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Netflix Alert: Nappily Ever After Natural Hair Journeys

A Hair Journey Is Coming to Netflix

A relatable hair journey is coming to the Netflix platform and showcasing the passage of a woman finding herself and creating the life she wants to live. While this may seem like a simple task, she undergoes this journey through something she values the most: her hair. With putting so much identity and pressure to have the perfect hair, which sparked her need for the ideal life, she noticed that things weren’t always as they seemed. Undergoing a breakup with a man she thought was the perfect lover, it opened up her eyes to see her true self. Played by Sanaa Lathan, the main character, Violet Jones is on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and sometimes hair crises.

A Look Through The Different Identities

Violet Jones struggled with connecting her idea of perfection to having the perfect hair, the movie journeys through multiple looks. With each look comes a new “identity” and a test of confidence or even a lack of confidence. The movie teaches a valuable lesson about self-discovery but also displays multiple looks throughout the film. You see each woman in the movie wear different hairstyles, but the lead character goes through the most switch-ups.

Hair Looks That The Women Served

Recollecting her hair journey as a young girl, you see Violet placing perfection on having the perfect straight hair. Sitting in the kitchen getting her hair done with the infamous hot comb, this begins her journey. Always striving for perfection, her mother, played by Lynn Whitfield, is also seen with straight, long tresses. As a kid, Violet loved getting a press and that soon carried over to her adult life.

Straight Hair for The Win

Transitioning into her adult life, Violet's signature look is long, straight hair. Her hair is flawlessly pressed out and worn down for every occasion. Being a businesswoman at a top firm, you see her embrace her hair and not wearing it pulled back into a ponytail or bun.

Natural Hair Is A Critical Theme in The Movie

There’s always a naturalista in the crew of women, and this movie is no different. One of Violet's closest friends in the film wears her natural hair. Sporting styles like twist outs, braid outs, and a curly fro, natural hair makes a statement. A favorite look was the “fro-hawk” one of her friends wore in the movie for a girls night out. The little girl that plays the daughter of Violet’s future love interest also rocks her natural hair. Coming on the scene with a traditional wash and go look, it teaches parents and kids to embrace the natural hair curl patterns.

Switch It Up with Extensions

After Violet’s life seems to go downhill, you see her begin to experiment with different looks. When you don’t want to cut or color your hair permanently, extensions are always a go to. Violet tries out a short, blunt cut bob that’s a platinum blond color for a girls night out. This look is meant to help her step outside of her comfort zone and meet new guys. You also see her mother sport different hairstyles throughout the movie. At the beginning of the film, her mother has long hair. As time progresses, she is seen wearing a shoulder-length, wavy look. In other scenes, she is wearing a bob, something sleek yet subtle compliment her face.

Cut It Off

When nothing seems to be working, she reaches her breaking point and decides to take matters into her own hands. A signature transition in the movie, Violet takes clippers and shaves her head. Usually, when cutting hair off, women start with trimming or chopping subtle lengths of hair. However, Violet was ready to start all the way over and free herself from all the styles. She starts with a completely shaved head which gives everyone closest to her, a shock and takes some adjusting to get used to. As time goes on, you see her hair begin to grow back. Before the movie previews, the public saw Sanaa Lathan rock her freshly shaved head and expressed how well she looked.

The Natural TWA

The TWA, popularly known as “teeny weeny afro” is usually the first stage when you’ve decided to go natural. This small afro is very easy to maintain and helps to show off your curl patterns in the beginning stages. You can add your moisturizer or use a pure gel to help establish your pattern a bit more. Switch it up from time to time with a scarf or headwrap and lay your edges down for a sleek look.

Never Be Afraid to Switch It Up

While every hairstyle may not be for you, there’s nothing wrong with switching it up and experimenting. If you don’t want to alter your hair permanently, look into extensions for a quick switch up and new style. Wigs and clip-ins are always a go to and help create fun looks. Towards the middle and end of the movie, you see Violet gain a new love interest. The love for her didn't come from her new look but more so her confidence and newfound freedom. For so long, you witness her trying to achieve perfection and making sure not one strand is out of place. This movie serves as a metaphor for being able to take control of not just the way others see you but how you see yourself.

There’s A Lesson Through Each Style

Overall, Nappily Ever After is a must see for all women who may struggle with tying their identity to their hair. It’s important to know that you can be fearless with short hair and have confidence. The beauty of hair is that you can always switch it up and rock different looks. A different style to complement your mood or even your outfit for the day is still fun. Nappily Ever After is a movie that every woman and girl can relate to. It is a film that is needed in today’s society and will be a fun journey of love and hair.
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