how to level up your hair business using pinterest marketing

How to Level Up your Hair Business using Pinterest Marketing

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest launched in March of 2010 and quickly became a popular community.

Pinterest is a pinboard-style social sharing network made up of boards where you pick a theme. For example: “my favorite hairstyles,” you then pin the images that uploaded by a user (a pin), or pictures that shared from someone else’s pinboards.

This new way of organizing different goals, inspirations, and interest became a large media community. 97% of people who like Pinterest’s Facebook page are women. 20% of all women who actively use the internet use Pinterest Vs. The 5% of men who do. Being the women are the largest consumers in the beauty industry, Pinterest is where your ideal client is.

So why is it essential to your hair business? The hair industry is a visually based industry, and Pinterest allows you to do just that. People don’t pin or repin things on Pinterest unless there’s a desire of what they are pinning. Just think of Pinterest as a visual bucket-list of must-haves, and your hair business should be an inspiration for must haves!

So are you ready to hear about how to level up your hair business using Pinterest?


Reasons Your Hair Business Should Be Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a perceptive social media platform. It’s easy to use and easily maintained. Engagement like other social media platforms aren’t necessary; you only need to upload your business photos and add a detailed description to get started. There's no need to post, comment continually, and like to be seen.

1. Attracts New Clients

Pinterest is the go-to social media platform for new hair and beauty ideas. Although, no ones on Pinterest to buy anything. Consumers use Pinterest to get ideas and be inspired. If a consumer sees a particular photo of the services you offer, they are liable to click on it and be redirected to your website.

Then, contact you and schedule service if you’re local.


2. Generates Website Traffic

When you click on images on Pinterest, it takes you to the original source of the image. Ensuring to list your website as the source of the image when uploading the photo will take care of this, which will then generate more website traffic. Having an original image pinned multiple times mean potential customers will visit your website numerous times as well.

3. Pinterest Is A Digital Portfolio

Being in the beauty industry requires dedication, talent, and passion. Pinterest allows you to upload and show the world your work. It gives your customers confidence in your work before booking/speaking with you. Pinterest is an easy way to create a searchable digital portfolio.


4. Increases Sales

If you are in the business of selling things, taking advantage of the traffic Pinterest generates is ideal.

Pinterest Business Practices to Level Up Your Hair Business

1. Link your photos to Your Website

Be sure all the photos posted are linked back to your website. Converting viewers into clients is based on if they know how to reach you! When uploading an image, place your website in the source field.

2. Put the Description Space To Use

The description of a photo is how Pinterest search algorithm finds photos users may be interested in. If you search for “ombre hair extensions,” it will pull up images with that phrase in the description. So make sure your photos have accurate, detailed photo descriptions to make them searchable.


3. Hashtags Are Your Bestie

Hashtags are essential and useful across all social media platforms. It’s used to categorize post into searchable subjects.

4. Use Great Images

Use clear, well-lit images that represent your hair business and matches your other social media platforms. Consistency is key!

5. Watermark Your Images

Unfortunately, sometimes Pinterest users share images they find without including the original source, meaning you will be losing out on traffic to your website. Watermarking your images with your hair business name or logo is a way to ensure users know the original source of the image, even with the location deleted.

6. Keyword Optimize Your Profile Using The Boards

Search engine optimization doesn’t only apply to your website. Create boards that relate to keywords you’d like to rank. For example, a hair business will want to create boards for hair extensions, hair cutting, wigs, hair coloring, hair inspiration.


Pinterest Board Ideas To Level Up Your Hair Business

Individual Boards For Your Stylist

Creating boards for each of your stylist and images of their before/after work allows you to display your team and their individuality in one place.

Testimonial Board

Creating trust and a level of comfort before your clients booking you is essential. Post images of your past clients and their testimonies at the bottom of their image.

Events Board

Place images of events you’ve thrown, plan to attend, and ones you are planning!

Products Board

Placing products your hair business uses will be perfect for this board. Wigs, extensions, edge control, etc.

Hairstyle Board

This board dedicated to different styles.

Video Board

Create how-to videos, inside scoops, etc.

Bridal Hair Board

This niche is so huge, pin anything bridal related.

Hair Care Board

Add pins of hair damage and advice on how to treat the problem.


How to Get Followers


Be consistent and capture their attention, comment on pins related to hair and beauty.

Follow industry related Pinners/Boards

Look for other salons, product providers, and anyone else who shares the same interest.

Encourage Followers to Pin through your website

Use a widget that allows viewers to pin your website images to their boards. Also, add a follow icon on your website to promote new followers also.


How to Get Started On Pinterest

Getting started on Pinterest is easy. There are two ways to set up your business account, If you already have a Pinterest account, you can convert it to business, or you can create a new one.

How to Convert Your Personal Account to a Business Account

To convert your personal account to a business account, log into your Pinterest account and visit the "Pinterest for the Business" section. There you will see a button to convert your existing personal account to a business account. Now:
  • Modify your current Pinterest account details
  • Select your business type
  • Next, enter additional details such as your contact name and business name. There's also the opportunity to edit your “About Me” section and website link.
  • Lastly, you will have to agree to the new business TOS agreement and privacy policy.
Moving from personal to business is a huge step! Now that's how to level up your hair business using Pinterest!

How to Create a New Business Account

If you aren’t interested in converting your existing personal account, signing up for a new business account is just as easy. The process is the same as stated above, however with creating a new account allows you to choose a new username.

Differences Between A Personal And Business Account

Pinterest allows businesses to create business-specific accounts. Although the outward appearance of a business account is the same as a personal account, there are key differences between the two.

The Ability To Specify Your Business Name

Instead of having to sign up as a first and last name, for example, First name, “Whole,” Last name, “Foods,” businesses can set up their account with their business name as it is.

Marketing Education Geared Toward Business Accounts

Pinterest offers educational materials specifically for businesses to learn how to market themselves properly.


Convert or Not to Convert?

When deciding rather convert your personal page or creating a new page, there are some things to be considered.
    • Does your personal account have a lot of followers? If so, trying to build them up again by creating a new account will be a hassle.
    • What about using your business name as the username? You want your URL to be your business name.
    • Does your personal account include a lot of marketing pins or personal pins? If it is mostly personal no use of erasing it now, create a new business account. On the contrary, if your pins are majority business and have lots of engagement, losing that will not be beneficial.

Let's Level Up Your Hair Business Using Pinterest

    If you follow the strategies here and learn from your engagement, your Pinterest Business account will develop for the better.
    It will attract your target audience, direct customers to your website, and help your hair business thrive like never before! Placing your hair business in front of your ideal clients while being strategic will yield great results! Do you use Pinterest for your hair business?
    If not, do you think Pinterest is an ideal social media platform to level up your hair business? What are some strategies you’ve used to work? We would love to hear your feedback from our suggestions!
    May your best hair days be ahead of you!
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