why everybody is loving pink hair and you should too

Why Everybody is Loving Pink Hair and You Should Too!

Pink is For You, You and You

It’s not just on Wednesdays that everyone wears pink. People also have pink hair. The vibrant color has become a trend and more, a lifestyle for those who are wanting to be more exciting with their hair choices. The hair color isn’t just exclusive to young people either; everyone is doing it: Your favorite celebrities, soccer moms, even grandmothers who plan to be forever young. Women all over are making a statement with their hair and the color pink is amplifying their voices without having to say a word. Whether it’s to try something different or merely to follow the new trends, pink hair is loved, and pink hair is an experience that everyone should embark on at least once in their lifetime.

Your faves are wearing it

Let’s be honest, how many times have you checked your Instagram feed and seen your favorite celebrity rocking pink hair? More times than not. Celebrities and influencers are known for embracing the pink hair lifestyle. There are no corporate restrictions on how they can express themselves and most times, they look amazing. You love pink hair because your favorite singer, rapper, or celebrity stylist has pink hair, and if they look good with the hair color, then you know you can pull it off too. Celebrities make pink hair look fun, and they make you want to dye your hair pink because you can tell that they genuinely love the hair color. It’s fun, and it’s a trend of its own time after time.

Make a Statement Without Saying A Word

Maybe it’s the rebellious association that has people ready to color their hair pink or it’s the spontaneity that inspires people to try the color in the hair at least once. For some, at a young age, it starts with a few pink streaks here and there throughout your hair; When you get older, you’re able to lose control and have a full head of pink hair. It’s exciting, and it’s a bold statement, having pink hair shows that you don’t care what people have to say or think about your decisions, you’re confident, and you do what you want when you want. People began to gravitate towards pink hair and love it because it’s more than a color, it’s an experience. You can dye your hair bubblegum pink and make a statement of being cute and soft. Or, you can dye your hair hot pink and make a statement of being rebellious and fun, the options are endless, and it’s a color that everyone will love no matter the shade.

Pink hair Plays Jedi Mind tricks

The color pink is the “the color of passion.” People find it easier to approach you because the color sends out softer and younger features versus your typical dark hair. The color pink can give others the feeling of calmness and safety and is less aggressive than a heavy color like red. With so many crazy happenings in the world and even in your personal life, the color pink will always bring a feeling of youthfulness and innocence. Maybe people have wanted to approach you before, but your black or brown hair gives off, “I’m too serious and don’t want to be bothered at all,” it’s the complete opposite with pink hair. People automatically love you; they want to know more about you, it’s almost like you’ve become a mystique character and people have to get to know who the person is behind the pink hair. You exude “cotton candy and hugs and kisses,” and people can’t get enough of it, they don’t know what has come over them, they know they want more.

Stand Out

Having pink hair also helps you to express individuality. Seriously, everyone remembers the girl with the pink hair, whether it’s a faint pink or a deep shade of pink, no one can forget it. Even with multiple people having pink hair, the diversity of the color will never have you looking the same as the next person with a pop of pink added to their hair. Even if you’re not seeking attention, people won’t be able to look away from your hair, and they may want the details on how to achieve such a pretty, vibrant color. Dark colors can seem so dreary and make you easily forgettable, but once you go pink...you’re introducing people around you to a whole new world. Whether you’re spicing your hair up to break away from the annoying stereotype of corporate or you’re a soccer mom of 3 who is looking for a new adventure, no one will ever forget your pink tresses.

Be Sexy, Fun, and Feminine in a Different Way

Dying hair pink have is life-changing. Most people never go back to the typical blonde or black colored hair. Pink is soft, it’s cute, and it’s girly .. even if that’s not your overall style, it can help bring that out of you. The beauty of hair is that we never change it to impress others, it’s sometimes because we need a change within ourselves and it will give you a softer, more feminine change.

Get Ready to Switch It Up

Color your hair pink or grab some extensions and experiment with the color, everyone loves the hair color, and it brings a pop of life and excitement to you and everyone that encounters you. Pink hair has been around since the 1990’s (and probably before then) and won’t be going out of style anytime soon and will continue to serve as a top choice for anyone that’s looking for an exciting change.
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