have you tried the pre-poo treatment for your hair extensions

Have You Tried The Pre-Poo Treatment for Your Hair Extensions?

Here is Why You Need to Try This on Your Hair Extensions

With so many products and treatments out there to try, it seems like there is always more to learn about and try out. That is the beauty of the world of hair care. When you’ve thought you’ve seen it all, BOOM here comes another treatment that does wonders. If you haven’t heard of the “pre-poo” treatment, you are probably wondering what it is. Does it sound like any word you already know? Yep, that’s right; it seems like shampoo, but this treatment happens before the shampoo for added benefits.

What is a pre-poo treatment?

A pre-poo is an intensive conditioning treatment that you use a few hours before you wash your hair. These treatments were created to help restore dry and brittle hair. It brings your extensions back to life after looking rough and unmanageable. Why does it have to be done before you wash your hair? You want to do a pre-poo because it allows the hair to soak in all of the product so that when you wash your hair, the extensions won’t be stripped and become dry. Due to the nature of shampoo, it sometimes strips your hair extensions of any moisture they still have. Why wait until you use your conditioner afterward to add moisture back to the hair? A pre-poo is the proactive solution to keep your hair extensions moisturized and soft.

Why the Pre-Poo Treatment is So Worth Your Time

We have all dealt with hard to manage hair extensions after an extended period. Sometimes the quality of makes a difference but more than not, the care you take of the hair extensions can cause them to act up. With a pre-poo, you revive your hair and give it the TLC it’s been begging for ladies.

Moisture, moisture, and more moisture

More often than not, when hair extensions begin to dull and become unmanageable; it I because they are thirsty and dying of dehydration. The pre-poo is sure to give the hair added moisture, that way you can keep them longer. The better condition you keep the hair, the longer the extensions can be used. I have had some hair bundles for three years, and they still are so full and shiny. I can attest to pre-poo treatments working on my real hair and my hair extensions. Lost any moisture over the months or year of having your hair extensions; the pre-poo is for you 100%!

Protect the curls

Pre-poo treatments work on all textures of hair, but you will see the best results on dull curly hair. Sometimes we can over-wash our hair extensions not knowing that causes them to dry and our curls to die and become knots. Shampoos can strip the hair of its retained oils, and that creates the issue. Try a pre-poo to help restore some natural oil and protect the bounce of those curls!

Say bye-bye to those annoying tangles

Using this treatment before you wash your hair will help so much with detangling. Because the hair is already wet, it has nothing dry to stick too which causes tangling in the first. Tangles lead to breakage and split ends, and no one wants their hair extensions to have shabby looking ends. Allowing it to sit on your hair and hair ends will help to loosen the strands up and lessen the time you spend on detangling.

What ingredients are in a pre-poo?

Pre-poo treatments are usually all natural products and mostly consist of oils. What makes this treatment work so well is the fact that its created to mimic real hair’s natural oil. Our real hair has a natural oil called sebum. Since extensions are no longer growing follicles, mimicking natural oils helps to add the moisture and keeps it moisturized as it would while alive. Common oils that make a great pre-poo:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Castor oil (great for thicker textures)

Along with the list of oils, almond oil is excellent also. Coconut, almond, and advocate oils are suitable for a pre-poo treatment because of how absorbent they are. So porous that they have replenishing properties which once again is the primary goal. These oils are also an excellent protein source for the hair. Other products can act as a pre-poo such as using mango butter, honey, yogurt, bananas, neem and jojoba oil. Whichever ingredients you choose, just remember that one product doesn't work better than the other. You have to try them out to find which one is the best fit for you.

How does it work

The primary purpose of a pre-poo is to keep your hair extensions soft, manageable and shiny. The best pre-poo is one that is oil based. Oil based is best at absorbing into the hair, in a similar way as sebum. It also works by helping to restore the quality of the hair extensions whiling giving the extensions more shine and strength. Just like a leave-in condition, it is okay to leave your pre-poo on overnight. The longer you leave it on, the better the benefits. Before you apply the treatment, make sure that your hair is dry and brushed out. Believe it or not wet hair tangles and breaks off more than when its dry. When applying the pre-poo, focus on the tips and shaft of your hair. Never apply the treatment to the extension’s base, remember this isn't alive hair. Once wholly used on your hair, put your hair extensions in a ponytail or bun. Once the treatment has been on for 30-60 minutes or even overnight, thoroughly wash and condition your hair; then voila all soft, silky and moisturized.>

Are You Ready to Try the Pre-Poo Treatment?

Try it out ladies; you won't regret it. The talk and use of pre-poo hair treatments are rapidly growing, leaving many people asking; what is, how to, why should I, what are the benefits and much more. When you are looking for a pre-poo for hair extensions, it’s crucial to select various natural oils. You want to make sure that the oils are of high quality and contain no chemicals or silicone. Your extensions need some extra TLC? Pre-poo. Your hair extensions need moisture and luster? Pre-poo. Know how to bring brittle hair back to life? Pre-poo. Not to mention with all the seasonal stress on hair due to the weather, you need always to make sure you keep a pre-poo handy. Let us know how you like the treatment!

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