should you invest in pre-colored hair extensions

DIY or No Not I: Should You Invest in Pre-Colored Hair Extensions

To Do Or Not to Do

All this summer heat will make you want to go blond, red, yellow, green, purple and blue. It never fails, summer always brings out the brightest of us in all forms from clothes, shoes, makeup, and hair. Being a human being, we get caught up in trends, and pre-colored hair extensions is a trend we all want to get our hands on. The question today is should you be investing in them? Well Duh! Now some of us want to do the color ourselves, but sometimes it may not be the best idea, especially if you haven’t had prior training on how to properly color hair. Today let’s tap into the advantages and disadvantages of ordering pre-colored hair extensions, or you are taking the time to color them yourself.

No Clue; Don’t Do

There are so many things in life we could DIY but the color, in my opinion, isn’t suggested. If you do not know how to color hair, I would not recommend you dibble and dabble in it. Take it from the girl whose hair fell out messing with bleach. I learned my lesson the hard way. Luckily with the modern-day hair extensions such as closures and frontals, we can now wear any color we please without damaging our hair. This topic brings me back to my suggestion. Hair coloring is complicated, and you must be familiar with the color wheel. Many people don’t know that some extensions will only go so blond which means that they won't lift to a platinum blond just a honey blond. If the extension grade only lives to a honey blond, the bright pink, purple or blue you want will not come out correctly at all. Skip the entire step of bleaching in general. If you purchase Russian blonde extensions from Private label, you will already have a bright blond to work with. You also have the disadvantage of making a complete mess. Dying extensions can get very messy sometimes permanently damaging your counters, sinks or table tops. It is also very time consuming and would require multiple steps. Don’t forget about the conditioner. What I mean by that Is after any color install, you always want to deep condition, deep condition, deep condition. It is so imperative as color strips the natural hair oils. If not appropriately conditioned, your hair is at risk of being brittle, and eventually, you will end up throwing it away growing frustrated with its stiffness. Why put yourself through the hassle when you could pre-order the color you desire?

No Troubles, Pre-Colored

Ordering your pre-colored hair extensions saves a lot of time but, how about money? Maybe, maybe not. Hair extension is already a bit pricey, and many people opt out of paying extra for a color they may desire, thinking it will save money if they do it themselves. That may be true for people familiar with color and have an understanding of how to do it. If you have no clue what to do though, you may not be saving the money you think you are. Think about the money and time you could have saved ordering pre-colored hair extensions, rather than trying to experiment. Coloring incorrectly ultimately wastes your time and money because now you hair extensions are ruined, and you have no clue exactly how to bring them back to life. It looks as if you ended up wasting more on hair color and destroyed extensions. Your advantages are time and money but more importantly, quality. Why do something yourself in hopes to achieve a look instead of guaranteeing it comes out right. Most pre-colored hair extensions are essentially brought back to life after color and adequately maintained to ensure the same silky feel if you would have bought it without shade. Don’t let the money be the reason you stop from ordering the extra color you so crave. If you are interested in pre-colored extensions or extensions in general, please take a look at the fabulous weave Private Label Extensions has to offer.

Better Safe Than Sorry

We have always heard the phrase “better safe than sorry.” This phrase resonated with the article because I want you all to take away the fact that playing in extensions can make or break them, literally. If you would like to practice coloring, I would advise you to practice on an old weave or cheap hair. Playing in color is something you never want to do. I dealt with hair falling out of my scalp messing with bleach not knowing what I was doing. Although your extensions, won't fall out, they can over the process which is exactly what I did to my hair which caused it to fall out. Good thing they are just extensions and not your real hair so you can continue to practice until you feel comfortable ordering a fresh batch of bundles to do it yourself. In the meantime in between time take the time to look at some tutorials before messing with your beautiful extensions. Learn the color wheel and be specific in color you want to achieve. Continue the same color until you have it the exact way you desire. Practice always makes perfect. In the meantime, until you have stayed consistent with the craft of color, pre-colored extensions are definitely worth your investment!

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