11 national hair shows to help grow your brand in 2018

11 National Hair Shows To Help Grow Your Brand in 2019

Network and Get More Education to Achieve Your Goals

Can I tell you a secret? Operating my own hair business is scary at times!

There are days when it seems like everything is going pretty darn good and then there are days when it seems as if everything that can go wrong does!

I know I’m not alone in the struggles of being an entrepreneur. My continuing success in the beauty industry is because I take my craft seriously.

I am always looking for ways to up my game and connect with people with the same determination as me, and hair shows are great outlets to do so.

Even when I get scared and things are happening, I still get right back up and keep going. I invest my own money for training, so I can continue improving my skills.

I'm a millennial who loves seeing everybody win. To help you get your hair game on point this year, I am giving you a complete list of national hair shows around the country.

Hair Shows

Why Should You Attend Hair Shows?

You may wonder why you should go to hair shows. Check out several reasons why I think you should attend a hair show in your local area or plan a destination trip to a hair show:

Reason #1

You will meet people working in the hair industry at all levels

Reason #2

You will get a chance to use products before they are released

Reason #3

You get to test out products before you purchase them

Reason #4

You will be around like-minded business owners to build your tribe

Reason #5

Your exposure to a professional setting will inspire you to upgrade your brand

How To Prepare for Networking at Hair Shows

I always show up to any event putting my best foot forward. The first impression is important when you are meeting people.

Here are some tips on how to show up ready to work the room:

Tip #1

Wear an outfit that represents your company colors. Wear your company t-shirt if you have one. I think you should wear comfortable shoes because there may be a lot of walking involved.

Tip #2

I suggest you pack your bag the night before because you don't want to forget anything. I remember arriving at an event once and ran out of business cards because I forgot to grab some out of my new box.

Things To Have in Your Bag

  • Portable charger (that you have charged)
  • Mints/gum (please don't pop gum while you're talking to people),
  • Notepad and two pens (because somehow I always lose my only pen),
  • Plenty of business cards
  • Comp cards if you're a stylist or makeup artist
  • Planner/datebook
  • Identification and license (check event for required documents)

Tip #4

Make sure you know a little bit about the history of the event, know who the event organizer is and who you want to connect with at the event.

Hair Show

Tip #5

Be clear on what you plan to get out of attending the event. This will help you stay focused.

Tip #6

Prepare to make the best first impression. You have to make yourself memorable.

Please share your experiences with any hair shows you’ve attended in the past to help other hair enthusiasts, professionals, and hair companies or salon owners choose which event to attend.

The Hottest Eleven Hair Shows This Year

#1 Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show

Atlanta, GA
February 10-12, 2018

Visit the site for more information: https://bronnerbros.com/.

Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show is open to licensed beauty industry professionals and cosmetology students.

#2 International Beauty Show

New York, NY
March 4-6, 2018

Visit the site for more information: International Beauty Show

IBS New York is only open to licensed beauty professionals.

Hair Show

#3 Spring Style Presented By CosmoProf

San Jose, CA
April 15-16, 2018

Visit the site for more information: Spring Style Show

#4 America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago

Chicago, IL
April 28-30, 2018

Visit the site for more information: America's Beauty Show

With more than 80,000+ salon professionals and owners, aspiring students and teachers, headliners and educators, leading product manufacturers and distributors showing their latest products and distributors, America’s Beauty Show is the ultimate destination for serious beauty professionals!

#5 The Image Expo

Houston, TX
May 20-21, 2018

Visit the site for more information: The Image Expo

Only beauty industry professionals and students are allowed to attend.

Hair SHow 3

#6 Crescent City Barber Classic and Hair Show

New Orleans, LA
June 10, 2018

Visit site for more information: Crescent City Barber Classic

NOLA's Crescent City Barber Classic and Hair Show is one of the fastest-growing beauty industry events in the city.

The event is organized annually to bring together all industry professionals from New Orleans and surrounding cities in Louisiana and other states abroad. The event gives all participants an opportunity to showcase their talents on an open platform.

The show has had some phenomenal barbers, stylists, educators, and attendees.

#7 New Orleans Natural Hair Expo

New Orleans, LA
July 7-8, 2018

Visit the site for more information: Natural Hair Expo

The 5th Annual New Orleans Natural Hair Expo presented by ORS Curls Unleashed is in full effect!

Their special guests include Ashley(@CurlsfotheGirls), Nae (@Nae2Curly), Nic (@Modelesque_Nic), Yolanda Renee (@EtcBlogMag), and many more! @ItsMeItsMo will be hosting/coordinating.

#8 Texas International Hair and Trade Show

Mesquite, TX
June 23-25, 2018

Visit this site for more information: Texas International Hair and Trade Show

The 18th annual Texas International Hair and Trade Show is the largest multicultural hair, beauty, cosmetic (HBC) exposition in the South Central United States.

It features cutting-edge educators, motivational speakers, and fashion icons like no other hair show in the area. It offers the most significant direct sales opportunity in the HBC industry in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Get ready to submerge yourself in everything beauty from hair, nails, fashion, and even barbering. There will be vendors of all kinds of attendance prepared to service all your needs.

The highlights of this three-day event won’t just be the array of vendors but also the excellent educational events and of course, the hair show competition.

Hair SHow

#9 Nashville Fashion Focus

Nashville, TN
May 20-21, 2018

For ticket information visit: Nashville Fashion Focus

CosmoProf presents the Nashville Fashion Focus event for all beauty professionals at the Music City Center.

This event will feature not only a hair show but also over 70 different brands and 100 plus educational courses. Furthermore, you will get to see new trends and techniques live and in action, then watch them walk the runway!

#10 Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event

Orlando, FL
June 2-4, 2018

For show information visit: Premier Orland International Beauty Event

Premiere Orlando International Beauty Event will feature hair, barber, nail tech, and make-up artistry competitions.

Last year's show sponsors included companies like Andis, Salon Centric, and Ardell just to name a few. This event is only for working professionals and students.

#11 Unconventional ATL 2018 "Indie Fashion Weekend"

Atlanta, GA
February 9, 2018

For ticket information visit: Indie Fashion Weekend

RBL Studios hosts this Atlanta Indie Fashion week event and is an underground fashion house and eclectic production studio.

In addition, they're calling out all stylists and designers to not only bring their skills but, their imagination. RBL Studios is converging art, hair, and fashion for the most epic show Atlanta has ever seen.

Networking Never Ends

After any networking event, like hair shows, it is imperative to touch base with all the new people you met.

Don't be afraid of reaching out! It may seem awkward, however, it shows you're serious about your business. Whether you're sending an email or a Facebook message, keep it short and simple.

Try something like, "Hello, this is Ty, we met at The Bronner Brothers show! I enjoyed talking to you about your upcoming project. I would love to talk about how we can work together to bring it to life."

The key is making yourself memorable for everyone you meet. Don't waste a day of hair business networking.

Don't Talk Yourself Out of Achieving Your Dreams

There is no time like the present and now is an excellent time to start planning for the year.

I know I do better when I plan my trips and allow myself time to prepare and as a result, I’m able to enjoy the experience. I am excited about the upcoming hair shows for 2018, and I hope you see the benefit of attending one or a few of them.

Let us know what you enjoy at hair shows and share some of your trip planning tips by commenting below.

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