night time hair routine for beautful hair

Night Time Hair Routines for Beautiful Hair!

Good Hair Habits for Everybody

No matter what shape or form your hair is in, it is crucial to have a night time hair routine. We all know that your hair does not grow overnight but here are a couple of quick tips so that you wake up with flawless hair in the morning Here are a couple of hair tips you should follow no matter what kind of hair you have in your head.

Put All Your Hair Products in One Place

Putting your hair products in one spot will prevent you from skipping out on any necessary steps. I know we all get super tired some nights and do not want to take those couple extra minutes or seconds to look for that one hair product. Putting all your products in one place will allow you to give your hair all the tender care and love it needs. This step will also save you time when getting ready in the morning!

Do Not Sleep with Wet Hair

I know we all have nights where we are too lazy or tired of waiting for our hair to dry overnight. Doing this once in a while is ok, but if you are a repeat offender of this, you may want to start washing your hair a little earlier in the day. Sleeping with wet hair can cause your hair to stretch and break more, and nobody wants damaged locks.

Prep Your Hair at Night

Doing your hair the night before is crucial when you want to save time in the am. Prepping your hair the night before is especially essential when you are trying to change the natural state of your hair. Especially if you are natural you have to do your twist out, braid out, and Bantu knots the night before if you want them to come out perfect. If you're going to straighten your hair it is best to do it the night before and then just wrap it overnight.

Massage Your Scalp

If you want healthy and long hair scalp massages are your best friend. Scalp massages circulate blood and increase the blood flow to your hair follicles which promotes hair growth. You can also add oils to your fingertips and massage it into your scalp using a circular motion to prevent a dry scalp and dandruff.


If your hair is feeling a little dry before bed, you want to moisturize. Moisturizing your hair might be in the form of adding oil or a leave-in conditioner. You can also use a hair steamer. Steamers work by the hydrating dry hair through steam. The moist heat from the steam also promotes hair growth. The steam lifts your hair cuticles which allows products to penetrate your hair shaft for optimal moisture. This process also helps to heal damaged hair!

Silk/Satin Pillows and Bonnets

Silk and satin bonnets and pillows are essential especially when you are natural. If you sleep without a bonnet on cotton pillows or sheets, this can wreak havoc on your hair over time. Cotton pillowcases can remove moisture from your hair because cotton absorbs all your natural oils while you are asleep. Sleeping on a cotton pillow can cause frizz and breakage. Satin and silk pillowcases are smooth so your hair won’t get tangled while you are sleeping. If you do not want to get a satin or silk pillowcase, you can always purchase bonnets as an alternative. You can even buy some bonnets infused with oils that will give your hair extra moisture.

Anti-Frizz Products

Anti-frizz products are a must so you can wake up with beautiful and sleek hair. If you like voluminous hair frizz can be your best friend but when you want defines curls frizz is not what you want. To prevent that you can add some anti-frizz products while moisturizing your hair at night and wake up with perfect defined curls.

Tips and Tricks for Specific Styles

Not everybody's hair is the same, so some people need to take additional measures when taking care of their hair before bed. Here are some tips and tricks for specific hairstyles.


Sleeping with a bonnet or satin sheets is still a great idea even if you are bald. A bonnet will prevent you from getting those annoying little dust bunnies in your hair. If you are planning on growing your hair this will prevent you from getting split ends.

Natural Hair

When you have natural hair, it is essential to have a good nighttime routine, so you wake up with beautiful hair in the morning. Nighttime is the perfect time to do the loc method. The word LOC stands for liquid oil and conditioner or cream. This technique is ideal for giving your hair the moisture that it craves.


Pineappling your hair is when you gather all your hair to the top or crown of your head and use a hair tie to secure it while leaving your ends out. The pineappling method helps to keep your curls popping by preventing you from squishing them while you're sleeping. When you do not use this method, you can run into the issue of flat or misshapened curls in the morning. But if you are not a fan of this technique you can always throw on your bonnet before bed.

How to Preserve a Wash and Go

Being able to rock any natural hairstyle is a blessing. A wash n go is a common natural hairstyle. Here are three ways you can preserve your wash and go overnight. Here are some of the products you'll need:
    • Water
    • Shower cap
    • Hair tie pomade
1. Lightly spray your hair with water then put a shower cap on your head. 2. After putting on the shower cap place your bonnet or scarf on and you are ready for bed. 3. Putting on a shower cap before bed night sounds crazy but it helps you to wake up with another bomb wash and go. The moisture from the water and your body heat create a greenhouse effect that allows your curls look cute and fluffy when you wake up in the morning. If you do not want to go to bed with a shower cap on here are two other alternatives. 1. Using your hands separate your hair into sections four sections 2. loosely braid them while leaving the ends undone. If your braids start to unravel, you can add a rubber band where your hair transitions from the braid to your curls 3. Put on your satin scarf or bonnet, and you are ready for bed This next method is similar to braiding, but instead, you will be using hair ties. 1.Part your hair into four sections using your hands or a comb Lightly spray each section with water and smooth the water into your hair. 2. Take one individual and wrap a hair tie around the section. 3. You can put the hair tie near the ends of your hair to achieve a stretched out wash-and-go.

Preserving a Twist out or Braid-Out

Always keep in mind that after the first day a style may not look as defined or frizz free on the second day, but it is possible to achieve the same curls with the right method and products. 1. The first thing you can do is apply pomade or gel to your edges, so they are laid when you wake up in the morning. 2. After applying the product unto your hairline use, a brush to smooth it down then use a satin scarf to set your edges into place. 3. You can choose between loosely twisting your hair or putting it up into a pineapple 4. Tie your hair loosely with a hair tie 5. Throw on your bonnet and tuck yourself in and you are ready for good night's sleep.

Straight Styles

As a natural when you straighten your hair you want it to last a little while because you don’t straighten it often. Wrapping your hair is key to ensuring that your hair stays sleek and straight as long as possible. Tools you will need:
  • Oil
  • A wide tooth comb
  • Bobby Pins
  • A brush 1. Add oil to your hair for added moisture before you begin the wrapping 2. Take a wide-toothed comb and a brush. Then part your hair from the center of your forehead all the way back to the center of your crown. 3. Using your comb begin to wrap your hair (you can go clockwise or counterclockwise depending on what you are comfortable with). Use the brush to smooth your hair down as you begin to wrap 4. You should stop every so often to add bobby pins to secure your hair to your head 5. After wrapping your hair put on your silk scarf or bonnet.

Curly and Wavy Hair

When you have curly to wavy hair, the worst thing is waking up to a big frizzy mess in the morning. Here is how to keep your curls or waves nice and defined for the morning. Products you'll need:
  • Leave in conditioner
  • Oil
  • Comb
1. Divide your hair into two or four sections using a comb or your hand 2. Take a small amount of leave in conditioner and apply it to each section. Then apply oil to each section to seal in the moisture from the conditioner 3. For wavy: Braid each section(you can make the braids tight or loose depending on how you want your waves to appear), and you are ready for bed. For Curly Hair: roll each section up into a bun In a few couple steps, you can wake up to flawless curls and waves

For Naturally Straight Hair

If you wash your hair at night make sure that it thoroughly dries before going to bed. Her is a hair routine for naturally straight hair before bed. Products you'll need:
    • A brush
    • Nourishing oil
    • A hair tie
If you are working on freshly washed hair make sure to blow dry before brushing 1. Begin to brush your hair starting at your ends and work your way up to your roots 2. After brushing choose your favorite nourishing oil and distribute it all over your hair 3. Put your hair up in a ponytail or bun. Make sure not to make the hair tie suer tight to prevent dents in your hair as well as traction alopecia around your hairline Quick tip: Do not use metal hair ties because they can cause breakage

Preserving Curled Straight Hair

If you are using heatless methods to curl your hair, your best bet is to leave whatever you use to form the curls you are using until the next morning. When using a curling iron, you can always use a bobby pin to the secure your curls and ensure that they still look popping in the am. This process can vary depending on what way you are obtaining your curls. If you are using heat make sure to use a heat protectant before curling your hair, this will help to prevent heat damage.


For a weave, the steps for taking care of your hair are pretty straightforward. And if you follow these few steps you can lengthen the wear time of your install. You want to moisturize your scalp and hair underneath your weave. Moisturizing your scalp is a crucial step when trying to prevent breakage and dry hair and scalp. If you have human hair bundles, follow the routine for you textured hair with the steps above.


If your wig is not sewn down or glued down the best thing you can do is taking it off before going to bed. The best way to preserve your wig is to not sleep in it. Taking you wig off at night extends the life and wear of your wig as well as allows your natural hair to breath. Set it on a wig stand or mannequin head this way it’s ready for you to throw on the next morning. But to ensure a quick install in the morning, you should prep your natural hair the night before. Make sure to moisturize your hair and oil your scalp before cornrowing your hair or slicking it back into a ponytail.

Individual Braids

When you have individuals, one of the keys to keeping your hair neat for a long time is how you take care of your braids at night. All you'll need is some hair grease/oil as well as oil sheen or braid spray. 1. One of the first things you want to do is grease or oil your scalp. Greasing your scalp will keep your hair moisturized while you have this style at all while promoting hair growth. 2. Spray oil sheen or braid and extension sheets spray to your hair. Using oil sheen will give your braids a beautiful natural luster for when you wake up in the morning 3. After spraying the oil onto your braids, you are going to want to rub it in to make sure you have an even distribution 4. Lastly, put on your bonnet, and you are ready for bed What you do for your hair at night is just as important as what you do to it during the day. A good night time hair routine seals the deal in the morning and makes life easier especially for those of us who are on the go. So next time before you go to bed follow one of these nighttime routines to ensure that you wake up with bomb hair! What are some of your nighttime routines for your hair? Let us know by leaving a comment!
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