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Pretty in Pink: 10 Great Pink Makeup Looks With That Go Good With Voluminous Curly Hair

Curls for Love Day

Valentine's Day is not the only time of the year to rock some popping pink makeup. Cute, feminine and playful describe this vibrant springtime color and looks well paired with big, curly hair. There is something about big sweet curls and gumdrop makeup to match that makes you feel feminine and powerful. Even a touch of pink lipstick can drastically boost your mood, and I am always down to making people feel more confident in themselves. Don't worry if your hair is not huge or curly, we at PLE got you covered with our wide variety of voluminous curly and wavy extensions, clip-ins and wigs. From makeup gurus to the newbie, we have your pink makeup inspiration. Here are ten perfectly pink makeup beauty looks that are sure to compliment your voluminous curly hair and give ethereal goddess vibes wherever you go.

#1 Pink Slight Work

For the pink makeup novice or the girl who only wants a touch of pink, lining the eyes with pink eyeliner adds just enough pop of color and balances the sexy look of a traditional black cat eye. A sleek cat-eye with a bright or deep pink gives you the right amount of sultry and playful. Pair this simple and sophisticated look with our Malaysian Body Wave extensions. Using a large barrel curling wand, create large curls that frame your face and fall on the outer corners of your eyes. This style will bring the attention to your gorgeous pink cat-eye and highlight your cheekbones. Now with a pink makeup look and smooth curls that focuses on your eyes, you have free reign to practice your smize and capture that perfect selfie!

#2 The Perfect Pink Pout

Whether you always have your lipgloss popping or cannot live unless your lipstick is matte, pink lipstick will give the right amount of confidence at your next executive meeting or date night with your beau. When choosing the right pink makeup for your perfect pout, opt for shades that complement your undertone. One way of assessing your skin's undertone is by looking at your veins on the underside of your wrists. If your veins appear green, then you most likely have a warm undertone. Go for pink shades that seem redder or orange tint. If your veins are bluer in color, then you most likely have a cool undertone. Pinks with blues and purples mixed in will highlight the cool colors naturally found in your skin. If you cannot decide whether your veins are blue or green, you may have a neutral undertone, which means that you can choose either pink lipsticks with a warm or cool undertone. They all will look great on you! In keeping the rest of your makeup simple, a perfect pink pout looks excellent with an afro or small textured curls. Try our Brazilian kinky curly extensions for a hairstyle as bold as you!

#3 Blushing Beauty + Curly Bun

The beauty of pink makeup is that it is versatile and worn from subtle to bold. Blush is a staple I believe every girl should have especially in pink. Pink blush makes your face look vibrant and youthful. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and then with a brush pull the color back toward your hairline in a "C" curve. This method highlights your cheekbones and adds color to your overall look. Curly hair looks fabulous with blushed cheeks. To make sure that everyone takes note of your gorgeous face, pull your curly hair into a bun. The bun does not have to be perfect and sleek. I prefer a messy curly bun with a few curly wisps to frame my cheeks and face. Adjust your bun until it fits your style. You will know your flirt game is on ten with this effortless look.

#4 Goddess Braid + Pink Lashes

Nothing says springtime like goddess braids. You can use your hair or try adding some clip-ins for a fuller looking braid. Our goal is to look effortlessly fab, so there is no need to create the sleekest braid. You can add small flowers for a more ethereal look. With most of the hair out of the face, you can accentuate your eyes with pink mascara. I know this look sounds intense, but trust me, the subtle pink color on your lashes will warrant you tons of compliments. If you have dark lashes, the pink mascara will give them a deep pink, almost purple tint, and shine best in sunlight. For my ladies with lighter colored lashes, the pink will shine through with a little more intensity. Pink mascara kicks your traditional black mascara to the curb in light for a beautifully bold color that is ready for picnics, festivals and more!

#5 Hello Highlight!

You know I had to talk about adding some highlight. The highlight trend is not going anywhere and thanks to Instagram, we can gain inspiration for any highlight color imaginable. Pink highlights are abundant thanks to brands such as Anastasia. Try a pink highlight with gold or silver mixed in and apply to the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your chin for a romantic glow. You cannot go wrong with a highlight in fantasy colors. When using your pink highlight, keep the rest of your face simple with mascara and a sheer pink lipgloss. Any curly hair will complement this makeup look. Tuck your hair behind your ears or style it away from your face. You want your highlight to show and turn heads!

#6 Cut Crease + Double Puffs

I would venture to say that the cut crease is for the more seasoned of makeup hands, but this style is not impossible to pull off even if you do not consider yourself an MUA. The easiest way to achieve this look is, to begin with, a dark, dusty pink eyeshadow color and place it in the crease of your eyelid and blend. Next, take a small flat makeup brush and your favorite concealer and add it on your eyelid and create a sharp line at the crease of your eye without covering up your eyeshadow. On top of your concealer add a light shimmery pink eyeshadow. Complete this makeup look with black eyeliner and mascara. The cut crease makeup look is not for the faint at heart and with this much boldness comes a playful hairstyle for balance. To add a cute touch to your cut crease makeup look, pin up your curly hair into two high puffs. If your hair is longer or has a looser curl, you can make your ponytails into buns. I recommend the extensions with a tight to kinky curl for voluminous puffs.

#7 Smoked Mauve Maven

When I think of sultry and mysterious, I think of a classic smokey eye makeup look. Now you can keep them guessing with a mauve rendition of an old classic. Instead of using the traditional black, gray and silver eyeshadow colors, try dark brown, mauve and frost pink. Since the colors are not as dark and intense, you can work this look day or night. For a romantic date night, pair your smoked mauve makeup with dusty pink lipstick and large curls. Use big rollers to set your hair for the most romantic curls that are sure to leave everyone else blushing.

#8 Glitter Glam

Nothing says glam like sparkle, shine, and glitter. Much like eyeshadows, pink glitters come in a ray of shades and sizes. Adding glitter to your makeup can give you a touch of glitz with a small amount or full on diva with an eyelid full of sparkle. Use a facial glitter adhesive to ensure that your glitter stays on all night long. Work your Diana Ross vibes with voluminous brushed out curls. Our curly Virgin Indian Hair will have you ready to dance and step out with your girls like you are the show! Bonus points if you add glitter lips. Simply, put on a cream or satin finish lipstick and pat on the glitter of your choice with your finger.

#9 A Touch of Edge

We all fell in love with Kim K's reverse smokey eye! With the sun staying out longer, you can use a gorgeous pink color to brighten up this trendsetting look. Add a dark or bright pink eyeshadow to your lower lid. With a blending brush, smoke out the color over your lower lash line. Using a precision makeup brush, bring the pink color back to meet the top of your top lid to create a flawless cat-eye. Add mascara and nude lipstick. I imagine someone to try this look has to go all out. Therefore, pull up your luscious curly hair into a rockstar-approved faux mohawk. Use bobby pins to secure this hairstyle to last all day and night!=

#10 All Pink Everything and Total Volume!

Last but certainly not least is the ultimate pink makeup look. That's right, all pink everything. With springtime comes new beginnings and a time to experiment with your style. Try using two or three of these makeup tips together for a Beyonce's Pink Panther-inspired look. I would recommend trying the pink highlight with pink mascara or the perfect pink pout with a matching pink blush. Whichever you choose, know that you have endless options for pulling off fabulous pink makeup and voluminous curls.

Poppin' in Pink

Pink is the color of spring and feminine beauty. Go out and flaunt your makeup skills with big fierce curls to match. We at PLE got you covered! If you try out any of these looks or have a few perfectly pink looks to recommend, make sure you leave them in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you!
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