how to wear oversized scrunchies and barretts like an adult

How to Wear Oversized Scrunchies & Barretts Like An Adult

Trends are Cyclical

I think it hit me after watching Bruno Mars and Cardi B dance across my screen in their freshest 90’s gear in the Finesse video. What goes around really does come back around. I remember watching my mom clean out her closet and showing me this fly leather skirt. I had to have been in 8th grade, a time that I was too young to appreciate a good leather piece and had no idea why anyone would wear a knee-length skirt. I scoffed at the vintage goods and went back to cleaning my converse sneakers as I commented that she was crazy. Now in my twenty-somethings, I realize that it was me who was out of my mind and I would have slayed in these streets with that form-fitting skirt. Sorry PETA, I am not sorry! So now that I am older and wiser, I can appreciate that a trend I was able to participate in as a child, is now circling back around. The scrunchie/barrette trend. However, this trend did have me a little worried. I mean aside from Hillary Clinton, I could not think of a grown woman in her right mind bold enough to wear a scrunchie or barrette in their everyday life, and let’s be honest...that is because it is tough to even consider pulling off that look without resembling an overgrown toddler. But keep reading, because I have gathered some hacks for you to successfully rock this trend and still preserve your sexy!

With Scrunchies Do…

Experiment with textures

Basic is not always best, and that is a phrase that you should keep in mind when shopping for your perfect throwback scrunchie. The basic single color cotton scrunch will have you looking like an extra on Barney and Friends. Instead, try buying a silk or crushed velvet scrunchie to give your hair tie some edge! You can also try scrunchies made of a lace or organza material if you want to add an elegant flair to an otherwise saucy outfit. Some brands even take the basic cotton scrunchie and add ribbing, something as simple as that can give your scrunchie the umph it needs to go to the next level. The scrunchie texture shows you're old enough to know that the trend requires some elevation, having you going from 3 to 30 real quick!

Stick to a Monochromatic Look

Recently, it girl Jasmine Sanders was seen partying poolside in Vegas with her celebrity boo Terrence J and a scrunchie! That’s right, the runway model sported her blunt cut bob in a half up half down style and used an oversized hair tie to create a throwback, nostalgic feel. Let me tell you, it worked. However, what I noticed was that her looks went off without a hitch because her scrunchies and her outfits were all the same color. Take a page out of her books and do the same. Make you scrunchie match your top and pants or your shoes to tie the look together and add some color to your locs. Think of it as something to break up the color block that is your hair.

Dress too Casual

Scrunchies have a way of taking you from casual to bummy very quickly. So we do caution again dressing too casual when attempting to take part in this trend. We realize it is hard with the current athleisure trend covering every magazine and billboard with a five-mile radius, but whenever I think of a large scrunchie and sweats, I think of the Olsen twins on Full House. As cute as those twins were back in the 90's nothing will make me get my slay together quicker! If you are looking for age appropriate hairstyles to try out with your new scrunchies try:

1. Half Up & Half Down

Just split your hair into a top section and a bottom section, proceed to gather the hair at the top of your head with a plain hair tie to secure it. You want the look to be sleek and polished, so a thinner elastic will do the trick! Then, cover that elastic with your decorative scrunchie and straighten the bottom half of your hair to show your length.

2. A French Braid

For those of you that have mastered the art of french braids and fishtails, large scrunchies can make your braid look even more on trend. Give yourself a side part and braid your hair down to the end of your length. Using your fingers go up your braid about 2 inches from the bottom and secure it with a smaller elastic. Cover that elastic with a cheetah print or satin scrunchie and go on with your slay!

3. A Super High Pony!

The high pony will always be the GOAT! However, if you are into experimenting with your hair texture, you can still use a scrunchie to draw attention to your look. Before creating your ponytail try throwing a couple of braids in your hair the night before. In the morning take those braids down and brush your hair up to the top of your head. Secure your wavy tresses with an elastic and be sure to slick down the base of your ponytail. Cover that elastic with a scrunchie of your choice and look at how the textures and the large hair tie play off each other for drastic touch!

With Barrettes Do…

Pay Attention to Placement

Much like the hair bow, your mom would place on the top of your head as a child to let everyone know you were a girl. The placement of a hair barrette does matter! In fact, the same barrette that can make you look on trend can make you 13 if put in the wrong spot on your head. Keeping this in mind, the hot spots for barrettes when you are over 21 are as follows:
  • Stacked behind either ear or both (think the decorative bobby pin tend)
  • The nape of your neck when securing a low ponytail.
  • Right at your temple when you want to keep your bangs or shorter front layers out of your face.
Do not try to modify these rules ladies! They are non-negotiable.


Get Too Flashy

Leave pastel colors in the past, along with the rubber glitter that used to adorn the tops of barrettes. Instead, swap those out for brass tone barrettes made of metal hardware. You can dress those up option up by selecting the clips and fasteners with costume jewels attached to them. The barrettes made with those materials can be worn with different looks and match almost anything. They are also office friendly for you ladies with a corporate 9 to 5!

Worry About The Type of Barrette

Whether it's a clip that snaps on and off, a jumbo fastener holding your low ponytail flat, or a circular barrette, all barrettes are coming back. The plus about all of this is that every hair length and type can participate in the trend because all of the barrettes are coming back with an option for ladies old enough to do their own hair. However, I will say this regardless of how excited you are about this trend it is a huge no-no to sleep in your barrettes. To all of my curly haired friends especially, you will rip your hair out! If you are looking for some ways to spice up your current hairstyles with your new barrettes try these two ideas:

1. Securing your bangs

For those of you with longer bangs feel free to straighten your hair and hit your style with a side part. Then brush your bangs to the side and pin them behind each ear with three or four jeweled pins to add flash to your look.

2. Adding some sophistication to your messy pony!

If your curls or waves are looking a little tired and you have no time to get them together, secure your hair at the nape of your neck, but make sure it is off center to play off of your tousled hair texture, then use a flat hair clasp like barrette to cover your small elastic.

Go Back In Time

Although they may seem like an extreme blast from the past, scrunchies and barrettes are a great way to liven up your look. They can also and give you a chance to relive a past trend while still being on trend. To successfully pay homage to these hair accessories as an adult remember that you have to pay a little more attention to your selection of these accessories. They cannot be made of basic materials like cotton or be colored your favorite Crayola colors. If you keep that in mind you can experiment with textures, prints, and jewelry like accessories for your hair and have fun doing it! How are you taking part in the scrunchie and barrette trend? Comment below some styles you have done with your hair!
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