8 Post-Sale Emails to Create Customers for Life!

Sales on sales on sales...now what?

Yes! You’ve gained a sale and are on your way to growing your business.

But, are you truly growing your business if customers who purchase from you don’t return? Are you a bit stuck on finding a creative way to keep them coming back and becoming customers for life? Start sending epic emails!

Post-sale emails are effective tools to maximize customers and build customer relationships that are sure to last. It all comes down to the amazing business tool of email marketing. It’s no secret that it is effective in helping you sell more, gain more recognition, and of course, grow your business. It not only helps with gain a sell but the closing of one in order to have another in the future.

The greatest part about using post-sale emails is retaining customers. And we all know that customers who are retained are sure to be an influence on their family and friends about your business with the help of word of mouth. Hence, the growth of the business.

Here at Private Label Extensions, we are sharing with you eight different post-sale email types that you can begin to use to entice your customers and make their experience a great one. A win-win for your business and the customer!


1. Thank You Emails

Saying thank you goes such a long way when it comes to establishing and building customer relationships.

Even though saying thank you to a customer seems like a great accomplishment, sometimes, it’s just not enough. You have to know that it’s all about how you do it in order to stand out.

Creating a thank you message, even one that is tailored to a customer by the mentioning of their name or what was entailed with their buying experience, will make your thank you go a long way.

Let your goal always to be a remaining thought on the mind of a customer. Give your thank you email life with a personality, so they know who you are. Everyone expects a basic confirmation email, so make sure you’re far from basic.


2. Shipping Notifications

Once someone has ordered a product or service off of your website, the first thing they will be looking for is when it will arrive.

They can consume themselves constantly by staying on top of the tracking for shipment. This is why shipping notifications are imperative to ensure a customer’s peace of mind.

Shipping notification emails aren’t only helpful, but they’re expected to be received. However, who said you had to be basic but just stating the standard “Hi, you’re order is on the way” type of email.

To be that company that goes above and beyond, besides just sending automated shipping notifications, start following up with your customers after a few days of when they placed their order. This is a great opportunity to ask if they have questions, are in need of anything else and see how their shopping experience was.

This provides a nice touch of consideration and care to the customer ensuring they are happy with their purchase. They will surely become a lifelong customer!


3. How-To Information Emails

It’s always great to be a helping hand to your customers.

It ensures that you are dedicated to making sure that they get the most out of whatever product or service they purchased from you. How-to informing emails are great tools for this type of strategy. After a sale, you can follow up with a how-to email that is tailored according to that customer and their purchase.

You could send:

  • Current blog posts from your website that already cover topics that could be a lot of help to your customer. This is a great way to repurpose your blog posts and get people to read them. Simply add the link of the post to your post-sale how-to email, and you’re all set!
  • Use your answers to frequently asked questions that could provide insight and assistance to your customer in a how-to email. This shows that you are attentive and listen to your customers with any questions they may have.

As you come up with ideas to help you create how-to content for post-sale emails, the main focus is always to keep your target audience and customers in mind. Be attentive and aware of what they already know and what they can actually benefit from with the information you give. You want to be able to easily identify with the areas you can help fill gaps in.

Show them you’re an expert hair business owner and look forward to helping them.


4. Reminder Emails

With everyday life, there is always so much going on. Sometimes it can be a tendency for a customer to forget a recent purchase easily. This can cause someone to possibly even stop buying from you due to a lack of impact.

Whatever product or service you offer, think of any reasons your customers may stop using a product or service before they experience the intended effect. It could be something as simple as helping them determine the right style of hair.

However, when you send out post-sale reminder emails, you can continue building a relationship with the help you give.


5. Survey Emails

Gaining feedback is always a great strategy to solidify a business to customer relationship.

Anything that involves a customer having a voice is beneficial to a company as long as it is managed correctly. Why? Because people like to be heard. For your hair business, an effective way to gain this type of feedback is by sending post-sale survey emails.

After a customer has had time to become familiar with your product or service and grow to like it, it would be best to send over a survey email getting insight on how much do they like it that they would prefer it.

Regardless of what type of survey you send, it’s all about what you do with the results. Will they help you improve any aspect of your business? We hope so!

Someone who would be willing to recommend your product or service can be followed up with a rewards program after completion of the survey. Now, for those who surveyed saying they would not recommend your product or service, you have the chance to do something and see why. Again, we’re all about improving with the help of surveys because it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you never ask, you’ll never know.

6. Customer Information Emails

Every order you receive from a customer contains certain information that they provide.

You’ll have everything from their name to their address to their order history and more. If you’re really looking to be a hair business boss, you may utilize a marketing software that can help you identify and track their shopping behavior. It’s great because you’re able to learn more about the customer and you can learn even more by asking more.

Gaining more insight from your customers by asking them questions that focus on them and what they like can help you a lot. Certain questions you may consider asking are:

  • Which beauty product lines do you typically buy from?
  • What activities do you enjoy doing?
  • What is your career field?

Once you have that information, you’re able to tailor your emails so that what is being sent is relevant to the right customer.


7. Surprise and Delight Emails

No matter what, in every aspect of your business, you will have those ride or die customers that are truly loyal to your brand.

They could possibly promote your products consistently on social media without anything in return or purchase huge orders for your products or services. Once you’re aware of who they are you can use post-sale surprise and delight emails also to go above and beyond just like them.

It’s all about becoming exclusive to the customers that are counted as the best. When they become exclusive, it allows you to offer certain perks that you wouldn’t normally offer. Here are some options to choose from, based on what you think they’d appreciate most:

Personalized note

This can be as easy as writing out a simple, heartfelt email from your personal account to say thanks, and including why you're thanking them.

Exclusive access

Maybe you have the bandwidth to offer a select few best customers the chance to connect with you one-on-one if that makes sense for your customers and your brand.

Free gift

Maybe you want to send them a bonus, surprise freebie, or offer them a code to apply to their next order to claim their gift.

Coupon or discount

You can also set up a special discount for your best customers—and now, with Shareable Discount Links, they don't even need to remember the code to take you up on it.


8. User-Generated Content Emails

It’s not always the easiest thing to convert customers into raving fans.

But once you do, maximize the opportunity by getting them to share why they’re fans in the first place! For post-sale emails, you can provide a call to action that proposes to your customers to share their buying experience and product or service they purchased.

Build your post-sale email by encouraging your customers to share by considering these few things:

  • Which platforms are the best fit for your product and your audience?
  • Is there an incentive or reward included?
  • What hashtag should you create in order for posts to be found?

Post-sale Emails for The Win!

As you achieve many sales in the future, you always want to make every effort to maximize. Post-sale emails do so much for your business as well as your customers. If you’re looking to up your marketing game with your hair business and go the extra mile, try one of these emails out and see which works best for you and monitor your results.

Leave a comment below of how you plan to make your customers for life or your thoughts on customer relationships in the hair industry!

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