overcoming natural hair adversity

Overcoming Natural Hair Adversity

Always, live in your truth!

If we think back to about 15-20 years, people did indeed wear their natural hair. However, for some reason, it’s a “thing” now. Some even call it a trend. But you look at it, wearing your natural hair in today's society is a hot topic.

For many, it says a lot about a woman who can stand firm in her skin and rock her natural hair. Because of course, it was the hair she was born with so why wouldn’t she? Well, there are many women, sadly who wouldn’t, for many reasons.

As much as the natural hair community has grown, there are still many souls in the world who don’t agree with that look. So, I am here today to shed some light on the adversities that many face while staying true to themself.

There are just far too many women who fall victim to the way society wants us to be, and I’ll try my best to put an end to that.


Dealing With Society

Honestly, ladies, the best way to overcome natural hair adversity, is to be confident in the beautiful skin you have!

I can’t tell you how many women I have met who say they would love to rock their natural hair “if only it were curlier, or softer, or like yours.” You must let go of that mindset if you ever want to make progress in the self-love department. Because the truth is, if you don’t like your hair, you will hold on to the negative things other people will say. And trust me, so many people will not love your hair.

The society we live in today, sometimes makes it's so hard for us to be our true selves. With constant comparison at our fingertips from social media, dealing with standards at work and so much more, it's hard.

But most importantly, you have to have a strong love for yourself, or you will break each time something comes against what you stand for or believe. Make sure you fall in love with your hair and understand your hair does not define you. Your hair is merely an extension of who you are.

There have been so many different occasions when people have asked me if I’m doing my hair, why am I wearing my hair a certain way, so many other ridiculous questions. However, it doesn’t bother me because I know my hair is the bomb.

I know that I have strong confidence in my natural hair and don’t need people to agree or disagree with my style of choice.


Dealing With Adversity in The Public Light

Don’t think for a second that us regular folk are the only ones dealing with the adversity of our beautiful tresses; celebs and public figures go through it as well.

Have you heard of the Meteorologist, Corallys Ortiz? She’s a Tennessee Meteorologist who recently made headlines over her natural hair. A viewer called in to voice their unwarranted opinion on Ortiz's hair. The viewer told her she shouldn’t wear her hair like “that” again and to wear it more “normal.”

Ortiz took to social media to share her experience and mentioned how she felt about the viewer’s opinion. Ortiz is far from bothered. She shed light on how many women of color have issues with wearing their natural hair because society thinks its “not professional” but in recent years, it's gotten a lot better.

She also made a note that she’ll be wearing her curly hair on-air, in the future and that this one situation won’t affect her.

But the sad part of it all is that whoever that viewer was, really went out of their way to make a phone call to tell Ortiz how they felt…about her hair!

Hey, it’s the world we live in though and I’m so proud that Ortiz stood her ground!


Overcoming Adversity in the Work Place

Have you ever had a job interview coming up and been told to “do something with your head?”

Well, I have, and I never understood what the big deal was. However, so many people feel the need to rock a bun or straighten their hair when they have professional interviews to attend. Many people never understood why I was so against this; its because its wrong!

The root of this issue goes back to me mentioning how important it is for you to be confident in your skin. Whenever I had job interviews, I wore my hair curly, just as it grew from my scalp. And you know what, if I didn’t get hired for a job, it was because I wasn’t meant to have it me; not because of my hair.

I have had countless arguments over this issue and always hear other natural haired people say “but why not play the role and then let your natural hair out if you get hired?”

But why should I have to play some role when my hair doesn’t define me? I mean, Indie Ire said it best with one of her popular songs, “I Am Not My Hair.” And that right there is a fact ladies, and don’t ever forget it.

If something in this world is for you, remember that you will always have it and don’t have to fake your way.


I Came I Saw I Conquered

So, if you’re still wondering how to overcome natural hair adversity, know its quite simple. Just be YOU!

Love yourself, be kind to yourself, and always do what you want to do. Respect yourself and of course, still, be confident in everything you do; especially when it comes to your hair. Us naturals know and fully understand that it's not always an easy road on this journey.

Sometimes our hair doesn’t turn out how we want it or sometimes the humidity messes with it, and there are times when folks will ask you silly questions because they don’t know what else to do.

But have no fear. You are not your hair. Your hair is merely an extension of who you are. So, if you find yourself ever doubting your natural hair journey, think of that Tennessee Meteorologist, Corallys Ortiz who faced it in the spotlight.

She came, she saw, she conquered.

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