how to take the perfect hair selfie

Wait, Let Me Take A Helfie: How To Take The Perfect Hair Selfie

Tips to Master the Art of the Self Portrait

You’ve just stepped out of the salon or even out of the comfort of your own home with a fresh banging hairstyle. It’s time to show of your new do. A bomb selfie is now in order but how can you make the picture stand out? PLE has the recipe for the perfect hair selfie. But first, let’s chat about the origin and buzz surrounding the selfie. The New York Post states that "self-portraits or selfies have been around since photography became an affordable hobby for millions in the mid 19th century." Our friends down under have claimed that they invented the term “selfie” after its first known use was revealed to by an Australian describing a photograph taken while getting drunk at a 21st birthday party. According to Wikipedia, “a selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a smartphone, held in hand or by a selfie stick. A hair selfie, or known as 'helfie', focuses only on your hair. Now that we’ve cleared up the definition for those who may not know, let’s get to the good stuff. Here is what you need:
  • Your smartphone
  • Selfie stick (optional)
  • Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or your choice of social media outlets
  • A fun mood and attitude
  • Self-confidence
  • Natural light or a light ring which illuminates a light for front or back camera.
Here are my top tips for helping you accomplish the most fabulous hair selfies.

Tip #1 Lighting for Your Selfie

For you to accomplish the best selfie, I advise you to look for the direct sunlight which can sometimes be very harsh. My suggestion is to use natural light and remember that daylight is the best. If you don't want to go outside, you can also take a selfie facing an open window. I have heard that it is even better than the ring-light.

Tip #2 Confidence

If you want a fire hair selfie; you need to throw all of your shyness and inhibitions out of the door. Showcase your hairstyle from the correct angle, give the camera your sexy eyes and duck lips, raise your brows, and show off your smile. I promise the pics will be memorable. If you feel insecure, this will reflect in your pictures. Either you are doing the "fake smile," or your face will seem tense to those who view your pics. Your mood also shows through the pictures you post. People are usually more appealing when they are happy people rather than upset or sad people. Positivity makes you more attractive in your photographs, and the effect will showcase the beauty of your hair.

Tip #3 Just Be You

Whether your showing off your hair extensions or natural hair, make sure the picture represents who you are. Don’t ever try to display pictures that make you feel uncomfortable. There’s only one you, so make your hairstyle shine for your viewers. People can sense phoniness so smile from the soul and let your hair shine!

Tip #4 Background and Props for the Picture(s)

The primary focus of your selfie should be your hair. But what’s something take could divert the attention from the focal point?: A messy background. So tidy up the room and make sure if your outside that your kid’s toys aren't in the background. Simply put, take at your surrounding before you click your camera. Also if you are taking a selfie in the mirror ensure that the mirror is clean!

Tip #5 Catch Your Good Side

There’s a reason you see people going back and forth to find the right angle on their phones when trying to take a selfie: they want a top-notch photo. There is a trick to capturing the most flattering hair photo. One of the essential selfie tips that you can ever receive is to know your angles which is key to any good selfie. Unlike what most people think, holding the phone at an angle from above is not the business. Instead, hold the phone vertically and slightly off-center at less than an arm’s length away from your face. And as for the shoulders: holding the phone slightly to the left or right of the center of the frame just enough so that one shoulder and half of the other is visible. Always make sure that you frame the photo in a way that highlights the new feature that has you so ready to flaunt your fabulous hairstyle. Don’t forget to add a good pair of sunglasses, a beautiful ring or bracelet or even a fresh manicure Adding a little movement (insert Beyonce Coachella fan) or prop to the selfie can instantly add some fun and appeal to your picture.

Tip #6 Makeup

I would suggest a bit of makeup to complement your hairstyle. Some options are: foundation, eyeshadow and liner, mascara and a tinted gloss or lipstick will add a spark to your selfie. But I would suggest not to overdo it because you want the focal point to be your hair, not the makeup.

Tip #7 Your Hair

Your face should be in the center of the photo frame, closer to the top and in the case of taking the perfect hair selfie, your hair should be brought and styled to the front so that those who see your picture can get the full view of your new style.

Tip # 8 Filters

From the dog ears to the flowered crown, a cool filter can add a fun element to your hair selfie.

Now smile for the Camera

So now that you have all the tools to take the hair selfie of your dreams, we encourage you to jump on the bandwagon and start snapping those pics. PLE has granted you the ultimate bragging rights so show us what you got in the comments!
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