10 ways to promote hair growth

Top 10 Ways to Promote Hair Growth

Let's Get To The Root Of Hair Growth Issues

Does it seem like no matter how hard you try your hair won't grow? This issue could be due to a myriad of reasons. Some people don't eat healthy enough; others go through too many treatments involving harsh chemicals. I find my hair breaking off the moment I expose it to too much heat or styling. One major thing to know is if we want our hair to grow we must rehydrate, replenish, and take care of all damage that is on it thus far. Now, unfortunately, there is no magic spell or secret pill that we can choose to promote hair growth instantaneously. But if you continue to live a healthy lifestyle as well as treat your scalp, you should see significant progress. So, you may be wondering what do I mean by living a healthy lifestyle? I'll make sure to go into greater detail as you read on, but doing things like drinking water and eating vegetables help a great deal. Other positive habits involve making sure you never skip on a wash day, shampoo and conditioners essential for healthy curls. I know as women our hair is like our babies, and we all want to see them shine to their fullest potential. Well, we are here to relieve some of that stress when it comes down to your beautiful curls. If you have been on the search for new ways to grow your locks, check out this list of the top 10 ways to promote hair growth.

Take Your Daily Vitamins

Taking vitamins such as biotin or vitamin E can be extremely beneficial when it comes down to promoting hair growth. These small tablets play a functional role in improving the overall look of your tresses. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and in the process helps reduce the oxidative stress on your scalp. Another great tablet is vitamin C; it is useful because it helps remove dead skin cells that build up over time. When there is too much dead skin on your scalp, this can cause hair follicles to clog and prohibit healthy growth. You can also use the vitamin C pills into oil and massage directly on to your scalp. Whether you decide to use these tablets for the external or internal use, you should see noticeable results within a week. Age plays a huge factor so the older you are, the more inclined you should be to take vitamins. The average woman will lose anywhere between 100 to 140 strands of hair a day. The process will only continue as you age. Supplements give you the extra nutrients you need for your hair if you're not getting enough from the food you eat. Very few people absorb all the nutrients they need from their diet that's why it's essential to take vitamins. Anyone dealing with any vitamin deficiency could be a main why reason their hair is not growing. Supplements support shiner, fuller, and stronger follicles to grow that hair within a few short weeks.

Drink Water

Drinking water is a great way to ensure that your hair is getting the nutrients that it needs. Water encourages cell growth, and you want your hair follicles to be always hydrated. We should all aim to drink 6 to 8 glasses of H2O a day, but life happens, and we fall short occasionally. If you're someone who finds it hard to stay on track, try replacing one caffeinated drink with water a day. Set the alarm to remind you to drink water I find this method to be extremely helpful. This method isn't one where you will see results right away. Just like plants need water to grow so does our curls, it's a critical ingredient that supports healthy vitamins. Dehydration will immediately slow down the growth of your curls, and no one wants that. If we have no moisture in our locks, our hair will become brittle and split ends will develop. You may not believe it, but water makes up 25 percent of the weight in one hair strand. Its crazy to think that one liquid holds all this responsibility. One of the most important benefits is that drinking water triggers the energy that enters through the scalp. When this process occurs, it helps keep the roots hydrated, and in turn, will eliminate dandruff. Expect for this process to take time, but during it, you will notice significant changes in the way your body functions. After all, our body makes up 90% of water so drinking more will make a substantial difference. At the end of the day your skin, body, and scalp will flourish for the better. So, for healthier and longer growing hair look no further than the water in your home.

Try Different Oils on Your Scalp

Every woman has their favorite oil that they live by to make their hair grow thicker and longer. But we did some research on which hair oils are the best ones to use. Peppermint oil seems to be the customer's favorite product for growth. The peppermint has anti-bacterial properties which clear dirt and dandruff from the hair. Since the ingredients are naturally applying the oil to the scalp causes a tingling sensation that helps boost blood circulation. When you stimulate the scalp, this leads to healthier hair growth.

Coconut Oil

Another great product is coconut oil, which you find at your local drug, beauty supply, and some grocery stores. The coconut ingredient is soothing and moisturizing in the process it helps to protect and nourish your strands. The formula consists of vitamin E, K, and Iron which all help in creating a shiny coat. Since coconut oil absorbs quickly into the hair shafts, it's a perfect deep conditioner for your wash days. If these pros aren't enough, it also helps protect your tresses against damage from the heat that occurs from the environment or styling.

Argan and Tea Tree Oil

My fan favorite must be tea tree and argan oil. Argan is a gem you can find in nature, and it works wonders for those of you who have thin hair. This product moisturizes the follicles and, in the process, enhances growth from the root to the tips. Argan oil also balances out the natural oil production on your scalp ensuring that you never have dry tresses. As for tea tree oil, it helps unclog follicles and strengthen up your roots. Just like most vitamins, this product can help remove the dead skin cells on top of your scalp. In the process it can get rid of fungi and bacteria that you may not even know is living inside of the hair shaft. All the oils on this list are ideal purchases if you are suffering from hair loss or want to promote hair growth. Add these products to your daily hair care routine, and you are sure to see a positive change.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming your hair regularly every one to two months will surely promote growth. If you let your locks grow out with no regular cuts, split ends can occur. When our strands split, it will do so all the way to the root and lead to massive hair loss in the process. This method helps because it keeps the curls healthier as it develops. Think about it, the less breakage and flyaways that you have the thicker and shiner your hair will look. The less the strands break, the longer your hair will grow and in a shorter amount of time. So, if you are someone who wears protective hairstyles or sew-ins, you must make sure not to neglect your natural locks. For those of you who think trimming your hair while growing it out is counterintuitive believe us when we say it's not. Give this tip a try, the results will be almost instantaneous, and a healthier hairdo will appear right before your eyes.

Conditioner Is Your Best Friend

If you remember to use conditioner every time you shampoo you will see a massive change in growth when it comes to your tresses. Stylists say that over time excessive heat, coloring, or perm cause strands to become weaker at the bottom. Conditioner helps restore the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft and during this seal the cuticle. When the follicles on your scalp are not open, that means you can prevent damage from happening. If no your hair is in a healthier state that says, there will be only room for more growth. Even buying leave-in conditioner will be helpful for strengthening your strands, because our scalp absorbs the nutrients overnight. So, if you don't have any already, please invest in a go-to conditioner, and you will see great length occur on your mane.

Use Less Heat on Your Hair

I'm sure many of us are addicted to styling our hair using heat products. But keeping damaging heat away from your locks could be just the thing you need to promote healthy hair growth. One product that you can use is a heat protectant. This spray comes in handy when you blow-dry your locks, curl your mane, or straightening your hair. The layer of serum acts as a shield and causes heat not fully to penetrate through the strands. Applying additional heat to hair that is not in the best condition will only further the damage. If you can't live without your blow-dryer use a diffuser, it helps spread the heat evenly through the strands. You'll notice that within a few weeks after trying natural ways to do hairstyles your length and texture will be luxurious. Remember there is more than one way to curl hair than using a wand. Try doing a twist out before bed or braiding down your strands in large plaits creating different wave patterns. Bantu knots are perfect if you want to develop kinky curl on your natural hair as well. The most significant detox you can give to your mane is using less heat on it as possible. So, stash away your flat irons for a couple more weeks, and you should see significant growth in your locks.

Use Raw Shea Butter

Shea butter is perfect for promoting hair growth, especially in its raw form. This product is an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin E along with other healthy fats. Shea butter adds intense moisture to your scalp and can reverse cell damage due to oxidative stress. Remember that oxidative stress is the main reason hair loss and alopecia occur. So, if you can stop the issue early on you can expect to have longer lasting and healthier tresses. The benefits shea butter provides is that it treats dryness and reduces future hair breakage from happening. I use this product on my skin, and I can feel the positive effects overnight so, I can only imagine the results it will have on your mane. You can purchase raw shea butter from your local beauty supply store or online from certain cosmetic shops. Keep this lovely tip in mind the next time you are looking for ways to promote hair growth.

Brush Your Hair Gently

Continually brushing and combing your hair can cause further damage to the roots and ends. Every woman should invest in a boar bristle brush; they are longer and gently stimulate the scalp. This device also helps to detangle hair as well as carry the sebum from the scalp to the end of the strands shaft. In this process, the comb will coat each strand with oil and repair any dry ends, along with adding lustrous shine. Always remember to brush from root to tip, and never use a product with metal or plastic bristles. Promoting hair growth can be as simple as switching up the products that you use.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera is good in general for your skin, body, and productive digestive system, but the real plus is how well it promotes hair growth. There are proteolytic enzymes that you can find in aloe vera gel that helps remove dead cell build-up from your scalp. Aloe helps stimulate your hair follicles and when this happens new growth from your roots will begin to peak out. Another huge plus of this product is that it is full of healthy nutrients that hydrate the hair and scalp. You will see instant results, more than likely within three days after using this product. Vitamin A, B, C, and E make up some of the essential parts of this translucent gel, and the other 96% is water. You can purchase the actual aloe vera plant from the farmers market, and this is the purest form to get. All you must do is cut the tip of the leaf and apply it to your hair as is. Others buy the aloe gel straight from the beauty supply store, but it will not be as effective as getting the plant. If you are someone who wants to see substantial growth in your tresses you should give this gel a try.

Massage your Scalp

Getting a scalp massage or doing one on yourself at least once to twice a week can be very helpful when trying to promote hair growth. When massaging the scalp, you use a variety of oils such as lavender, coconut, almond, aster, olive, cedar wood, etc. Put a few drops of the oil of your choice on the tips of your finger, but if the bottle has a nozzle, you can apply it directly to your scalp. Now, using your fingertips massage the scalp to stimulate the roots of your hair. Rub the follicles for about ten minutes any longer can irritate. If you are already prone to having oily hair, then don't overdo this method. The main reason for this procedure is that it increases blood flow, and this will lead to thicker, longer, and stronger hair. Circulation in the follicles is a massive step towards growing your hair out, and spa's offer the extra feature of giving scalp massages. Going to a salon and having a stylist rub your scalp will feel ten times better than doing it yourself. So, if you want to spoil yourself and get treatment on your hair at the same time, give scalp massages a try!

How Do You Help Promote Hair Growth?

As you can see, there are so many things we can try when it comes down to promoting hair growth. The number one trial we are all going to find trouble doing is applying patience. Like most of us, we all want to see our locks grow 3 inches overnight, but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. To witness the best results, it takes time for our follicles to stimulate and push out new roots. But in the meantime, while you're waiting for change to happen to enjoy your new healthy diet and way of living. I know we all fall victim to not drinking enough water or getting the mandatory rest that we need. Simple changes in your lifestyle could be the missing element you needed all along to promote healthy hair growth. It's up to you to take the chance and try some of these things on this list out on yourself. At the end of the day its different strokes for different folks. The treatments and methods that work for you may not work for someone else. If hair loss is increasing and you're seriously stressing over the growth of your strands, you may want to speak with a specialist to figure out some alternative options. We would love to hear the many ways you promote hair growth. If you have any methods, you live by that help grow out your hair let us know in the comments down below.
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Thanks for the wealth of information. I will continue my rinses with the cold water, & incorporate all these other methods, water, oil & vitamins. Thanks so much!❤️🙏🏾

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