how to get blonde hair like nene leakes

How To Get Blonde Hair Like NeNe Leakes!

Blonde Bombshell Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes is the outspoken blonde-haired diva on Real Housewives of Atlanta. While her no-nonsense demeanor and comedy career helped earn her fame, her signature stunning blonde hair has her slaying every episode. Achieving bright blonde hair with dark roots like Nene Leakes can be intimidating, especially if you aren’t a professional stylist. By the end of this article, you will understand color theory and the proper method to achieve this color.

Things You Will Need:

• Wella Demi-Permanent Hair Color 3n
• Wella Color Charm Activating Lotion
• Colorful Red Protein Filler
• Private Label Extensions Russian Blonde frontal or closure and bundles
• Color bowl
• Color brush
Rat-tail comb
• Paddle Brush
• Cling Wrap or Painter’s Plastic

1. Pick The Right Hair Extensions

The easiest and safest way to achieve this color is by picking a quality hair extension. I recommend Private Label Extensions Russian Blonde frontal and bundles because they are pre-lightened to a beautiful #613 blonde color. Using Russian Blonde means less work for you because you don’t have to spend hours applying bleach formula, waiting for it to process, washing it out, drying, then reapplying to reach the desired level. Double processing hair also compromises the quality, and you may severely damage your extensions.

2. Understand Color Theory BEFORE applying color

Even though I am going to give you the exact formula to achieve this color, you still want to understand the color theory in case you come across some hiccups along the way. You cannot use any semi-permanent black or brown dye to change the color of the roots. I repeat, you CANNOT use ANY. Semi-permanent black or brown dye to change the color of the roots! Doing so will result in green hair! Yuck. The hair turns green because there are blue and green pigments in black dye, and when hair is a light blonde color, there is little to no red pigment to cancel out the green pigment in the hair dye. Let’s take a look at this color chart. Notice how red is direct across from green. They are across from each other because they are complementary colors, meaning they cancel each other out.

3. Mixing The Color Formula

Now that you understand that crucial information, we can start mixing color! In a bowl mix 1 part Wella Color Charm 3n with two parts Wella Color Charm Activating Lotion. For exact measurements, use 20g of Wella Color Charm 3n and 40g Wella Color Charm Activating Lotion. Next, add ½ contents of Colorful Protein Color Filler. This red protein color filler combines pigments of red to create a beautiful chocolate brown shade. Use your color brush to mix the color formula thoroughly. The protein color filler tends to make color formulas on the watery side, so be sure to stir slowly to avoid spilling any color.

4. Applying The Color Formula To The Frontal

Applying the color formula is the hardest part of this process because you have to be super careful not to get hair color on the lace of your frontal. Accidentally getting color in your frontal will stain the lace dark brown. I want you to be unclockable with your new blonde install, so let’s be sure to be extra careful! Place your Private Label Extensions Russian Blonde frontal on a flat surface that is cover with protective plastic. You can use cling wrap or painter’s plastic to protect your surfaces. Brush the frontal our thoroughly to allow for easy parting. Using a rat-tail comb, part the small section of the frontal from one side and clip the rest aside. Dip your color brush into the color formula once, and then wipe off the excess color off of each side of the brush into the color bowl. Be sure that there is no excess color dripping from the brush. Carefully apply the color to roots of the section. Try to get the color as close to the lace without actually touching the lace. Make sure to distribute the color evenly, and there are no missed spots. If you leave any missed spots, they will not be colored, and the result will be inconsistent.

4B) Use A Rat Tail Comb

Once you have thoroughly applied color to the section, use a fine tooth comb to diffuse the color through the line of demarcation. Diffusing the line will give a natural gradient look instead of a harsh dark line. Carefully use your clean rat-tail comb to section off another small section next to the previously colored section. Just like the previous section, dap the color brush into the formula one and wipe off the excess color from each side of the brush into the color bowl. Then apply to the root of the hair as close to the frontal as possible. Thoroughly apply the color to ensure consistent color. Use a fine-tooth comb to diffuse the line of demarcation to avoid a harsh line. Repeat this process until all the hair in the frontal is colored with the formula. Let the color process for 20 minutes.

5. Applying The Color Formula To The Bundles

Applying the color formula to the bundles is a lot easier than the frontal. You only need to apply color to the shortest bundle that is behind the frontal, as the roots in the longest bundle(s) are not visible. Open the shortest bundle and spread it out on your protected surface. Dab the color brush into the color formula once and wipe the excess color on the side of the color bowl. Apply the color on to the roots of the hair. It is okay to get color on the weft, just try not to take the color pass the roots. Diffuse the line of demarcation with a fine-tooth comb, and repeat until the entire bundle is complete.

6. Washing the Color Out

To remove the color formula from the frontal, turn the frontal upside down with the lace facing the ceiling. Run warm-hot water over the lave and allow the color to rinse downward. Use a post-color shampoo like Paul Mitchell Color Protect to thoroughly shampoo the color out of the frontal. Use a moisture-protein balance conditioner like Silicon Mix to restore moisture and protein to the hair. Next, use the same shampoo and conditioner to remove color from the bundles thoroughly. Viola! By this step you should have successfully colored your hair to the perfect NeNe Leakes approved tone. Simply air or blow dry, and install for a sew-in or wig.
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