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How To Manage Premature Gray Hairs in Your Twenties

Don't Let Gray Hairs Stop Your Glow Up

While most of us won’t see a gray hair until we are in our 30’s there are some of us who will start seeing those gray hairs pop up in their 20’s. I know it isn’t fair, but honestly, it has a lot to do with your ethnicity and some other factors. I’m going to help you understand why you have those noticeable silver strands, what some of the leading causes are, and what you can do about them. Now, I usually tell you to press play on a playlist, but for this article, I'm going to have you press play on a specific song. I love Bruno Mars's song “Just The Way You Are.” Even though you may have gray hairs, it's not that big of a deal and know that no matter what your “faults” are you still "amazing just the way you are!" Go ahead and let's get tea on these pesky gray hairs.

What Is A Gray Hair

A gray hair is a hair follicle that stops producing melanin which the pigment that gives your hair its color. The main reason for this happening is genetics, but as I will discuss below, there are other factors which can cause graying as well. Your gray hair will be a lot finer than the other hairs and will be drier as well due to a decrease in oil production.

What Causes Gray Hair

Okay, so as I stated earlier, I'm going to be sharing with you some of the main reasons that you may be seeing grave in your early 20s. This list is going to help you understand a little bit more about your genetics and your lifestyle. So let's go ahead and get to the list!

1. You get it from your mama

I know this is a favorite phrase, but it's true. One of the main reasons that you start to see gray hairs so early in age is because probably your mom and or your dad began getting grades at an early age. It's genetics, and you might want to sit down and have a conversation with your parents and make sure they understand that they did this to you.

2. It could be your health

My advice is to not Google this topic because there's no telling what you'll read as the reason for your gray hairs. The best advice I can give you is actually to go ahead and go to a physician and have a wellness checkup. Most of it most of us should have one done annually anyway so this is an excellent reason for you to go ahead and make sure that your health is. Those gray hairs could be a sign that there's something else potentially going on with your help. So, you want to sure you rule out health as a reason for your grade your grades.

3. You live a stressful life

I look at pictures of Barack Obama when he first went into office as president and at his farewell speech when he left office. His gray hair was like popping from everywhere but think about his job. Sitting as the President of the United States is not easy, and I know it is high stress, therefore his hair showed it. If you're living a stressful life if you are always on the go or you're always worrying about things and that will kind of manifest in your hair.

4. You smoke

Smoking is just bad! I’m just keeping it real with you. If you see grays smoking can be a cause of that. Not only does it affect your skin as well as your hair.

5. You may have a vitamin deficiency

The lack of vitamin B12 can cause you to see early gray hairs.

Quick Hacks to Cover Your Grays

Below are some easy ways to cover grays:

1. Hat or scarf/headwrap

Hats are trendy and are never out of season. Headwraps are extremely popular, and you can easily find one to compliment your outfit of the day.

2. Baby powder or dry shampoo

This hack is not for dark because you are trying to camouflage, not bring attention to, your grays.

3. Smudge-proof eye pencil

Purchase one that matches your hair color and use to blend your grays in to with the rest of your hair.

4. Neutral eyeshadow

This is a quick and easy way to hide gray hair, especially in a pinch. Use a concealer brush to help you apply the product quickly. Make sure you use a matte shade without any shimmer because it won’t look right.

5. Waterproof mascara

The small brush works perfectly for your hairline to color any grays. Pick a color that matches the color of your hair.

6. Root coverup spray

You can find it in your local beauty supply store. Spray the color sparingly

7. Colored edge control

This is the perfect product because it colors your grays and gives your edges a smooth look all in one!

DIY Home Remedies

Potato skins

Step #1

Take a cup of potato skins and put in a pot

Step #2

Bring them to a boil

Step #3

Stir and simmer for five minutes and cool them

Step #4

Strain the water from the potato skins and set aside

Step #5

Shampoo your hair

Step #6

Rinse hair with regular water and potato water The potato skin water naturally colors your gray hairs.

Curry and Coconut Massage

Step #1

Combine one cup of coconut oil and curry leaves (no specific measure for the leaves)

Step #2

Boil for about seven minutes

Step #3

Stop boiling once the leaves turn black and cool

Step #4

Strain the oil into a jar

Step #5

Use to massage the scalp

Black Tea

Step #1

Combine two teaspoons of black tea powder and one teaspoon of salt

Step #2

Combine the dry mix with water

Step #3

Boil for 3 minutes then cool

Step #4

Wash your hair with the mixture

Step #5

Allow it to dry on the scalp

Lemon Juice

Step #1

Combine two teaspoons of almond oil and three teaspoons of lemon juice

Step #2

Apply to your scalp and leave on for 30 minutes

Step #3

Shampoo and condition your hair

Step #4

Style your hair as desired

Sage treatment

Step #1

Combine a half cup of rosemary and sage

Step #2

Add into 2 cups of water

Step #3

Boil for about 20 minutes and cool

Step #4

Apply to scalp

Get Control of The Grays

A few grays an make you feel as if someone is playing an unfair game on you. I know there can be a tendency to want to cover the grays with semi-permanent or permanent hair color. I didn’t include the information on how to color your hair because you can easily color the grays you have with one of the tips above. If you still feel you need to color your grays, Revlon has a good root touch up product. I say grab your smudge-proof brow pencil, or mascara put those gray hairs in their place. It's quicker, more accessible, and either product is portable for those emergency touch-ups. You know we love to see you looking your best. Show us how you cover your grays by tagging us in your photo! Like I always say, "it's not about proving your haters wrong but all about you proving yourself right." Those hating grays can stay away because now you have some hacks to keep them under control.
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