favorite natural hair products for healthy hair

Favorite Natural Hair Products For Healthy Hair

Hair Care Between Sew-ins is Crucial

Becoming fully natural is never easy when you are also obsessed with hair extensions!

For most women, the importance of healthy natural has been a trial and error and very hard to embrace.

We make time to compare our hair journey to others who may have very different textures, elasticity, and density. This allows discouragement to creep in.

I’ve found it to be essential not to compare the natural hair care journey to others. Instead, find what works for your hair.

Instead, take the time to find the natural hair products and strategies that help your crown thrive.

When it comes to my hair, I like to keep it relatively simple.

I’d like to share three relevant natural hair care products that I have sworn by since starting my natural hair revolution three years ago. These three natural hair products I’ll be sharing with you from a testimonial standpoint in hopes that they help your natural hair succeed when you are not showing off your latest sew-in.

If I’m honest, when our hair is winning, we are winning!


Coconut Oil

Thank God for coconut oil!

A few years ago I kept hearing the buzz around about coconut oil. I never really understood what the big deal was until I tried it for myself.

I initially started to use it as a moisturizer for my skin. Then, I learned the significant benefits it offered for hair. This fantastic natural product isn’t just great for skin moisturizing or teeth whitening.

Most say that it is a great tool for proper growth and thickening of hair but as the daughter of hairstylist of thirty plus years, I’ve learned this strictly has to do with genetics, plain and straightforward.

I believe the biggest benefit of coconut oil is the nourishment and moisture it provides the scalp.

Now, I have learned that a scalp well-nourished and cared for automatically promotes natural hair growth but it is important to be mindful of that growth pattern and time frame personally.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Natural Hair

Another benefit of coconut oil is the reconstruction it offers to lessen hair breakage.

This natural product is the richest natural source of medium-chain fatty acids.

No, girl, it doesn’t make you fat!

It does, however, provide that protein needed to prevent the loss of your beautiful locks. Because of those fatty acids, coconut oil can penetrate unlike any other giving fast results. Like the fast-food chain Burger King, this product will let you have it your way and let you have it fast.

Coconut Care for Natural Hair

Come through luxurious, luscious hair!

As for my natural hair, I was always in between what type of curl pattern I had, but I knew it was super curly! With super curly came major frizziness. Coconut oil has helped me maintain the frizziness of my curls by being a moisturizer and protectant with those fatty acids.

I love to scoop a generous tablespoon of it and mix it with my conditioner as a leave-in or for deep conditioning for a good clean.

Besides providing stimulation for hair growth, one significant property of coconut oil is the promotion of scalp health in fighting against the three scary words: Dandruff, disgusting bugs, and dirt.

The second important property of coconut oil is the addition of shine. Who likes dull, boring hair? Bring on the shine, honey!

*Shining, shining, shining, shining yeah*

The third and most important property of coconut oil is the lessening of hair breakage as I mentioned earlier.

Now, what I did not mention is that this includes split ends, which in the long run contributes to hair length.

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner System

For a while, I remained consistent with the Herbal Essence Curly shampoo and conditioner system for my curls. My curls were curly but, unfortunately, it left my hair dry and brittle, no thank you!

After the long research on affordable shampoo systems for natural hair and hearing other raving reviews, I stumbled upon OGX products and initially began using the Moroccan Oil line.

Obviously, I’m a lover of all things coconut based so when I discovered the Coconut Milk line; I made an immediate purchase.

Can I get a ‘yes please’ to great shampoo and conditioner for only $8.99 each? Yes, please!

The significant benefits with the OGX coconut milk line beside its affordability and the great scent are the hydration it provides.


No More Frizzy Natural Hair

I mentioned that previous products left my hair dry which did not go well with my frizzy curls.

I believe this is a great benefit especially for women who are newly transitioning to their natural side. This natural hair product is also a great benefit to removing product build-up and cleansing your scalp.

After restructuring my hair to this natural hair product system, it has improved and thrived tremendously! My hair has gotten thicker over time, and my OGX products have helped my curls maintain their curliness, softness, and hydration.

The top three properties you can’t miss in the OGX Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner is they are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and contain egg white protein! A perfect combo of ingredients to create one of my top natural hair products.

When I noticed these three properties, I couldn’t dare pass them up! Although sulfates are known to attract dirt and oil, they may be too good in attraction by taking healthy oils and dirt needed for your hair. The one thing that makes them relevant and useful is the very thing and reason why they’re not right for you.

Parabens are known for the prevention of bacteria growth but also known for estrogen disruption.


Egg White Treatment

Lastly, the egg white protein provided is excellent for treatment giving strength to your hair hence the word protein.

Just like we need protein to build and maintain our muscles, we need that same property for our hair!

You simply separate the yolk and add olive oil to the egg whites, mixing it together and applying to the hair as a mask-like you would do conditioner and rinse with cold water. Do this on shampooed hair of course!

My hair & scalp always feels great from an egg white treatment!

Quick Natural Hair Care Tip: You might also want to try our Onion Deep Conditioner technique for a luxurious hair care treatment!

Natural Hair: You Can Do It!

I’m confident that these three natural hair products will give you Solange ‘don’t touch my hair’ vibes and have you feeling proud to say your crown is yours!

You don’t necessarily need the most expensive brand name products to make your natural hair luxurious. Never forget to do what works for you and use hair care products that work!

It’s vital to get comfortable with a little trial and error and to get it wrong before you get it right just as long as you get it right. Now it's time for me to rock my 3D Mink Lashes and natural hair.

Cheers to you and your beautiful crown!

What Are Your Favorite Natural Hair Products?

I would love to know what products you use for your natural hair!

Please leave your favorite list of natural hair products in the comments section below!

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