how to get positive reviews for your hair brand

How To Get Positive Reviews for Your Hair Brand

Positive Hair Reviews Can Increase Revenue

The digital playground is growing exponentially every day! For online hair companies, it can be hard to stand out in a crowded market. The challenge can seem overwhelming, but I know you can do it! If you stop overthinking it and prepare to work hard, market with a strategy, and establish a follow-up system, you will no longer have to feel as if you have to compete with others. Your mission will be apparent, and your customers will promote your brand for you! Positive reviews of a customer can help increase revenue for your business. Over 63% of shoppers say they purchase products based on customer reviews. Because of this, it is essential you have a review system in place. Below, I am going to share with you the basics of how to gather positive reviews for your company. Let me add that you don’t need to use any unethical strategies to get positive reviews. Become the exception to this crowded industry. You know what time it is! Press play on your Diddy playlist and let's get to it! Make sure you have your pen and paper ready to take notes.

Take Care of The Customer First

Business is all about building a rapport and a relationship. Before you can expect positive reviews from customers, you have to take care of them. Let me share with you a few tips you may haven’t paid attention to before which can make be positive impacts on your business: Have a person for customers to contact with order issues because sending an email can be frustrating for them and make them feel as if you don’t want to be bothered with them.
  • Decide how you will greet them in person and online.
  • Does your website introduce you and your company on the homepage?
  • Is your site easy to navigate?
  • When you meet them in person do you make them feel welcomed and valued?
  • Do you greet your client by name?
  • Do you offer incentives to encourage them to shop with you?

Have Recommendations or Testimonials Available

Make your customers feel like they are appreciated. Trust me; it goes a long way when most people feel as if companies don’t care about them as much as they do about their money. Your conversation needs to center around the client. Professionalism is essential so you should eliminate discussion about yourself and your business. Always be perceptive to the needs of your target market. If there are shipping concerns, address them. If you notice a product is not selling or a product is selling well, it will be time to adjust your inventory. Success is directly related to you listening to your customer and addressing their needs or concerns. Your primary focus should be on your customer. Some customers may be demanding but don’t attempt to disparage or talk negatively about your customer. Your job is to resolve the issue most efficiently.

Create a Referral Program

A referral is when a customer of yours recommends you and your services to someone they know. References are cheap and come to you on a regular basis. Technology drives our decisions on how to shop. Word-Of-Mouth reigns supreme! It costs you nothing yet can have a significant effect on the success of your online hair business. Who better than your current or past clients to provide feedback on your hair extensions and customer service. Most people will suggest you don’t ask for referrals. In my opinion, closed mouths don’t get fed. Your client referrals will go a long way and will help drive sales. The good think about it is this becomes a form of passive income for you because you don’t have to do much to let others know about your business. To create a successful program you will need to make sure your reward makes sense about your bottom line. Giving away more than you will put you in the negative and may even cause you to close your online shop for good. The following are steps necessary in establishing an enticing referral program:

1. Determine your cost of goods sold

If you are selling a bundle at a retail cost of $259 you don’t want to give away a free frontal after only two referrals. A frontal, from your online shop, may range in price from $89-$129. With two referrals your store will earn $518 in retail sales. Your free frontal value is $119. It will not make financial sense to give away a frontal after only two referrals.

2. Decide on a least expensive reward

You can give customers the option of earning an award after five verified purchases or they can save their reward and allow them to cumulate.

3. Update clients regularly

It is always good to keep in contact with your clients to inform them of their reward status. Telling them gives them the incentive to spread the word especially if it’s close to holiday season or a birthday. Make sure to thank them for any referrals and inform them about any sales, new products, or launches that will be coming up.

4. Referral discounts

Inform your customers that all of their referrals will receive a discount on their first purchase. You can even tier the discount amount based on the number of references a customer provides. Remember your referrals must purchase a specified amount before giving your customer a discount credit.

5. Share with everyone to get the word out

Your job is to promote the referral program through various media and here are a few ways to do it:
  • Share through email, snail mail, and your virtual store.
  • Whenever you meet someone in person, always have your business cards available. Everyone should get a card when they meet you or one of your employees.
  • Give clients your business cards to hand out
  • Add the option at checkout to ask if anyone referred

6. Host a referral competition

Hosting a referral competition will benefit your hair company and increase visibility! You will ask your customers to refer as many people as they can to your hair company. The winner of the contest will win a prize. The key to the competition is to give everyone a deadline. When people know there is a deadline, they act quickly. You will need to advertise and promote this competition everywhere! Promote it on your social media, within your hair salon, with partners you are working with, and on your email list. The good thing about hosting a referral competition is you can provide updates on how it's going. You can let everyone know Angela (my fiction company owner) has referred three clients. You can also tell them know who is in the lead or remind them of the deadline. The great things about competitions are people get competitive, so doing updates like this throughout the month will increase people referring to you.

Social Media

Social media reviews work well. These reviews help someone see what others say about you. To ask for a review here’s an easy script to follow: “Hey, Emily! You are a valued customer of mine, and I would love to get some feedback from you. If you can take about three minutes to go on Facebook or Instagram and leave a review, I will send you a thank you gift. It’s my unique way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer." Some customers may need help leaving their review so provide them with the steps:

Step 1.

Log in to your Facebook account or Instagram account

Step 2.

Go to my page at (leave the link here) for your Facebook account or Instagram account

Step 3.

On Facebook, they can scroll down the page, and it will give the option to leave a review. On Instagram, you can post a comment or event regrann the company's post. Make sure you keep track of the people who leave a review so you can send them the gift you have promised.

Host a Virtual Launch

I love this idea, and it is creative. You can host a virtual launch or virtual event on Facebook. It’s an easy way to build brand visibility and brand equity in one day. It is useful because your clients and potential clients get to engage each other while getting feedback on the extensions used. A virtual launch is good for educating your clients as well. You want to provide them with more than a product and an event like this will help to expand your client base.

Happy Customers Give Great Reviews

Happy customers are willing to give positive reviews. Ask them to provide a positive review in return for a discount on their next purchase. Fashion Nova does this well. Your clients become online advocates for your company. I know there are those who don’t believe in asking for reviews. I think there is nothing wrong with asking for positive reviews. If you don’t, you may run the risk of being the best-kept secret because only you and each of your customers will know how great your company is. If you are a hairstist who also has an online hair company you can ask for reviews face to face. Usually, if they like the extensions and the ease of maintenance your client may give a review without you asking. If you do ask your client for positive reviews, explain that it helps others who are seeking feedback about your company’s products, shipping, and customer service.

Reviews via Email

Today people tend to be a little leery of giving out their email. Can you blame them? I know I get tired of receiving spam emails trying to sell me something continually. It is so important to build a relationship with your customer and providing exceptional customer service to them. Again, Fashion Nova does this well so let me share how they do it!
  • Once I place an order the company sends emails to keep you up-to-date on the status of your order.
  • Once my order arrives, they send me a final email
  • I receive an email about a specific item I have ordered asking me to complete a survey.
  • If completed, it provides me with a discount code to use on my next purchase.
Honestly, I don’t complete a lot of the surveys because the company promotes a higher discount amount on their website. If you want to offer this as an option to get positive reviews, allow customers to enter the code to entice them to leave feedback. The best process for sending your email request for a review is to try the following:
  • Send emails from a recognizable name
  • Draft the email as a person to person request. For example:
FROM: Sender TO: Subscriber Make the call-to-action button visible to your customer to drive them to click the review option. Don’t overwhelm them with too many options. You can use your email platform to test subject lines. By doing this, it lets you know which email header draws more subscribers to open the email.

For example:

“I want 15% off my next order: complete the survey” may get opened more than “complete the survey” email.
  • It will be better to use plain-text email versus an HTML email. You can choose this option when you draft your email.

Host a Selfie Competition

If you want to get positive reviews for your company hosting a selfie competition is a fantastic way to do it social media helps you get your brand out there in a way that you would have to pay big bucks to do on your own. A selfie competition can be a lot of fun, and it gives you increased visibility while providing reviews of your hair extensions. Do not advertise your selfie competition on social media. The purpose is to have this competition be as authentic as possible. The amount of new customers you can get is astounding. I suggest you assign someone else to manage the competition, so you can continue operating your company. Here’s how you can set up your competition: When your clients create their hairstyle, using your hair extensions, tell them to take a selfie and post it on Instagram and tag the company in the post. Once they follow the instructions, you will enter them into the competition. Then, tell them the person with the most likes and shares for their selfie will win. If you have a hair salon, have your clients to complete the steps above before they leave the salon.

Reviews Can Increase Revenue

Positive reviews from customers are an excellent way to increase revenue and clientele. It's an underused part of business operations. As I stated at the beginning, most customers use reviews to make a purchasing decision. Since this is the case, you should be utilizing it often. Once you put a process in place, you will automatically begin creating communication with your customers and potential customers because you understand the process. Establishing a conversation, nurturing the customer relationship, and then asking for positive reviews is a simple process that you can easily duplicate. I hope this helps you and adds even more information to your business binder (you do have one those right?). If not, go out and get one! I may share mine on my YouTube channel. We are rooting for your success! Remember it's not about you proving your haters wrong but all about you proving yourself right! You can do this, but it takes focus, determination, and a bit of "crazy" to win the game of entrepreneurship! Good luck and don't hesitate to post your questions and comments below!
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