Essential Products Every Natural Hair Girl Should Own

Think Back for a Second

I remember back in the 7th grade when I finally decided to go all natural with my hair. I thought it would be easy! After all, what could be so hard about taking care of the natural hair that grows from your head? Boy, was I wrong! I had no idea what I was in for at the time. There were moments when a perm started looking more attractive to me by the day, but it took all of my willpower at 13 years old to keep pushing. A bad hair day did not exist in my world. It took me going through failed attempts to determine what my hair needs to flourish and grow beautifully. I do not regret anything that I went through with the trials and tribulations, but I do wish somebody could’ve have educated me on how to take care of my hair. Although, maybe that's why I went through what I went through with my hair because now I have the knowledge to pass on to anyone else who may be struggling with their hair!

The Natural Life Still Needs TLC

Fast forwarding to present day, my hair is longer and healthier than it ever was. I know what it needs, does not require, how it grows and what it likes. My hair is one of my most significant physical accomplishments. The key was to learn from every single mistake I made with my hair. One of the most significant flaws I experienced with my hair was figuring out what it needed to thrive and grow. After countless times of failure, I finally realized that I had to keep a few essentials in my bathroom (or kitchen) to keep it full of life. Natural hair responds to consistency. Once I figured out what natural hair needed consistently, it was easy to wash and style it. All it took was patience and tons of research. I am going to be your secondary research source for this type of topic since I did not have one for myself at the time! Ladies, I know what it feels like to feel lost! Some of you may know what you are doing but need that extra push to keep your nerves at bay. I know the feeling! Keep reading, because now we are going to get into the essentials that every single one of you natural ladies needs to own to keep your hair alive and well! You can purchase any of these items at your local convenience store or beauty supply store and it will not break your bank! Here’s what you should take note of the next time you go on a store run:

1. A wide-tooth comb

If you do not own one of these, then shame on you! A wide-tooth comb is every natural hair girl’s long lost best friend. Apart from using your fingers to detangle, using a wide tooth comb is the second best thing to use. After all, I know how tired my fingers get after messing around with my hair. The full teeth allow your curls and kinks to glide through without creating tangles effortlessly. Make sure to use a plastic wide tooth comb, and not a metal one for less friction. The friction is not suitable for your locks. Remember that!

2. Two Types of Shampoo

Of course, shampoo is on this list, but did you know as a natural hair girl, you need two types of shampoo? That’s is right and allow me to explain why. I promise it will all make sense. The first shampoo should clarify your hair and scalp. Therefore, that means it gives a deeper clean than a regular shampoo. From the excessive buildup of products and oils on your scalp and hair strands, you will need to clarify. The second shampoo should be moisturizing. Clarifying shampoos often leave your hair dry and brittle. So, you need the second shampoo to put the moisture back in while cleansing.

3. Deep conditioner

Deep conditioning your hair after a proper cleansing is essential, or your hair will be dry and brittle. Deep conditioners work to penetrate the hair shaft to restore and retain moisture while repairing damaged hair. You can prevent any potential breakage with a proper deep conditioning treatment. Make sure you get a deep conditioner that’s going to provide an insane amount of slip to help with detangling or one that offers tons of moisture. Although there are many conditioners to choose from, every natural girl should have at least one Holy Grail staple that she knows will work no matter what. If you haven’t found your Holy Grail product, keep searching. Try new products and take note of what your hair likes and doesn’t. Once you saw it, stick with it for a while to see the long-term effects. Your hair will thank you!

4. Satin or silk scarf

A silk or satin scarf is essential for a natural hair girl to keep her curls intact. You need to protect your hair from friction while you are sleeping or you will wake up with frizzy and dry hair, or worse, your hair can break. If you’re not feeling the headscarf, invest in a silk or satin pillowcase. Either way, a cotton headscarf or pillowcase will tear your hair apart with no remorse. Do not let it do that to you!

5. Hair Oils

Essential oils are necessary to help to seal in the moisture added to your hair from the other products. Oils also soften your hair and prevent hair from looking dull. Oils like Jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil are the foundation for any oil mixtures. You can add any other oils you like such olive, lavender, tea tree, almond or avocado oil. Your collection of oils should include essential oils and carrier oils. Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils and help “carry” the essential oil to the skin and scalp. These oils also do not contain rich smells like essential oils. Due to its incredibly light makeup, essential oils quickly evaporate before being applied to the skin, which is why using a carrier oil is suggested. Every natural girl should own at least one of each to help condition and moisturize her hair for scalp massages, hot oil treatments and pre-poos as mentioned before. Essential oils like mint and peppermint are known to stimulate growth as well.

6. An old toothbrush

You already know what this is for and you probably already have one. If you do, I am proud of your progress! If you don’t want to buy an edge tamer brush, which is just a small narrow brush for your edges, you can always use an old toothbrush. It is cheaper to use a toothbrush, and you probably have more than you need sitting in your bathroom. Give your old toothbrushes a new meaning! It’s a tried and tested tool to get your baby hairs laid. If you are not the type to smooth your edges, then you do not have to worry about this item! Most of the time, my sides are left alone. So, I understand if you think that same way I do!

7. Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is every natural haired girl’s best friend. If you have natural hair, this product helps to not only lock in moisture but detangles your curls too. A good leave-in conditioner will leave your hair softer and more manageable.

8. Spray bottle

Water is no longer an enemy when you’re a natural hair girl. So there is no longer a need to hide from the pouring rain! You need to make sure you moisturize your hair, and there’s nothing better than water to do just that. A spray bottle is an absolute must. Give your hair a refreshing and hydrating spritz with a pool and leave-in conditioner mixture to make your hair easier to style.

9. Edge control or gel

We already discussed the toothbrush, but let’s talk about what the toothbrush is for at the moment. Every girl wants their edges laid. The best way to make sure the hair on your hairline or your ‘edges’ stays down is with a good edge control or gel product. Using an edge control product is great when you’re doing ponytails or high puffs. Edge control or gel is also a must when you have braids or cornrows to keep your baby hairs in check.

10. Perm rods & Flexi rods

Avoiding heat is the best thing you can do for your natural hair. You can achieve beautiful curls without a curling iron by using perm rods or flexi rods. These rods are available in a wide range of sizes to get any curl pattern you want

11. Headband or Hair Accessory for Bad Hair Days

Unfortunately, sometime you can’t slay with a fresh hairstyle every single day. Every day your curls will not pop, and you will be not ready to slaughter for the gram. As a result, every natural girl should own a cool hair accessory for those bad hair days. If you feel like throwing an old twist out into a high bun, then hair accessories are perfect. Your hair will still end up being cute too!

14. An Amazing Moisturizer

Store bought or DIY, every natural should have a fantastic moisturizer in her stash. A good moisturizer is any water based product, not oil, to restore hydration into your strands. That could be a leave-in-conditioner, daily refresher spray, curling cream, etc. The key ingredient is water. Check your labels to make sure that’s the first ingredient listed. Water is not your enemy! Drinking it and using it are the keys to healthy hair. Start by adding water-based moisturizers into your hair routine and watch a significant difference take place,

15. A Great Diet

A proper diet goes without question. But, so many women forget about this part. Foods like salmon, tuna, darkly leafy green veggies, flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts are all packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. I’m a health freak who does way too much research in her spare time so that I would know! Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the “good fats” that our bodies need to be healthy and are also a source of the body’s natural lubricants for the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Also, whatever you do, don’t forget about water. Staying hydrated is key to healthy hair.

16. Bobby Pins, because You Know They Disappear

Because for some reason, these little things grow legs and walk away every other week. Having a spare pack of bobby pins on hand is key to making sure your style stays in shape all day.

17. Professional Trimming shears

For those days when you can’t make it to the salon, but you still need to trim a few split ends. Remember, healthy hair growth is about retaining length. Don’t be afraid to do light dusting when your periods start to have a mind of their own.

Did You Get All That?

Now that you know what you need to succeed, it is time to hit up your local dollar store! You can find any of these products on the shelves of any grocery stores and beauty supply stores. You will not regret keeping these items handy since you will probably end up using many of them more than a few times a week. It is essential to know how to take care of your hair so you can get the most out of it. What products on the list do you have already? Do you need to make a trip or two to the store? What other thing are you interested in trying out on your hair? I want to hear all of your experiences! Leave me a comment below!
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