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New Arrival! Hair Extension Stands!

Hair Extension Stands

If you're wondering what will set your hair extension displays apart for your parties and events it is how your potential customers view your extensions. We've made this fairly easy for you, by launching our new platinum hair extension stands. Investing in this deluxe product for the benefit of your customers will show the dedication you have for your business in a professional way. The presentation is key! The base for these stands is approximately 6" wide. The best part is that they are adjustable in length. They can hold you 10" bundles and then adjust to hold your 32" bundles. hair extension base These hair extension stands will give your display a cleaner and more professional look. We offer these in singles and then by the case. Each case contains five hair extension stands. Take a closer look at how the hair stands will display your hair extension in the video below. These are perfect to display hair extensions in a salon or retail store. The hair stands are also very popular for trade shows. Laying hair extensions on a table is not attractive and will not showcase your hair well.

Hair Stand Quality

You are going to love the quality of the hair stands. The stands are heavy duty and will last for years. The steel construction is durable and the shines to perfection. Cleaning the stands is really simple with a cloth and a light cleaner. You can put the stands together in just a few steps! Putting the perfect hair display together does not have to take a lot of time or cost. Sell more hair and take your appearance to the next level with our top quality hair extension stands!
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