure what is causing customers to flee from your site, expanding your payment option can always be helpful. Allow people to pay with any significant cards, PayPal, and even cash app. Be sure to keep a good record of orders, receipts, payments, and shipments. With hair business, a little extra time spent on documents can go a long way for both you and the customer.

Build Your Customer List

Email is the backbone of a successful hair business. Attempt to capture customers and potential customers emails whenever possible to send alerts to remind them about sales and offers. An active email list will help generate revenue for your business because it keeps your company at the forefront of buyers minds.

Check and Check Again!

After you have looked at your website to ensure everything is working, cleaned up your social media and tested your quality and readjusted your image, do it again. Be sure that what you are putting out into the world is worth your time and the world's recognition. Do not be afraid to try new things to jumpstart your hair business. There is the consumer for every market; it is your job to give them something they want to buy!
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