Pros and Cons of Short Hair in the Summer

Hair That Speaks Volumes

Many of us are enduring self-improvement so that we can truly live our best lives. Especially when it comes to our hair, being able to wear it naturally and to get rid of damage is great because many would rather hide or keep the damage, creating an even worse situation. Society has been taught to believe that women are to have long hair. This notion has caused millions to prefer length over health and strength. With big chops, trims, and hair treatments, there has been an evolution of women choosing not to let their hair define them and to become comfortable with who they are. If you haven’t had a chance to keep up with your hair’s health, consider using the summertime to start your journey. If you’ve already been taking care of your hair daily, then the summer is waiting for you to show off your curls and kinks through endless looks. Don’t think that with short hair you can’t be beautiful or rock many or certain styles. There’s the good and not so good to everything, so check out the pros and cons of short hair in the summertime:

Confidence in Your Hair

First and foremost, short hair runs from a buzz cut length to about chin-almost-shoulder length. When beginning the transition to healthier, stronger hair, there can’t be any hairs of color, heat, or product damage. We call it the big chop not because you’re cutting off “big” hair, but it is a big change! To some, cutting hair may be effortless. However, too many people are afraid of not being able to pull off short(er) hair. There’s a myth that not everyone can pull off short hair. When I cut my hair for the first time, the fear was that I’d look like a man or a child, but I ended up feeling more woman than I’ve ever felt!


If you see cutting your hair as a minor setback, prepare for the major comeback. Getting rid of damage or split-ends helps to allow your hair to grow faster and to become more durable. Everyone can pull off short hair because there are styles that match every face structure and persona. With research, you can find the perfect stylist who can transform your hair into a style that favors your hair type. The fulfillment of individual needs allows everyone to feel happy and confident with the new look.


The only downside I’ve seen with a haircut is that the styles we see on celebrities and online are usually copied by those who did not consider their own features. If you have kinky hair, you cannot show your stylist a tapered cut by someone with 3b hair and expect similar results. This is why before any significant changes, significant considerations need to be acknowledged beforehand to ensure the most suitable outcome. The last thing you want is a style you envisioned to have you not feeling right about the change.

Be Determined About Your Hair

Because of the warmer weather, the most fabulous time to rock short hairstyles is in the summer. The less hair, the better. With short hair, not only can you see and learn more about your hair overall, but you can also experiment with different styles, designs, colors, etc. Of course, you don’t want to experiment too much, but some fun to your hair is permitted even after a big chop. If you go to a stylist or barber, make sure they’re also skilled in the styles you prefer. It’s harder to hide mistakes with shorter hair, so you should trust and discuss with them to guarantee the haircut is feasible. Bring visual aids to help show what you want and also what you don’t want to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Be particular about hairstyles you like and the maintenance that may come so you can also keep up with the look at home.


Playing around with different looks can possibly leave you with a style you might not like. With short hair, it is better to experiment so that if it’s necessary for any changes, cuts, or treatments, you’re not wasting years of growth from one bad style. This is for those who might have several ideas for hairstyles and need to find the perfect short cut that frames the face and compliments features.


Experimenting can leave you with less or even more hair than you imagined or it could end up as a failure. However, hair will always grow back, and it is not the end of the world if you have to start over completely. Do all your research beforehand so that you can avoid having this problem. Make sure you’re also experimenting at a time when it is appropriate to make a big change so that you don’t end up having a bad hair day when you should be looking your best.


Whether you are trying to disguise a bad haircut or keep your flourishing curls secured, short hairstyles can also come from with wigs or similar. Usually, when people need to wear wigs, it is to protect their natural hair and to wear extensions for longer styles. Well, with wigs or hairpieces, we can switch up short hair looks too without bothering our real hair. This way, we don’t have to worry about frizz or heat damage from the weather after styling hair.


Some of us are lucky and don’t have to worry too much about the weather and how humidity and sun exposure can affect our hair. But if you’re looking for quick protection or a cover up during the hottest months of the year, any short wig or extension can be your go to, to ensure the coverage you need. Synthetic hair is excellent for temporary styles that won't have us worried about the heat.


Sometimes with wigs, if you wear it for long it can end up causing more damage than good, especially when not maintained. This is why we prefer wigs for occasions rather than often to keep from odors and tears from excess sweat and oils produced by the rising temperatures. If you become too dependent on wigs, you can’t give your hair the room to breathe and to avoid direct heat.

Natural Hair

It can’t get better than wearing your natural hair in the summer because who is trying to go to the pool or the beach and not touch the water simply because of their hair? Not I! If you love to enjoy the coolness of the water and fun in the sun, don’t limit a good time with hair that disturbs the moment. If you haven't mastered the art of the wash and go, I suggest you learn now!


Even if you don’t turn into a mermaid every summer like I do, wearing your natural hair can keep from the hair changing form throughout the day. With short hairstyles, you can also use scarves and hats to help protect the hair while limiting sun exposure and looking good. Tip: In the summer, use a little more product than usual to keep the curls moisturized and less likely to transform in the heat).


No matter what you do in the summer, you cannot control what happens to your hair due to the weather. So, forget the blow dryer and straightener and enjoy the hair as is. Too much heat from your flat iron and then from the sun can cause your hair to become, dry and brittle, leading to breakage.


Dark colors absorb heat, whereas lighter colors reflect them. Even in your hair color choice, you want to opt towards lighter and brighter colors in the summer to keep from boiling in the hot weather. Some color change is easy to do yourself, however, if you're going three or more shades lighter, consider going to a salon for exceptional results. If your hair is naturally dark and you choose not to color it, it is perfectly fine to have dark hair in the summer still.


With hair, you can add highlights that will naturally lighten other parts of your hair with the sun. The color looks more natural when you start with highlights, and there are fewer issues if you have to wash your hair or apply treatments regularly.


Dying your hair too often or incorrectly can cause breakage to your hair, and too dramatic of a change is a waste since the wind, sun, salt or chlorine can cause the color to fade too soon.

Finding Yourself Through Hair

So, as this summer rolls around, choose to be free in your life, your love, and your hair. Take some time away from focusing on how your hair looks and concentrate more on how it acts. The goal this summer for everyone should be to put themselves first and to take better care of themselves overall. Your hair might be down to the floor, but if it is not entirely healthy from the root to the strands, then is your hair really that great? There are so many wonderful options you have to save your hair as well as basking in the sunshine without worry about your hair. Reward yourself for how far you've come and take into account the beauty of your naturalness.
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