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Getting Started

Being an entrepreneur is one of the greatest and scariest things anyone can experience.

It’s a great feeling because you own a business! You can do what you want when you want, and you don't have to report to anyone. However, it can be scary because sometimes you don’t know the outcome of certain situations.

Your business can change at any moment, and just the overall journey of it all can be a lot, at times. Also, being the owner of a hair business can be a struggle at times because it’s already a large industry. You want always to make sure you’re staying on top of your game because there’s already plenty of competition.

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But before you get to experience any of that, you must start a business first! You need to have an idea, plan, and then execute it.

One of the things some people struggle with is having an idea in mind but not a name. Then once they get the name, they have to go through the process of figuring out a logo. It’s not as easy as it seems though.

Your business name and logo will represent you, so you don’t want it to be mediocre. But have no worries; I’m going to give you some tips to help make that process a little bit smoother!

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Study Your Industry

It always helps to be inspired when trying to come up with a name. Inspiration fuels many great things and one way to be inspired is to study your industry. You should immerse yourself as much as you can with the hair industry. Get to know it in its entirety.

Read Read Read

A lot of people don’t know the benefits of reading but it is beyond fundamental.

When you read, it brings your brain alive. Your brain turns words into photos and begins to change the structure of your brain. A lot of people read specifically for the fact that it fuels their brains. You will often hear people say “this idea came out of nowhere.”

When you read, you’re reprogramming your mind. So when you’re out at a coffee shop or mall, your mind gets triggered and will help you to figure certain things out.

So it's going to be important to study the hair industry by reading books related to your interest. Find books on anything hair related too. You can read hair magazines and Internet blogs, as well. Books and blogs will offer more insight from people's opinions.

Seeing how others view the hair industry can help you a lot. You won’t only eventually come up with a name, but I’m sure you will learn some new information that can help you with your business.

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Attend Events

Attending events is crucial because most hair events have more than just hair vendors.

The beauty industry as a whole is typically the focus of the events. You get to meet people and also see first-hand other hair businesses. While you’re in attendance, it’s best to be observant.

You want to pay attention to the colors, the brands, and their products. You want to soak up as much information as possible. Take a mental note of it, and I’m sure you will begin to spark some ideas for a great hair business name!

Do Research

It’s not always best to wait around for one thing to happen while putting other stuff off.

When starting a business, some people can’t move to the next thing unless another project is complete. While in some instances that’s fine but not always.

If you have an idea for a hair business and can’t figure out a name, continue building your business in the meantime. If you continue researching all that you need for your business, eventually a name will come to you.

I’m an author of two books, and when I wrote my first book, the title came so naturally to me. However, that wasn’t the case for my second book. It wasn't until I finished writing the book that I got an idea for the title.

There is plenty of work needed for a hair business, so just keep working and the name will follow.


Networking is important because you get to interact with other like-minded people.

Don’t be afraid to even set up meetings with people who are also in the hair business. So many people have this misconception that they shouldn’t get help from companies who are already doing what they want to do. Well, if you want to be the number #1 hair company in the world, it would be wise to talk to that company to see how their journey went when they first started.

I’m sure they won’t give you all their secrets but they can still help, and you never know what you may learn. As I mentioned earlier, when you’re coming up with a great business name, you want to learn as much as you can about your industry.

The more you expose yourself, the more inspiration you will have to produce greatness.

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Be Strategic

We all know that the hair industry is already super crowded. But that’s not totally a bad thing. Being in a saturated industry should push you to be different and stand out.

When you're strategic, it means you have a detailed purpose behind whatever it is you’re doing. When you’re thinking of a name for your hair business, try to have a story behind it. Have your business name match your business, if that makes sense. Are you following? Okay here’s an example below:

In Roswell, GA there’s an antique store called "The Classy Clutter."

When you walk inside, there is actual classy clutter all around the place. Their name also stands out, and it’s super catchy too! Although that example is unrelated to hair, the message can still be applied to you finding a good name.

Have you thought about why you’re starting a hair business? Your ‘why’ should always be your foundation when doing anything. Understanding what you are ‘why’ can help steer you in the right direction as well.

Be Creative

I once watched a motivational video where a guy said, “You should always want to be at the top because it’s the bottom that’s overpopulated.” In other words, be different!

Since the hair industry is so big, you want to make sure you're standing out. Think outside the box. Going back to your ‘why”, think about what makes your hair business different than the next person? When you come up with something, just think about that ‘thing’ and break it down. You can try to come up with a name by being creative with the difference.

Normally your ‘why’ is the difference you’re trying to make in the industry.

Is your first or last name unique?

A lot of companies use their name for their business.

Your name may stand out and maybe just what you need. Remember, that your business name isn’t just a name, it’s your brand, and it will always represent you. You may be someone who has always been known to switch up their hairstyles often and has a cool personality.

So that could be your brand and be incorporated into your hair business and name. Someone with that type of personality could have a hair business that only sells cool funky wigs.

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Have a Mentor

Having a mentor is important when owning a business.

People get mentors for all different reasons, but one common reason is that they want to have someone in their corner who is keeping them focused. Having someone to look up to is also important. You could even seek a mentor who used to be in the hair industry.

Being around a person who is full of knowledge in the hair world is a recipe for inspiration. They could also give you things to think about and help you come up with a name.



So once you come up with your business name, it’s now time to create a logo!

Your logo will be your design that represents your company. And at times, it can be yet another long process to try and come up with just like the business name process. But below I will give you some tips to try and follow to make it smoother for you.


When you’re creating a logo, you will need to find a graphic designer. But don’t just find any graphic designer; try to find one who specializes in hair designs.

Just because someone loves to draw doesn’t mean they love or even know how to draw everything. You will want someone who enjoys doing what they do. Also, if you’re having a hard time coming up with the exact logo layout, they could help give you ideas since they specialize in it.

Keep it Simple

For the most part, logos are simplistic so don’t overthink it!

Yes, the logo will represent your brand and business, but it’s mostly just going to be a symbol. Try to analyze your business name and see if you come up with an image that will bring it alive. For example, a common logo you see for many hair businesses is a silhouette of a woman or a woman’s head.

The company represents hair for women, and the logo reflects that.


While you’re creating the best logo, you want to keep in mind how you can make it memorable.

You want people to remember your logo. You want people to say, “wow look at that logo.” A good way to do that is, if you have letters in your logo, replace a letter with a picture.

For example, if you have the letter "O" in your logo, replace it with a funky circle image and that will allow it to stand out. You want something that will be catchy to the eye. The brain is better at capturing and remembering images than words.

Think Big

Think Big

Just like your business name, you don’t want to be cliché. Don’t have a great business name and then a basic logo.

Your logo can still be simple but have great meaning and also stand out. Think outside the box by maybe getting the name 3D or having real vibrant colors. You want your logo to be able to scream for you.

Remember, all colors have meanings. So when you think about the message behind your business name, try and see if there’s a color that represents that for the logo.

Second Opinion

Although you may love the logo you come up with; you want it to be the best so you may want to think about having other people review your work.

Show your logo to someone without telling him or her about it and see what comes to his or her mind after the first glance. Whatever your message is, you want the world to see it in the same light as you do.

You don’t want them to view your work and have a different perception of it. When creating greatness, you should love what you’re doing but at the same time keep your audience in mind.

Hair Business Logo

Ready- Set- Go!

You should now be ready to begin the process of creating a business name and logo.

As you can see, it’s not hard work, but it just requires a lot of brainstorming. One thing you never want to do is rush something that will be around forever. Of course, you’re able to change everything when you want, but why would you?

You don’t want the world to try and remember you then have to relearn who you are again. So try to come up with something special the first time.

Don’t forget the hair industry is very big; there are constant changes and new faces every day, so you have to make sure you stand out.

Remember to always focus on your ‘why’ which is your purpose. What is that ‘thing’ that makes you different and how can you convey that through a name and logo; that question should be in your mind while you’re brainstorming.

Most importantly, have fun while creating it! Don’t stress out. Enjoy the process and above all else, be different!

Let me know below in the comment section if you have a hair business and how you came up with the perfect name and logo for it!

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