new hair extension packaging options

New Hair Extension Packaging Options

How Is Your Hair Packaging Looking?

When creating a hair brand it is good to brand all of your material with your logo on your hair extension packaging. That makes people remember you. We have our custom hair extension packaging that we customize with your choice of color bags and your logo, which takes 3-4 weeks. However, maybe you're just getting started and don't have your logo totally completed, but still want your presentation to be perfect and quality of your brand to be perfect. Our silk hair extension packaging is very cost-effective, lightweight, and beautiful. The good thing about these is that we inventory them right here in Atlanta, so you will get them extremely quickly.

Silk Hair Extension Packaging

We offer 10 different silky hair bag colors to choose from. These colors include Golden Orange, Red, Silver, White, Black, Royal Blue, Blush Pink, Green, Hot Pink, and Cream.

You can choose various quantities. Minimum order is just 25 bags! Order more and save with increments including 25, 50, 75 and 100.

The perfect size! These hair extension bags are 7 inches wide and 17.5 inches in length. The perfect fit for up to (3) hair extension bundles and a closure or (4) hair extension bundles. You can squeeze (5) bundles in the bag if necessary.

We'll have your silk hair extension bags on the way to you in no time while you wait for your customized bags!

Custom Printed Hair Extension Packaging

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I would like my bags to be custom made I have a picture of one of the bags already how do I proceed

Randy Grandberry

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